9+ Employment Reference Letter Samples

An employment reference letter otherwise known as a recommendation letter is a document containing the complete assessment, professional capabilities, features and unique qualities of an individual for whom the letter is being written thereby accentuating on his/her abilities to execute particular tasks. In most cases, reference letters are demanded for employment which is why those who hunt for jobs will always require the letters from their previous employer; this stands as an endorsement seal .

Reference letters play vital role in the section of an individual by an employer because it evokes and sheds light on individual ability to perform with maximum satisfaction and less supervision. A professional tone that aligns with the necessary steps required in the reference letter is very important for its success. However in situations where an employer is not certain on how to go about writing one, it is important to make use of professional existing templates which can be found online.

Elements of Employment Reference Letter

A professional introduction with a salutation of the previous employer writing the letter.

The roles and responsibilities of the employee: It is imperative that this element of the reference letter is well laid down as it depicts the duties and performance of the employee.

Duration: The employer should state clearly and briefly for how long this employee has been working in the particular organization

Skills: This is the most intrinsic aspect of the reference letter as it is responsible for highlighting the intellectual capacities of the employee. It talks about how creative and tactical an employer is. Whatever is mentioned in this aspect of the letter should be veritable since it is related to how the employee fits into the new position.

Position: This should be coherent and speak for itself.

Qualifications: A full picture of the employees qualification should be portrayed in details as it is pivotal to the success of the letter.

Interpersonal and social skills: Social rapport plays a great role between staffs of an organization. However this aspect of the employee shouldn’t be downplayed.

Having provided the above important elements that should be covered in a reference letter, we would move on to give a sample of what a reference letter should look like below.

(staffing officer name)

(staffing officer position)

(new organization name in full)

(new organization address)

Sample of Employment Reference Letter


Dear (staffing officer name),


I am recommending Mr. X as suitable for your company(organization name). Mr. X has worked with me as a (former position held) for over (number of years or months) years, his regular performance was ineffable and outstanding. He boasts a professional and standard knowledge of timely executing complex projects, supervising, leading his team and gearing them towards a successful outcome.


His strategic traits coupled with his exemplar personality has been taken after by most staffs in the organization therefore making him an essential and intellectual paragon. He is also an adept of comprehensive and logical supervision as well as communication.


I vow that he wouldn’t just bring but add more values to your organization and i also entrust him for whatever career trajectory of choice he takes on. Should you have further questions or need some clarity, do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours truly,




The above format is a standard way of writing a successful reference letter since it entails all required elements.

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