Event Budget and Cost Planning Templates

Free budget templates are available for event planning. An Event Budget Template can assist a person to plan an event successfully without missing important information. When planning an important event, a person can easily lose track of vital information especially the financial aspects. Keeping track of information is necessary to make the event a success.

Essentials of Event Budget Planning Worksheet

A typical event budget template consists of information, which is in accordance with the event’s theme and what an individual is planning. Not all the events are the same and thus budget is likely to be different for each of the events. It is important to include the areas, which require the relevant information and the amount, which each section requires.

Event Budget Planning Templates

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      Contents and elements

      • An event budget would contain information about the actual budget and the estimated budget.
      • It would include information about the site.
      • It would include information about the decoration required in the event.
      • It would also indicate information on the publicity of the event.
      • Apart from all this, there would be a section giving information on the miscellaneous expenses.
      • Some people might be renting an area in order to organize an event and thus they would need to include information about the renting space and the associated costs with it.

       Challenges while Maintaining the Budget

      When people are trying to organize an event there are various challenges they are likely to face while maintaining the budget:

      • It is difficult to keep track of all the information in one place without the help of a template.
      • It is difficult to keep track of the different sections especially if the event is quite big.
      • It is important to divide the task and let someone trustworthy handle the finances. An event budget template can assist in finding relevant information.

      Free Budget Templates

      Five free budget templates for event planning and budgeting are available in Excel.

      • The free event budget template provides information on the total expenses including the information on site, decorations, publicity, and miscellaneous expense like telephone, transportation, and much more. It gives information on the actual value versus the estimated value. A difference between these values can give a person an idea of how much they had been expecting and how accurate they had been in their expectations. The lower the difference, the better since it would depict that a person is able to estimate the expenses accurately for the event planning.
      • A free event budget template can also give information about expenses along with a description, rate, quantity, notes, and much more.
      • A free event budget template can also be general in a list format giving information on the potential location and potential rental needs.

      Event Planning Spreadsheet Excel

      Event Budget Template Xls


      Event Planning Spreadsheet Free Download

      Event Budget Template Google Sheets


      Event Planning Worksheet Sample

      Event Budget Template Excel 2010


      Fundraising Event Budget Sample

      Event Budget Checklist


      Sample of Event Budget Planning

      Event Budget Calculator


      Event Budget Planning Example

      Event Cost Breakdown Template


      Editable Event Budget Planning Format

      Event Budget Template Doc


      Event Budget Template Example

      Editable Event Planning Spreadsheet Excel


      Event Budget Planning PDF

      Editable Event Cost Breakdown Template


      Final Thoughts

      When an event is around the corner, it becomes difficult to keep track of time, budget, and everything else, which is vital to make the event a success. The very first thing that a person should do before initiating the preparations for a certain event is to set aside a certain budget for the event after calculating an estimated value through a free budget template.

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