7 Outstanding Reference Letter Examples for Manager

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It is basically a letter of reference which is used by the newbie employees apply for their recommendation in a particular manager job. It is basically a document which consists of their skills and experience in a particular field.

When a manager reference letter is required?

When a person applies for a job,he or she will provide a reference letter which will support his or her application. This application will help them to write their reference letter in a perfect format so that their probability of being recommended would be increased it is very helpful for those who are not good at writing proper letters.

Manager Reference Letter Sample

To Mr Albert

The purpose of this letter is to provide job to Mr wilbur for post of manager.

Wilbur possesses excellent skills required to complete a project while gaining the acceptance of other office personnel. The work he produces is on time as well as accurate. This had made him a valuable part of our team. During his employment with us we have received a large number of clients.

During last 4 years of wilbur has worked as a clerical worker of our team and is suitable for any higher position. His excellent skill is a very valuable asset. His ability to work quickly in difficult task is very appreciable. I would highly recommend him to any other company who requires an individual possessing of such skills.


Mr. former employer

Sample of Project Manager Reference Letter

free manager reference letter


Manager Reference Letter for Restaurant

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Manager Reference Letter for Marketing

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Sample of Sales Manager Reference Letter

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Property Manager Reference Letter

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Financial Manager Reference Letter

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Human Resource Assistant Manager Reference Letter

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Sample of Construction Project Manager Reference Letter

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How Do You Write a Manager Reference Letter?

It is said that first impression is the last impression so your cover letter is your best opportunity to impress the employers in first impression. A perfect cover letter will convince the hiring manager that you are fit for the job. The main points to make your cover letter the perfect cover letter are as follows.


You should greet the person whom you are sending the letter but in a professional tone. It is recommended to do your homework and search the company website for the name of the hiring manager because it is better to write “the name of the hiring manager” instead of “to whom it may concern”. For example “Dear Mr. Albert”

The introduction

This is first and foremost place where you can get their attention. In this you should not give your introduction instead you should start with “I am writing this letter to apply for this……… .” Do some homework and try to find out what problem are they facing in their company and try to convince them that you can solve their problem by the skills which you have. If you are able to do this you will definitely get the job. Be specific while you are doing this.


In this you should basically give your previous employee history. I would suggest you to to provide relevant portfolios of the similar work that ties to the type of competencies they are looking for.


Don’t think about what benefits you will have once you will be selected for the company just think about the company. Try to do a deep research about the company. Think about the company is goal instead of your goal. Try to give something beyond job description.


It should not be lengthy try to keep it short.

Using our free samples and templates to have clear examples on how to write a Manager Reference Letter.

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