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Mailing Labels

Every business or organization needs special supplies for their shipments. One of the most important items required is mailing labels or shipping labels. Mailing labels are used to add the address of the recipient. Of course, constantly preparing mailing labels can get very tedious and boring. In addition, it takes a lot of time to prepare those mailing labels. However, a professional-quality mailing label template should streamline the entire process. Fortunately, a mailing label template is included here and ready to download.

The template is designed to print multiple labels at once, easily work with Word, and it is possible to print up to 8 labels per page.

Mailing Label Purpose

The purpose of the mailing label template is pretty straight forward. The template is used to create labels for the packages that are mailed out in a business office or other organizational office. Of course, the mailing label template is easily customized and used for personal shipping. For example, mailing a package to friends, family, or others. It is advisable to avoid simply writing on a package. A mailing label adds a bit of professionalism to the package and makes the package address easier to see. Thus, making delivery much easier.

Basic Contents

The template is easy to use and easy to customize. It is also possible to add company colors or a company logo to the label. Generally, a mailing label should include the receivers address and telephone number, a return address and telephone number, The company name, special city and zip codes, order number, bar-code, quantity, tracking numbers, This is generally what a basic label contains. A template will make preparing the label with all the necessary information much easier. Thus, improving productivity in the office.

Mailing Label Templates

Mailing Label Template 01

Mailing Label Template for Microsoft® Word

Mailing Label Template 02

Mailing Label Template

A mailing label is a small document indicating the mailing address. The address is usually printed on it.

Standard sizes of a mailing label for laser printers

Avery Label 5160 ( 2.625 x 1 inch)

It is white in color and comes with thirty labels per page. Avery labels are mainly used for addressing and mailing. It is also used as a return address label and for identification purposes.

Avery Label 5195 ( 2/3 x 1-3/4 inches )

This is a white rectangular label with an easy-peel. It is used when the label is required with text and graphics print. It is smudge-free because of the ability to dry quickly and is jam-free.

Avery label 5193

This is a circular label with a diameter of 1.67 inches. This label can be used for color-coding messages, identification, addressing, and warning purposes.

Avery Label 5667

Avery label 5667 is the most popular clear Avery label that is easy to peel. It has a size of 1/2 x 1-3/4 inches. This label has its edges exposed to allow easy peeling. This label can be used for addressing.

Avery Label 6870

It has a standard size of 3/4 x 2-1/4 inches. It is white in color with a rectangular shape. It is ideal for announcements, messages, and mailing. It comes with 30 labels on every sheet.

Avery Label 5167

It has a dimension of 1.75 x 0.5 inches. It is mostly used as a return address label. Avery label 5167 comes with 80 labels per page.

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