Sample Early Lease Termination Letter (form Tenant to Landlord)

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An early lease termination letter is a document a tenant uses to cancel their lease before the agreed time. No matter the reason for canceling the contract, it’s imperative that the tenant must provide valid reasons for their decision. Some of the reasons for terminating a lease before time include debts, relocation, money problems, or the landlord violating the tenants’ rights. Under exceptional circumstances, a landlord can decide to allow the tenants to end their lease before the agreed time. Typically, if you terminate a 12-month lease agreement early, you have to pay a fee.

As for the case of month-to-month agreement, it’s different since it offers both the landlord and tenant some degree of flexibility compared to the yearly or long-duration lease agreements. When you decide to end your month-to-month lease, it’s vital to consider the notice period in regard to your state. In this case, craft a lease cancellation letter and submit it to your landlord in time. In most states, you should issue a 30-day notice to your landlord if you wish to terminate your month-to-month lease.

What to include in the early lease termination letter?

If you want to end your lease early, it’s essential to issues a notice to your landlord based on your lease agreement. If possible, you can find a replacement to avoid incurring penalties. It’s also essential to adhere to the terms of your contract. Your early lease termination letter should be precise and to the point. Your first sentence should inform the landlord of your intention to quit early. Other important details that should feature in the letter include:

  • Date of writing the letter
  • When you intend to leave the premise
  • Reasons for early lease termination
  • Your new address
  • The address of the property you’re leaving
  • Tenant’s name and signature.

Ensure you’ve indicated how you wish to get your rent deposit since the payments are usually made after 30 days.

Early Lease Termination Letter Template

Early Lease Termination Letter Template

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is an early lease termination letter?

A. An early lease termination letter is a document a tenant issues to their landlord to inform them of their decision to vacate their property before the agreed time.

Q2. What are the possible consequences of breaking a lease agreement?

A. Since a lease a binding agreement between a tenant and landlord, if you break the contract, you can expect any of the following repercussions: penalties, legal action due to breach of contract and damage, eviction on record, judgments & eviction affecting your credit score.

Q3. Under what situations can you break a lease and escape penalties?

  • If you’re a victim of domestic violence
  • If the landlord fails to meet their obligation
  • When you are a member of the military, and you’ve received orders to change your station
  • If the landlord violates health codes
  • If the property is inhabitable