Free Mobile Home Bill of Sale Forms (Word | PDF)

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Forms

Mobile home bill of sale’ is a document that is used to verify the transfer of a manufactured mobile home from a seller to a buyer. It performs the role that the sales receipt plays under normal circumstances. Only that it is exclusively geared towards mobile homes.

When is the mobile home bill of sale used?

Purchasing a New Mobile Home

As stated, this document is used extensively when purchasing a new mobile home. It verifies that a mobile home indeed changed hands from a seller (original owner) to a buyer (new owner). That is because it contains all the relevant transaction details.

Settling any Disputes

In the unlikely event that any disputes arising out of the sale of any property, this document may come in to settle it. In fact, the document finds extensive use in courtrooms as the jury relies a lot on it to offer clarifications that may be needful.

Record Keeping

All transactions have to be recorded and kept safely for the sake of facilitating any future references. Yet again, this document comes in to solve that very issue. Given that it contains all the details pertaining to the transactions involved, it is a good one to rely on.

Things to look for before buying a mobile home

Before purchasing a mobile home, there are certain things you have to take care of. Below are some of those factors and things you have to mind about:

Building Codes and Standards

From the 1970s, the Federal Government instituted the Housing and Urban Development building standards. These override any state or county laws. It is hence necessary that the mobile home you are interested in conforms to this standard. You do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily with the various tiers of governments.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

A ‘vehicle identification number’ is to a mobile home what a birth certificate is to you. It uniquely identifies one home from another. That is because it contains such pertinent pieces of information like the state of manufacture, serial number, manufacturer, and registration number, among others. Be sure these pieces of information tally with the official government records prior to purchase.

Used vs. New Mobile Homes

Would you want to purchase the new or the used? Newer mobile homes are definitely better for you. They contain the latest features, have longer lifespans, and are generally more reliable. But, they have a catch. They are very expensive to come by. It is up to you to decide whether they are worth fighting for.

Shipping and Delivery

Purchasing a mobile home is one thing. Transporting the same to your locale or area of desired use is yet another thing altogether. For this reason, you have to take care of the shipping and delivery expenses as well. While sourcing for your vehicle, be sure to estimate just how much it may cost to bring to your location.

Costs Implications

Lastly, of course, you have to factor the cost implications. You have to first and foremost set a budget range. Then, look for that mobile whose value falls within the range you will have delineated. Do not shy away from negotiating. You definitely want to spend the least realistic amount of money in the process.

Free bill of sale forms

Manufactured Home Bill of Sale Form Sample

Manufactured Home Bill of Sale Form

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Template

Mobile Manufactured Bill of Sale Template

    Things to include in a “mobile home bill of sale form”

    The following are the pieces of information which the typical ‘mobile home bill of sale form’ has to comprise:

    • Amounts Payable – The sum to be given out in exchange for the home.
    • Name and Address of the Buyer
    • Name and Address of the Seller
    • Model of the Mobile Home
    • Year of Manufacture
    • Size and Dimensions
    • Serial Number
    • Location of Home
    • Date of Purchase
    • Signatures of the Buyer, Seller, and Witnesses

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