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A magazine is a colorful compilation of photos, articles, and layouts that feature the different aspects of day to day activities.  There are numerous topics contained in magazines ranging from beauty, fashion, sports, science cars and many more.

Magazine templates are elegant with a professional design and eye-pleasing so that you can get the best magazine designs online. Each magazine cover layouts can be adapted to blend with your organization or brand.

Purpose of a Magazine

A magazine is written in a more elevated prose style and offers in-depth coverage of news. In contrast to a newspaper, a magazine tends to enlighten and entertain. Magazines have a detailed table of contents with adequate information. The information contained in magazines is wide covering every aspect of life.

Elements of a Magazine

Designing the layout of a magazine can be challenging if you do not know the elements of a magazine. Below are the elements of a magazine layout.

1. Headline

The headline can be of different sizes but it should have a bigger font than the rest of the text elements. It should be interesting, eye-catching, and compelling enough to increases the chances of it being read.

2. Introductory Paragraph

This is the main piece that introduces the reader to the article. This part sets the tone of the article and it can also summarize the whole article. It should have a bigger font or bolder than the rest of the article but smaller than the headline.

3. Body Copy

This is the lengthy part of the article. It should be well written to keep the reader engaged in the article. You should start by designing this part since it is the one that occupies the bigger part. You should be consistent with the size of the body copy for your articles in the magazine.

4. Bylines

In this part, you acknowledge the team or persons who have worked on an article. In this section, you include the author’s name.

5. Sub-headline

This is used to break the article in sections indicating what the next article entails. It can be written with the same font as the body part but should be outstanding.

6. Pull Quotes

These usually give the article a different dimension making it look more interesting. Quotes help in delivering your story to the reader and can be coupled with images to make them more potent. They should be written with a different font from the body copy.

7. Image Captions

A caption should accompany the image being used in an article. It should be placed below the image and it can be written in a smaller font than the body.

8. Folio

The folio should be designed in a way that attracts the reader. This is the cover page and a way of arranging the papers in your magazine.

9. Panel

The panel contains important information related to the article that the reader needs to know when reading the magazine. This could be statistical information or dates and should be placed in a box to catch the eye of the reader.

Types of magazines

1. Sports Magazines: This magazine features general sports stories with photographic illusions of players, stadiums, and fans. This magazine has two categories; one for reporting all kinds of stories and another for specific sports.

2. Environmental magazines: These magazines aim to enlighten the public on environmental issues such as global warming, floods and many more and the need to conserve the environment.

3. Entertainment Magazines:  These magazines cover gossips, celebrity lifestyles Television shows fashion and other events.

4. Business Magazine: This is one of the most read magazines. It focuses on ideologies from entrepreneurs and information about real businesses such as banking, insurance, import and exports, and other business activities.

5. Agriculture magazines: It features events such as agricultural shows and modern farming techniques. It can also elaborate on recent developments of pesticides and herbicides.

Free Templates

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    Tips for Writing the Magazine

    Below are important tips that you should consider so as to come up with a good magazine.

    1. Choose a unique idea

    You should choose a topic that is interesting and within your field of expertise. You should know that the more original the idea is, the less likely for it to have been done before.

    2. Look for the right magazine

    Find out a magazine that best suits your story. You can do so by picking a magazine at a bookshop and get reading. Ensure you have a great diversity in magazines to increase the chances of your article getting published.

    3. Perfect your idea

    You should design your idea perfectly to convey your message perfectly. Ensure that your story is a compelling addition to the publication.

    4. Start Small

    If you are an amateur, it would be better if you look for a local and small magazine as a starting point. Doing so will ensure your chances of being published are higher.

    When you are designing a magazine cover keep in mind the following concept.


    • Understand that the content page is the one that sells.
    • Pick a theme that you will stick with.
    • Be keen on the cover design.
    • Your audience is your target.


    • Do not overcrowd your designs.
    • Do not copy or repeat the text.
    • Never sacrifice your content for a better design.

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