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Mississippi Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In Mississippi, when registering, selling, or buying a car, you may be required to provide a car bill of sale. A bill of sale in Mississippi, while not always required, is a beneficial document. It not only acts as a receipt for the private sale of a vehicle, but it also provides legal protection for both the seller and the buyer in the event that there is a discrepancy about the vehicle.

If you are unable to enter details on the vehicle’s title, such as the sale price, a car bill of sale for Mississippi is required. This would be equivalent to the invoice you would get if buying a vehicle from a dealership.

Other Requirements

Alongside a bill of sale for Mississippi, if the vehicle is under 10 years old or weighs under 16,000 pounds, you will need an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 78-015). 

If you are registering a vehicle on behalf of the owner, you will be required to complete a Vehicle Power of Attorney.

Requirements for a Car Bill of Sale in Mississippi

Mississippi does not provide its own Vehicle Bill of Sale, however, you can draft your own. It must be written in English using simple terms, without legal jargon or the use of archaic phrasing. The car bill of sale for Mississippi must contain the following details:

  • The county that the vehicle was purchased in
  • The date of the sale of the vehicle
  • Details about the vehicle, which must include the VIN, make, model, year, color, body type, odometer reading, and the registration number of the person selling the vehicle
  • Full legal names and contact details of both the seller and the buyer
  • How much the vehicle was sold for
  • Whether the vehicle is a gift and if so, the seller’s relationship to the buyer
  • The signature of both the seller and the buyer

A copy should be made for the seller’s records and the original should be given to the buyer. The buyer can then make a copy of the bill of sale to be used in the registration process of the vehicle. 

Free Templates

Following are free customizable templates:



    How To Register a Vehicle in Mississippi

    In Mississippi, new vehicle owners have 7 days from the date of purchase to register the vehicle. If the vehicle was purchased outside of the county you live in, you have 9 days from the date of purchase. New registrations must be done in person at your local County Tax Collector’s office.

    Vehicle registrations must be renewed every year and, depending on what county you live in, you may be able to register online. The following counties offer an online service through the MV e-Service:

    There are also over 30 counties that have their own website for online renewal, which can be found on the Department of Revenue’s website. Counties that are not listed do not currently have an online service, which means you will need to visit their office in person.

    If you are late with registering your vehicle, you will be charged a penalty. You have a 15 day grace period from the date that your registration expired. On day 16 of an overdue renewal, you are charged at 5% for the coming 15 days, and then an additional 5% for every 30 day period it remains late. The maximum penalty that can be charged is 25%, in which, at this point, you won’t be eligible for a Legislative Tag Credit.

    Documents For Registering a Vehicle in Mississippi

    When registering and titling a vehicle, you will need to provide the following documentation:

    • A current and valid Mississippi Driver’s License
    • A completed Car Bill of Sale for Mississippi
    • A completed Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 78-015-17-8)
    • The original Certificate of Title. If this has been lost or damaged, you can request a new one using Form 78-006-17-8-1
    • Funds to cover the appropriate Registration Fees
    • While proof of insurance is not a requirement when registering a vehicle in Mississippi, you still need to hold an active policy to legally operate the vehicle on public roads. The policy needs to meet the following Minimum Requirements:
    • $25,000 to cover liability per individual, per accident
    • $25,000 to cover property damage, per accident
    • $50,000 to cover bodily injury, per accident 
    • If you are registering a vehicle on behalf of the owner, you will need to complete a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 78003)

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