Free Mobile Home Bill of Sale Forms (Word | PDF)

 A Mobile Home Bill of Sale is a form or document that indicates the legal sale transaction of a mobile (manufactured) home from the seller (old owner) to the buyer (new owner) of the mobile home.

This contract contains information such as the sale transaction details, buyer’s information, seller’s information, mobile home details, and the agreed-upon price. This bill of sale is only signed after the sale transaction has been executed and completed between the seller and the buyer of the mobile home.

The mobile home bill of sale form validates the sale of the mobile home, acts as proof of the exchange of cash for the mobile home for the buyer, and protects the seller and buyer from any future liability risks.

The buyer may also provide a security deposit to the seller as the inspection process continues before the mobile home bill of sale form is signed. The mobile home bill of sale also requires notary acknowledgment at the end to make it complete and valid.

Free Bill of Sale Forms

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    When is the mobile home bill of sale used?

    A mobile home bill of sale form is used in the following mentioned scenarios:

    • Purchasing a New Mobile Home: As stated, this document is extensively used when purchasing a new mobile home. It verifies that a mobile home changed hands from a seller (original owner) to a buyer (new owner). That is because it contains all the relevant transaction details.
    • Settling any Disputes: In the unlikely event that any disputes arising out of the sale of any property, this document may come in to settle it. The document finds extensive use in courtrooms as the jury relies a lot on it to offer clarifications that may be needful.
    • Record Keeping: All transactions have to be recorded and kept safely for the sake of facilitating any future references. Yet again, this document comes in to solve that very issue. Given that it contains all the details about the transactions involved, it is a good one to rely on.

    Pre Buying Considerations

    Before purchasing a mobile home, there are certain things you have to take care of. Below are some of those factors and things you have to mind about:

    • Building Codes and Standards: From the 1970s, the Federal Government instituted the Housing and Urban Development building standards. These override any state or county laws. It is hence necessary that the mobile home you are interested in conforms to this standard. You do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily with the various tiers of government.
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): A ‘vehicle identification number’ is to a mobile home what a birth certificate is to you. It uniquely identifies one home from another. That is because it contains such pertinent pieces of information like the state of manufacture, serial number, manufacturer, and registration number, among others. Be sure these pieces of information tally with the official government records prior to purchase.
    • Used vs. New Mobile Homes: Would you want to purchase the new or the used one? Newer mobile homes are definitely better for you. They contain the latest features, have longer lifespans, and are generally more reliable. But, they have a catch. They are very expensive to come by. It is up to you to decide whether they are worth fighting for.
    • Shipping and Delivery: Purchasing a mobile home is one thing. Transporting the same to your locale or area of desired use is yet another thing altogether. For this reason, you have to take care of the shipping and delivery expenses as well. While sourcing for your vehicle, be sure to estimate just how much it may cost to bring to your location.
    • Costs Implications: Lastly, of course, you have to factor in the cost implications. You have to first and foremost set a budget range. Then, look for that mobile whose value falls within the range you will have delineated. Do not shy away from negotiating. You definitely want to spend the least realistic amount of money in the process.

    How to Write Mobile Home Bill of Sale

    There are things that must be included in the mobile home bill of sale to make it complete for the sale. These are as follows.

    The parties

    The basic information about the parties to be mentioned is:

    • Seller’s details: The seller’s details that must be included in the mobile home bill of sale are the seller’s name and mailing address.
    • Buyer’s details: The buyer’s information needed in the mobile home bill of sale is the buyer’s name and buyer’s mailing address.

    Purchase details

    When it comes to the purchase details, the date when the agreement is completed and the agreed-upon amount (price) should be well indicated in this section in the mobile home bill of sale.

    Mobile home information

    In this section of the bill of sale of the mobile home being purchased, there are certain details that should be included. The information that is required includes :

    • Location of the mobile home
    • The model
    • The manufacturer
    • The manufacture year
    • The size of the mobile home
    • Mobile home serial number


    The signatures required in the mobile home bill of sale include the buyer’s signature, the seller’s signature, and the signatures from the witnesses present during the signing. The printed names of these participants must also be included. Finally, the signature date is also essential in this section.


    For proper authentication of the mobile home bill of sale, notarization is required at the end. This includes the signature of the notary public and a seal at the end of the document.

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    The mobile home or manufactured home bill of sale acts as proof or evidence of the sale transaction of a mobile home between the seller (old owner) and the buyer (new owner). It includes the parties’ details, the information surrounding the sale, and even the agreed-upon price of the mobile home. It should be notarized for it to be valid.

    The seller must ensure that the inspection process has been completed and they have received the cash before both of them and the buyer signs the mobile home bill of sale form. This is because this bill of sale acts as evidence of the completion of the sale transaction.

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