Landlord Notice to Enter (24 / 48 Hours) Free Forms (US)

Entering the house

A landlord’s notice to enter a dwelling unit form is a document that a landlord sends to their tenants to inform them that the house will be viewed within the stated period. This document serves as an act of courtesy besides acting as a legal document that honors the right of the landlord and the tenant. According to the respective state laws, a landlord has the right to enter their property for specific reasons. If a landlord abuses this right and enters the property without following the set procedure, the tenant can end their lease without any consequences.

When should a notice to enter be used?

A landlord should issue a notice to enter to their tenant any time they want to enter the property except in emergency cases that may not require a notice. Situations that warrant the issue of this notification to a tenant include when:

  • The landlord wants to do some repairs or upgrades in the unit
  • Apartment inspection
  • In times of pest control
  • Appliance installation and repair

The landlord may also submit a notice to enter the tenant when the tenants issue a notice to leave the premise, and the landlord wants a potential tenant to view the property.

Although the statutory period for the notice to enter varies from state to state, it usually ranges from 24-48 hours. The landlord should prepare the notice to enter forms in duplicate and ensure they keep records to show they issued the minimum notice period before entering the property.

Free Form (Notice to enter)

Landlord’s Notice to Enter Dwelling Unit Form Free Download
Notice to enter dwelling unit

Importance of the notice to enter

When a landlord issues a notice to enter form to their tenant, it means they have fulfilled the legal requirement of entering their tenant’s living space. Additionally, they enable the tenant to make any appropriate arrangements, including tidying up the property before the landlord arrives. This form ensures the rights of both parties are respected.

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