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The H.B.S (Horse Bill of Sale) form is a legal document and contains transaction detail between two parties concerning the sale or purchase and change of ownership of a horse. When it comes to the sale of a horse, the same procedure is taken like the sale of a house or a boat. Hence, the sale document H.B.S should be present. This document is very valuable as it provides legal protection to both parties. This document will be useful in case there is a dispute regarding the true owner of the horse, or if questions come up concerning its lineage. If the buyer would like to inspect animal for health conditions, the buyer will submit a security deposit. However, if those in agreement go on with the sale of the animal, the amount of deposit will be subtracted from the amount due.

Contents of horse bill of sale form

The following is contained in the form:

1. The Date and Involved Parties

The date and the name of the seller need to be indicated in the document.

2. Description of the Horse

The name of the horse, its breed and gender should be included. Besides, one should not forget the date it was born and its registration number. It is imperative to include the appropriate depiction of the horse.

3. Information for Price of Purchase

The purchase information of the horse is detailed at this juncture. The agreed price should be filled. If there is a request for a health inspection, the ultimate date that a check-up was carried out has to be completed.

4. Security Pledge (deposit)

The settled sum of the pledge (security deposit) needs to be filled. The seller is also required to read the “Other Claims” segment of the file and they must agree before signing off. The horse’s condition should be entered.

5. Signatures

The signatures need to be dated. There is the need to provide the buyer’s, seller’s and witness’ signatures.

6. Notary Public Acknowledgement (NPA)

When the file is complete, and the parties have given identification, the attorney (notary) will offer the needed acknowledgement and information.

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