27 Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates (Word)

Fax cover letters are often used in professional or business settings where faxes are still commonly used as a means of communication. If you are faxing a document, you want to ensure that it includes a fax cover sheet. The sheet outlines details of the sender and recipient and other information about the fax, such as date, time, number of pages, and a short message.

They can help ensure that the faxed document is properly received and processed by the recipient. They can also serve as a record of the fax transmission, with information about the sender, recipient, and date/time of the transmission. This article will discuss what a fax cover sheet is, what should be included in it, and how to use templates for creating customized sheets.  

What is a Fax Cover Sheet? 

A fax cover sheet is a formal document used to inform the person who receives the fax of the specific recipient the fax is meant for.

The cover sheet should include basic identification information for the sender and the recipient, such as their names or company names, fax numbers, dates, and the number of pages of the fax. It serves as a way to introduce the faxed document, providing important details to the recipient about who the fax is from, who it is intended for, and what it contains.

It may also include instructions for the recipient, such as a request for confirmation of receipt, urgent or confidential markings, or other special instructions.

Why is Fax Cover Sheet Needed? 

A fax cover page is helpful in various ways. Besides alerting a person that the fax is for them or a specific person, a cover sheet serves other purposes. It indicates the exact number of pages sent by the sender. This allows the recipient to confirm that all of the sent pages were received by the recipient.

The sheet can also relay specific instructions, such as “urgent” or “confidential,” related to the fax. This prompts the recipient to take the necessary steps in such cases and ensure the purpose of the fax is effectively achieved. 

A template can be used to optimize the workflow in a company where many faxes are sent daily. When sending a fax, using a template will enable you to create the sheet more quickly by simply entering the required data.

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

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Printable Fax Cover Sheet Example
Editable Fax Cover Sheet Format
Sample Fax Cover Sheet in Word
Customizable Fax Cover Sheet Design
Download Free Fax Cover Sheet Template
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Editable Fax Cover Sheet Template in Word
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Fax Cover Sheet Word Template
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Fax Cover Sheet Template in Word Format
Sample Fax Cover Sheet for Fax
Printable Fax Cover Sheet Example Design
Free Fax Cover Sheet Sample Layout
Fax Cover Sheet Blank Format

    What is Included in Fax Cover Sheet?

    A cover sheet includes basic information about the sender, recipient, and fax. Some of the information that can be included in a fax cover page includes:


    The sender’s and recipient’s names should appear on the cover sheet. This way, it may be clear who sent the fax and the intended recipient. The names should be correctly written to avoid any confusion. 

    Fax numbers

    A fax number is also needed in the fax cover—one from the sender and another from the recipient. The recipient can use the sender’s fax number to reply to the initial fax if they have a response or questions about the sent fax.

    Telephone numbers

    The telephone numbers of the recipient and the sender should be included for several reasons. Firstly, having the sender’s number further verifies the fax. Secondly, the telephone numbers can be used to trace and get the fax to the appropriate person if the recipient’s name has an error.

    This way, if there are any problems with sending the fax and it is misplaced or lost, it will still be possible to determine who sent it to whom. Finally, the numbers can also be used for future correspondence between the parties.   

    Number of pages 

    The number of fax pages should be included to inform the recipient how many pages they should expect the fax to have. This way, there will be no confusion in the recipient’s office regarding whether the fax was received in its entirety or not. This also helps to avoid sending duplicate pages and receiving incomplete faxes. Technical problems with the fax machine can cause these outcomes. It should be noted that the cover sheet counts as a page.

    For instance:

    If the fax is five pages in length, there are six total pages.  


    A cover sheet should mention the subject of the fax. It should be a single line. The subject line lets the recipient know what is discussed in the fax before they read it. It should provide enough information to entice the recipient to read the line, but not so much that the contents of the fax become irrelevant.   


    The fax date should also be included on a cover sheet. This must be the date when the fax was sent. The date is vital, as it can be referenced if any issues arise. For example, if there are any delays in receiving the fax due to technical problems, the date can be referenced to determine when the fax was sent. This can be imperative where deadlines are to be met because the date will show when the fax was sent to prove the delay was because of a technical issue. 


    Instructions can be included to guide the recipient in handling the fax. The instructions can include what actions the recipient should take regarding the correspondence.

    The following are simple instructions that can be added to the cover sheet:

    • Urgent: It is also important to note whether the fax needs to be returned. If there is urgency, a note should remind the recipient that they should handle it promptly. 
    • For review: The cover sheet should inform the recipient if they are to review the correspondence and offer feedback regarding its content. This is crucial to ensure that the intended recipient receives the fax and that its goals are met.
    • Please comment: A comment typically refers to a written remark, observation, or feedback that the recipient provides in response to the fax or its contents. This can include any additional information, clarification, or feedback that the recipient wishes to provide related to the faxed document.
    • Please reply: A “reply” typically refers to a response or answer to a specific request or question made by the sender in the fax or its contents.


    The fax cover also contains a comments section where further instructions can be provided. The section can also outline additional details that clarify the purpose of the fax. This section is structured as a letter. It begins with addressing the recipient by name, writing a short message before closing with a signature. 

    Tip: When there is a need for secrecy or confidentiality, a note should be included on the fax cover that states “CONFIDENTIAL.” The note should strictly prohibit sharing the document with anyone else in the office. The fax is sent directly to the recipient’s email or online fax portal, so this is not an issue if you use online fax services.  

    Word Fax Cover Sheet Template
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      How to Customize Fax Cover Sheet Template?

      Modifying a template for a fax cover sheet typically involves customizing the existing template to suit your specific needs.

      Here are the general steps to modify a template:

      Choose a template 

      You must review different templates to identify the options available. Then, select a suitable template. After selecting the template, you can download the file.

      Add images and designs

      You can customize the design according to your requirements. This can be done by adding images and icons and experimenting with different designs. Images create an appealing look. This results in a template that is unique to your tastes. 

      You can add your brand’s logo to the template. This can be done by inserting your company’s logo in the document. You can also change the template’s background color and font to match your brand’s colors. This will make it easy for the recipient to recognize that the fax came from your business.

      Proofread the fax

      Also, proofread the document to check for errors. Then, make the necessary corrections before sending the fax. Check for any typographical errors, incorrect contact information, or other mistakes that may affect the clarity and professionalism of the fax cover sheet.

      Save the modified template

      Save the modified template with a new file name, so that you can easily identify and locate it in the future. You may want to save it in a format that is compatible with the software you are using, such as.docx for Microsoft Word or.pdf for PDF..

      Use it

      Once you are satisfied with the modifications, you can start using the modified template to create fax cover sheets for your specific needs. Simply open the modified template, update the necessary information for each fax, and save or print as needed.

      Fax cover explained
      This infographic explains the format of a fax cover sheet.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I send a fax cover sheet electronically or through email?

      Yes, you can send a fax cover sheet electronically or through email as a separate attachment or as part of the fax document. Many online fax services allow you to include a digital fax cover sheet along with the fax transmission. However, it is important to check the recipient’s preference or requirements for receiving faxes electronically, as some may still prefer a physical fax cover sheet.

      Are there any specific formatting guidelines for a fax cover sheet?

      While there are no strict formatting guidelines for a fax cover sheet, it is generally recommended to keep it simple, clear, and professional. Use standard fonts, and appropriate spacing, and ensure that all the information is easy to read. Avoid using excessive colors, graphics, or complex layouts that may cause issues with fax transmission or may not be compatible with all fax machines.

      Can I use a fax cover sheet for international faxes?

      Yes, you can use a fax cover sheet for international faxes as well. In fact, including a fax cover sheet becomes even more important for international faxes, as it provides essential information such as the sender’s and recipient’s contact details, the subject, and any additional instructions that may help ensure that the fax is properly routed across different countries and time zones.

      Why should I use a custom fax cover sheet? 

      Customizing a fax cover helps you stand out. The customized ones make it evident that the fax is sent by you and distinguish your company from other companies. It also serves as an excellent marketing strategy for your company in terms of branding. 

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