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Issue logs can provide detailed ways to track errors and problems in your projects and record the progress and resolutions on the problems. They help with keeping a close eye on project analysis that needs extra attention.

What is a Project Issue Log?

A project issue log is used to show key details and progress on problems that have occurred within your project and then used to resolve the issue. Problems can consist of issues with staff, technical problems, vendor or supplier issues, or even any issues that might have a counteractive impact on the project itself.

What Does it do, its Purpose and Uses?

The project issue log contains a list of recent and closed problems that occur within your project. The issue logs can be a way to record errors in your project and can also help with future endeavors and feasibility analysis. Some of the uses can be to prearrange and plan out responses of issues within the project. They help break apart any blockades or accidental impacts that directly affect your project or its timeline and fruition of the project. They are a way to order and organized issues based on priority and severity and then help manage the problems.

Basic Contents of Some of an Issue Log

  • Issue number: A way to track the issue, if there is more than one.
  • Issue description: What are the details of the issue, write what clearly happened to cause the issue.
  • The risk to the project: The severity and how it can damage the project farther.
  • Opened date: Date the issue was identified.
  • Target resolution: Projected time-frame date.
  • Actual Resolution Date: Date showing when the issue was resolved.
  • Priority: A low, medium, or high. A filter for what is the most important to resolve.
  • Owner: Person who first noticed the issue.
  • Assigned to: Whom the issue is assigned to get it resolved.
  • Issue Document: Is there a document attached to the issue, Yes/No.
  • Status: A note stating if the issue is open, closed, in progress, or blocked.
  • Status update: This helps what point you are in during the process of resolving it.
  • Resolution: Shows what is being done to resolve the issue.
  • Category: An area to categorize issues by department, vendor or what type of problem it may be.

Some templates also carry and an additional section called comments that portray any notes on the issue, or if it connected to another task…etc.

Free Templates

Risk Log Template Project Management

Risk And Issue Log Definition


Sample of Risk Log Template Project

Project Risk And Issue Register


Risk Log Template Project Format

Risk Register Template Excel Free Download



In conclusion, a project issue log can highly help and provide information on your project. They help with keeping a close keen eye on projects that need extra attention. They focus on finding a solution to a problem and capturing the key details in regards to finding and reporting a formal action to get the issue resolved. They help maintain quality along with help maintain decisions within the project that might be overlooked. They help with preventive maintenance as well as supporting safety hazards that might occur. Almost every company should keep a log if any issues come up in the future they will have a historical reference for solutions or to find out what the key issue was in the beginning.

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