12 Free Parking Receipt Templates

A parking receipt template is a pre-designed document that can be used to create a receipt to issue to a driver after paying the necessary parking fee for their vehicle.

It is commonly used by airports, valet services, and owners of parking lots and garages to conveniently create the receipts without starting from scratch. It contains placeholders for entering the number of hours or days the car was parked in the allocated area as well as the fee charged to the vehicle owner.

The template can be handwritten, printed, or in an electronic format. It provides a consistent format for presenting important information, such as the vehicle’s registration number and the time and date of entry and exit. It also helps you keep track of all cars that have entered and exited your parking lot, in addition to the footage obtained by security cameras. A record of parking receipts can also be used to review the income generated from parking fees.

This article will address the different types of parking receipt templates, the contents of such templates, how to design and use them, and their benefits. Free printable templates have also been provided for your convenience.

Free Templates

Free Parking Receipt Template
Editable Parking Receipt Example
Printable Parking Receipt Format
Downloadable Parking Receipt Sample
Word Parking Receipt Template
Customizable Parking Receipt Example
Parking Receipt Template Design
Sample Parking Receipt Format
Editable Parking Receipt Layout
Editable Parking Receipt Layout
Printable Parking Receipt Sample
Parking Receipt Template Word Document

    Types of Parking Receipt Templates

    Different types of templates for parking receipts are available to suit the needs of different parking setups. They range from simple designs to sophisticated electronic formats, each with its own set of advantages. These templates are designed for flexibility and convenience to ensure a smooth parking experience for both you and your customers.

    These include:

    Handwritten parking receipt template

    A handwritten template is a pre-printed receipt book for creating parking receipts manually with a pen or pencil. It has sections that are filled with important details such as vehicle registration, payment details, and the date and time of entry and exit. It is completed by hand upon receipt of payment and does not necessitate the use of sophisticated software.

    The customer receives a copy of the receipt to pick up the vehicle later while you remain with a duplicate for your records. This template is ideal for parking facilities that prefer a manual approach to issuing parking receipts or in instances where digital systems are unavailable.

    Printed parking receipt template

    A printed template is a pre-designed layout that allows parking receipts to be generated using a computer and printer. It includes the same information as a handwritten template and provides an organized approach to creating parking receipts. The template can usually be customized by adding graphic elements such as logos and branding elements. It can be printed on various types of paper, such as standard printing paper, thermal paper, and cardstock.

    Electronic parking receipt template

    An electronic template is a digital layout used to generate parking receipts electronically. It typically includes similar information as handwritten or printed templates and is commonly used by parking garages that utilize software systems to automate the issuance of receipts. Using an electronic template provides convenience and is environmentally friendly since it eliminates the need for printing paper receipts. The generated receipt is usually sent to the vehicle owner via email or text, allowing them to be easily accessed later.

    How to Create a Parking Receipt Template?

    The parking receipt should include all pertinent information to ensure a vehicle is easily identifiable in a parking lot or garage. To draft a professional-looking template, follow the simple step-by-step guide below:

    Step 1: Determine the essential elements

    The first step to creating the template is to determine what essential elements to include. These details help identify the vehicle and confirm receipt of payment.

    These elements include:

    • Logo
    • Name of the airport, parking lot, garage, or valet service
    • Physical address and contact details
    • Parking regulations
    • Receipt number
    • Vehicle owner’s name
    • Vehicle make and model
    • Vehicle’s registration number
    • Date and time of entry
    • Amount to be paid
    • Mode of payment
    • The operator who collects the payment
    • Date and time of exit

    Step 2: Choose a template design

    Next, pick a template design that best fits your preferences. You may also choose and download a printable template from our wide collection in customizable Word and Excel formats. These prefabricated templates are easy to use and streamline the receipt-making process. They also save you time since you do not have to create a receipt from scratch. You should consider the overall aesthetic of the template to ensure it aligns with your organization’s branding and the type of parking services you offer.

    Step 3: Add your business information

    After settling on a suitable design, add your business information to the template. These include the name of your parking or valet service, address, phone number, email address, website URL, and social media handles. These details make it easier for your customers to reach you if they have any concerns. You may add your logo and other branding elements to give the receipt a more polished look. If you choose an electronic template, you can consider adding a QR code that customers can scan to retrieve their receipt details.

    Step 4: Include transaction details

    This is the most crucial section of the template, as it provides the customer with a record of the transaction. On your template, transaction details such as parking location, date and time of the transaction, parking fee (hourly or flat rate), vehicle registration and model, time of entry, total parking time, and the total amount should be included. These details also help you keep track of your income and occupancy rates when conducting a financial review.

    Step 5: Add payment information

    Next, add payment information to your template as proof that the customer paid the required amount for your parking services. Specify the payment method, whether by cash, check, credit or debit card, or mobile payment. This should be followed by the total amount paid, including any taxes or fees. The change due should also be specified if the customer pays more than the due amount. Having a detailed breakdown of the payment information demonstrates your transparency to the customer and ensures they clearly understand the costs associated with your parking services.

    Step 6: Customize as needed

    Take advantage of the templates’ customization features and modify them to your needs. Ensure the spacing and alignment of elements are consistent throughout the template. Resize and reposition text boxes, images, and other graphic elements according to your preferences. Position them in prominent areas of the template to ensure it remains visually appealing. Pick legible fonts and colors that align with your company’s identity.

    Step 7: Test and revise

    Finally, review your template to ensure accuracy and that all pertinent details have been included. Make modifications and adjustments to the elements until it matches your original outline. You can make multiple revisions to your template until you are satisfied with it. You can conduct a test run by printing customer parking receipts and verifying if all fields are included.

    Why Do You Need a Parking Receipt Template?

    Whether you work at an airport, parking lot, or garage, using a template for a parking receipt can offer you many advantages, especially if you need to issue tens or even hundreds of receipts daily.

    Apart from a seamless parking experience for your customers, using the template has the following benefits:


    Using a template for a parking receipt helps you keep accurate records of your parking transactions. These records allow you to keep track of pertinent information, such as the vehicle’s license plate number, mode of payment, the amount paid, as well as the time and date of entry and exit.

    By keeping accurate records, you can easily retrieve them for auditing and financial reporting reasons. It also provides an organized manner for tracking all vehicles entering and exiting your parking lot or garage.


    A well-designed template ensures consistency and professionalism in the appearance of your parking receipts. It demonstrates organization and attention to detail, leaving a positive impression on your customers. You can achieve customer satisfaction and overall brand recognition by concisely presenting the receipt information using a template.

    Certain states may require valet services, airports, parking lots, and garages to issue parking receipts to customers as proof of payment. A template can help you ensure compliance with state legal requirements. By including pertinent details in the receipt, you can demonstrate adherence to relevant regulations.

    Dispute resolution

    A parking receipt is simply an agreement between you and the vehicle owner. By using a template to generate the receipt, the customer agrees to pay the associated parking fee and adhere to your parking lot or garage’s rules and regulations. However, when a dispute arises, the receipt can be used to resolve payment and regulation breach disputes.

    Final Words

    A parking receipt should be issued to any customer who parks their vehicle in a parking lot, garage, or airport. The receipt includes information such as the vehicle’s registration number as well as the time and date they entered the area. The receipt proves that the customer has paid the associated parking fee and is often verified by a parking attendant before the vehicle exits the parking area.

    You can use a template to generate a parking receipt, as it provides a professional layout to present the parking information. Whether you operate a parking garage in the city or at the airport, a well-designed template gives you an organized approach to creating the receipt. If you must create multiple receipts, you can download one of our free printable templates in PDF format to streamline the process. 

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