50+ FREE Creative Event Ticket Templates (Word | AI | PSD)

Ticket design for events can be both enjoyable and demanding. You aim to capture the essence of your event graphically in a small area and yet relay the requisite information in an easy-to-read format, such as ticket number, event venue, etc. The following event ticket template basics will place you on the right track to design beautiful event tickets that get people in the door and get people in the door.

FREE Event Ticket Templates

Free Editable Movie Ticket Sample

Editable Free Raffle Ticket Sample

Free Diaper Raffle Ticket

Sample of Movie Ticket

Free Cinema Ticket Sample

Free Music Party Ticket Sample

Free Music Concert Ticket Sample

Free Retro Ticket Sample

Free Dinner Ticket Sample

Free Valentine Dinner Ticket Sample

    Concert Event Ticket Templates

    In creating event tickets, you can always play with opacity and other features that can make the event ticket’s overall aesthetic more outstanding.

    Free Concert Event Ticket Sample

    Free Sample Concert Event Ticket

      Pool Party Event Ticket Templates

      If you will make a pool party event ticket, ensure that you can transfer the party’s energy to your design. Your pool party event ticket should be able to excite your expected participants.

      Free Sample Pool Party Event Ticket

      Editable Pool Party Event Ticket

        Realistic Event Ticket Templates

        Here’s a template of the event ticket that you can use in a realistic type of event that can suit much of the fun.

        Realistic Event Ticket Free Sample

        Graduation Realistic Event Ticket Free Sample

          Multi-Purpose Retro Tickets

          Just as when designing event ticket templates, to make your event ticket vibrant and fun to view, you can add retro designs and materials.

          Multi-purpose Retro Ticket Free Sample

          Multi Purpose Retro Ticket Free Sample

            Anniversary Banquet Ticket Templates

            An anniversary banquet ticket is for anniversary celebrations, banquets, and appreciation events for churches and pastors. You can customize sizes and colors that will truly pop out and are easily noticed.

            Free Anniversary Banquet Ticket Sample

            Anniversary Banquet Ticket Editable

              Vintage Event Ticket Templates

              You can prefer to use a vintage event ticket if the modern route is not your way to go. For vintage-themed events or those whose location setup is laid back and quick, this will work well.

              Vintage Event Ticket Free Sample

              Free Vintage Event Ticket Sample

                Gospel Fest Concert Ticket Templates

                The gospel fest concert ticket template is intended for church concerts or any other event requiring a modern perforated and numbered ticket.

                Gospel Fest Concert Event Ticket Sample

                Gospel Fest Concert Ticket Free Editable

                  Charitable Sports Event Ticket Templates

                  If you are going to invite elites to your event, you can use this template. It can also be used for activities where donors are welcome to grant charitable actions for a specific cause. Moreover, with debuts and other once-in-a-lifetime occasions, elegant event tickets go well.

                  Charitable Sports Event Ticket Free Sample

                  Printable Charitable Sports Event Ticket Sample

                    Art Expo Event Ticket Templates

                    Art expo ticket event template is geared towards usage for any Art Event. It is designed with a modern and painterly design.

                    Art Expo Event Ticket Free

                    Printable Free Art Expo Event Ticket

                      Barbeque Raffle Ticket Templates

                      For charitable projects or events, the Barbeque Raffle Ticket Design may be used and crafted with a retro western style that can suit most of the most fun.

                      Barbeque Raffle Ticket Free Sample

                      Raffle Ticket Free Sample

                        Halloween Event Ticket Templates

                        Your personalized ticket to terror! Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are planning to throw a Halloween party, you can download our template.

                        Free Halloween Event Ticket Sample

                        Printable Halloween Event Ticket Free

                          Christmas Event Ticket Templates

                          Holidays will also allow organizations to launch event tickets for their special deals. When designing the layout of your event ticket, use holiday-inspired designs, design materials, and icons. For one, look at how artistically the color red and the snowflakes are put together.

                          Free Christmas Event Ticket Sample

                          Christmas Event Ticket Free Editable

                            Diaper Raffle Ticket Templates

                            Free Diaper Raffle Ticket Sample

                            Editable Diaper Raffle Ticket Free

                            Diaper Raffle Ticket Format Free

                            Free Printable Diaper Raffle Ticket

                              Movie Ticket Templates

                              Free Movie Ticket Format

                              Movie Ticket Sample Free

                              Cartoon Movie Ticket Format Free

                              Printable Movie Ticket Free Sample

                                Tour Raffle Tickets

                                Tour Raffle Ticket Sample Free

                                Free Tour Raffle Ticket Printable Sample

                                  Travel Ticket Templates

                                  Free Travel Ticket Sample in Word and PDF

                                  Editable Air Travel Ticket Free Sample

                                  Free Train Ticket Sample

                                  Free Printable Train Ticket Sample

                                    Beer Festival Ticket Templates

                                    Downloadable Beer Festival Ticket Sample

                                    Free Editable Beer Festival Ticket

                                      Education Raffle Ticket Templates

                                      Education Raffle Ticket Sample Free

                                      Free Sample Education Raffle Tickets

                                      Free Graduation Raffle Ticket Example

                                      Downloadable Graduation Raffle Ticket

                                        Boxing Ticket Templates

                                        Boxing Event Ticket Sample Free

                                        Free Boxing Match Ticket Sample

                                          Golf Raffle Ticket Templates

                                          Free Golf Sample Ticket

                                          Free Golf Course Access Ticket Format

                                            Food Festival Ticket Templates

                                            Free Elegant Food Festival Ticket Sample

                                            Free Downloadable Food Festival Ticket Sample

                                              When and where are Tickets for Events Usually Used?

                                              There are distinct ways that event tickets can be used, as you have noticed above. Depending on the intent of their production, their designs and overall aesthetic differ. The following are some of the most common ways that event tickets are used:

                                              Corporate events use event tickets to ensure convenient access to the venue for anticipated guests who are commonly from the business sector and specialized industries. An event can also be more polished with the use of formal event tickets.

                                              Concerts often use tickets for events to ensure that all guests who have paid beforehand are supported accordingly. Different event tickets with different prices are given out in concerts, depending on the seating or the bundle that the concert attendees would like to buy.

                                              Sports activities such as pay-per-view matches, tournaments, and the Olympics also include tickets for events. It makes it possible for promoters to be mindful of the number of individuals expected to watch the sporting event. It also makes it possible for security officials, depending on the number of individuals that will go to the event venue, to be disseminated in different posts.

                                              At carnivals and other leisure-centered events, event tickets may also be used. In these events, getting event tickets will identify whether a person has paid for the show or the experience. It will then be used as payment for the case for the cross-checking of the money earned by the management.

                                              What information to Include

                                              Your tickets serve as the last point of call for your clients to get your event details, and they are likely to use them to know when and where your event is taking place, particularly when they are cramming into an Uber on the way.

                                              Although the design of your tickets should be imaginative, your clients still need to get crucial details. Make sure that the templates for your tickets contain the following:

                                              • Name, location, and date of your event.
                                              • The program of what will happen on the day.
                                              • A map of the venue showing several points.
                                              • The brand, slogan, and social links of your event.

                                              Tips on how to create an event ticket

                                              If you have no idea how to design a beautiful ticket for an event, here are some tips that will help you create one:

                                              • Make sure the event where the ticket will be used is known to you. All the specifics of the event and the promotional events that go with it are relevant for you to learn to recognize the items that you can put in the ticket for the event. It will also aid in ensuring that the event theme is integrated into the event ticket design.
                                              • Stick to a theme and create a palette of colors to use. It is recommended that to make your event ticket, and it is best to use only one topic to revolve around.
                                              • It would help if you centered on the event’s intent as it can have the most effective in terms of what the participants can expect from the event itself.
                                              • You can already pick the colors that you will combine to make your event ticket’s design come to life once this has already been completed.
                                              • Look at event ticket samples and models. Ensure that the tickets and models you are going to look at are used for the same event you are trying to organize. It will allow you to understand the kind of tickets that the audience perceives well. Besides, this will also help you refine the design and format of your event ticket even further.

                                              How to Make an Event Ticket Template?

                                              What is the exact process of creating a ticket for an event and what’s involved? Following are some of the steps that you will help with:

                                              Analyze The Tickets Of Your Competitors

                                              If you intend to hold an event during the holidays or during other periods when many activities take place, this is an important step. It is also a good idea to look at your rivals’ tickets and get suggestions about what to add when creating your blueprint and what to stop. Concentrate on the data about them, their style, and their size while evaluating these tickets.

                                              Add All Of The Relevant Information

                                              Since models for event tickets are usually limited in size, note that quality is essential. Although staying imaginative and brief, you can add all the relevant details.

                                              The Layout Of Your Ticket

                                              It is a very critical component of your ticket. It would help if you made sure the prototype that you build looks appealing and exquisite. You can download and begin customizing our templates.

                                              The Images And Logos

                                              It’s essential to include your logo as a visual reminder to anyone who will attend your event, whether you’re making a ticket for an institution or a company. As required, you can also add various graphics or pictures. Only make sure the design doesn’t look too crowded, and the text won’t be vague in the photos.

                                              The Color Scheme

                                              It doesn’t have to be a puzzle to find the right color scheme for your ticket. It is particularly true if your business has colors of its own. Draft the ticket concept and attempt to work with various variations of colors. The ticket’s colors can either make it look enticing or make readers feel disinterested.

                                              The Size

                                              Have you ever wondered what the ticket size is like? The size will usually depend on the layout and the data written on the ticket. You can use an event ticket template or use your size to build one.

                                              Creating Several Designs

                                              You may want different designs while you are designing your ticket. That way, you can show the other event planners your plans and decide which one is the best.

                                              How Do You Print and Sell The Tickets?

                                              You can get the tickets printed after finalizing the concept of your party ticket prototype. Go to your nearest printing press to ask them about the choices for printing. Depending on the printing press specifications or options, you can select the printing form, the paper type, and more.

                                              Selling Tickets As a Reseller

                                              It happens when you have already purchased tickets for an event, but find out you can’t attend the event. Online, there are unique places where you can resell tickets. These are marketplaces for individuals to sell event tickets that the prominent seller buys from them. It is easy to resell in such places because they are intended to put together sellers and buyers.

                                              Selling Tickets As an Organizer

                                              The best way you can sell your tickets for the event is to sell them yourself. You can ask your friends, family or any other person you meet. That way, you can usually get a reasonable price for the tickets you’re selling, particularly if the buyers want to go to the event. It will take more effort from you, of course, and if you can’t sell your tickets before the match, you won’t be able to make a profit.

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