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When applying for a job, especially a highly competitive one like mechanical engineering, you need to find a way to increase your chances of getting the job. First, you need to write a proper and compelling cover letter to make you stand out and convince the hiring manager to employ you as a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer’s cover letter is about expanding your resume and integrating the skills, work experience, and accomplishments that make you the best job candidate.

The mechanical engineering job is in high demand, which means more job applicants is struggling to get this job. Therefore, you need to present yourself as a qualified individual who can design, develop and test systems, tools, machinery, engines, and other devices. Therefore, your cover letter for the mechanical engineer position must be exceptional if you are to land the job interview.

With this article, you will learn how to write a proper mechanical engineer’s job cover letter to help you stand out from the competition. Whether you are a job applicant looking for an internship or full-time employment, you will need to learn the elements you must include in the cover letter and the tips you need to observe when writing it.

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    Essential Skills Required to Qualify

    You must have skills as a mechanical engineer to qualify for the position. Therefore, when reading your cover letter, the hiring manager will be looking for the following skills to see if you qualify as a mechanical engineer:

    Math skills

    You need to have proper Math skills to apply Math principles such as statistics and calculus when analyzing, designing, and troubleshooting issues.


    A hiring manager must see your creative nature since you need this skill to create and design valuable machinery and equipment.


    Having an attentive nature and proper listening skills is beneficial as a mechanical engineer. The aim is to be able to listen to clients and experts to complete your tasks successfully.


    With problem-solving skills, you will be able to analyze a mechanical issue quickly and apply scientific discoveries to design and build essential and beneficial products for those in need of machinery.

    Mechanical skills

    Finally, as a mechanical engineer, your cover letter should portray you as an individual who can apply their knowledge in mechanical processes and engineering concepts to create and repair systems and devices.

    Format of the Cover Letter

    A formal cover letter for a mechanical engineering job must therefore be written using the official format used for business letters. Here is how you should format your cover letter when applying as a mechanical engineer:

    • Ensure that you use the correct font type and font size. The font should be similar to the one used in your résumé. A proper font ensures that your cover letter is readable.
    • The most preferred professional fonts are Times New Roman and Arial, which should be adjusted to a font size of 10 to 12.
    • Align your text to the left of the page with no justification.
    • Ensure that you space out your section and paragraphs by skipping a line using 1.15 line spacing.
    • When formatting your cover letter, your margins should be all-around with at least a 1-inch measurement.
    • Like most professional letters, ensure that your cover letter is one page long.
    • Your header should have your name, contact details, and complete address, then skip a line and include the recipient’s name, company’s name, and company address.
    • Do not forget to include a date in your header.
    • For the signing off section, you need to include a complimentary close such as “Sincerely” or “Best Regards,” followed by your signature.

    What to Include?

    There are essential elements and contents that you must include in your cover letter as you apply as a mechanical engineer. Using the appropriate business format, ensure that you include the following information in your cover letter:

    Make an Introduction and Identify the position you are applying for

    For the first paragraph, introduce yourself and identify the job you are applying for. Ensure that you go straight to the point, be detailed but remain as brief as possible. Try to find out the hiring manager’s name since addressing them using their name presents you as an intentional individual. While highlighting the job position you want, a mechanical engineer, ensure that you include an outstanding achievement or project that makes you the most suitable candidate for the company and the job.

    For example:

    I am writing this letter regarding the open position as a mechanical engineer at your company, ABC Company. I have 12 years of experience working as a mechanical engineer. I am proud to say that my engineering skills and mechanical knowledge enabled me to create an effective floor cleaner robot used in most households. I believe that I am skilled, talented, and knowledgeable, which means that I can significantly contribute to your company if hired as a mechanical engineer.

    Explain why they should hire you

    The following paragraph should focus on why they should hire you as a mechanical engineer. You aim to be unique and hence stand out from the competition. Therefore, use the job description provided by the company to highlight the most important requirements you have that make you qualified for the job.  Also, focus on presenting yourself as a solution that the company needs. Finally, ensure that the hiring manager can relate to you so that they can be interested in hiring you as their mechanical engineer.

    You can breakdown the content in this section as shown below:

    Focus on specific experience

    As a mechanical engineer, you must deal with machinery and create practical, efficient, functional, and safe products. That means a company will hire you if your cover letter contains details of your work experience as a mechanical engineer. Your prospective employer will only hire you if you have the right expertise and experience as a mechanical engineer. Ensure that your cover letter contains a list of your work experience and candid examples of the contributions you can bring to the company as a mechanical engineer.

    Highlight your mechanical engineering skills

    It would be best to show your future employer that you have the right skills that make you qualified to be a mechanical engineer in your cover letter. The aim is to interest them in calling you for an interview and hiring you based on your exceptional technical and soft skills.

    Some of the technical skills you need to have include knowledge of design principles, blueprints, drawings or models, MathWorks MATLAB, Minitab, Autodesk Revit, Bentley Micro-Station, and knowledge of C++ Python plus G-code.

    For the soft skills, you need to have the following: time management skills, organizational skills, decision-making, leadership skills, project management, analytical and critical thinking skills, communication skills, and teamwork.

    Quantify your achievements

    The final detail you must include in this section is quantifying your achievement. It is not enough for you to mention your achievements as a mechanical engineer. Your cover letter should include examples of your achievements with numbers. Including data in your cover letter will present you as a mechanical engineer focused on results.

    For example:

    Your company is looking for an experienced mechanical engineer who can handle projects to make life easier by designing and creating robots. With my expertise and experience, I believe that I am suitable for that position. I am great at designing blueprints and models while applying Math principles to create efficient machinery and appliances. In addition, I believe in teamwork, and I have excellent leadership skills, project management abilities, and time management skills.

    I believe that I am qualified for the mechanical engineering position in your company. I have a great experience with robot projects, as you will see in my résumé where, together with my team, we created an effective floor robot cleaner; I am also result-oriented. I completed all projects in my previous workplace in time and to the required specifications, which reduced the budget by 15%. This way, we had a great product and still saved the company money.

    Describe why you choose them to apply

    Your next paragraph in the cover letter should include information about why you choose to apply for the mechanical engineer position at that particular company. It would be best to convince the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in their company. To explain your reasons, you can use details like the company’s profile, what they focus on, and how they achieve it. Ensure that what you list about the company relates to you, your work values, and your beliefs. Your prospective employer will be interested in working with you if you relate well with the company.

    For example:

    I have chosen to apply to ABC Company since it focuses on helpful and futuristic machinery and appliances. Working with you will help me further my career ambitions and goals. Also, your work values and discipline as a company when it comes to creating machines and appliances that do not pollute the earth resonates with me significantly. That is why I am interested in working with you to help you achieve your organizational goals.

    Write a call to action

    The final part of your cover letter is a call to action. Ensure the last part is as intriguing as the first part of your cover letter. Avoid ambiguity with a statement like “I hope to hear from you…” and go straight to /point by confidently asking for the mechanical engineering position.

    For example:

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Please feel free to call me on my given phone number or invite me for an interview for more information about my skills, experience, and knowledge of being a mechanical engineer.

    Essentials Letter Writing Tips

    You should observe pro tips when writing your cover letter if you are to qualify and get chosen as the company’s mechanical engineer.

    These tips are as follows:

    Focus on the future

    When writing your cover letter, it is crucial to focus on the future and what you will bring to the company as their mechanical engineer. Inform your future employers of the projects, research, or products you have in mind to develop the organization and help them achieve their company goals. Ensure that your future interests align with the company’s interests.

    Be relevant 

    Write your cover letter to portray you as being relevant to the company. It would be best if you displayed your abilities when handling all the responsibilities that come with the job. Also, display your relevancy by adequately including your skills and experiences as a mechanical engineer. Being relevant will encourage the hiring manager to hire you for the position.

    Check for grammar mistakes

    Once you are done writing your cover letter, you need to proofread it to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Eliminating mistakes from your letter presents you as a creative individual who pays attention to detail and is professional. You can use spell check on your computer or ask for help from a friend to correct any grammar mistakes in your cover letter.

    Sample Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

    Lydia Keeping
    123, After Street

    25th May 20xx

    Ryan Johnson
    Hiring Manager
    Clean Energy Company
    456 CA, Before Avenue

    Dear Mr. Johnson,

    My name is Lydia Keeping, and I am writing this letter to apply for the mechanical engineer position in your company, Clean Energy Company. I learned about the opening from your website, and I was thrilled to apply for this position. I have been a mechanical engineer for seven years, and I believe that my experience in creating appliances and machinery that uses renewable energy will benefit your company.

    I understand that your company is looking for an experienced mechanical engineer who is willing and able to design helpful day-to-day appliances and machines and focuses on protecting the earth. At my previous workplace, I oversaw designing and creating wind turbines meant for water pumping in various communities and third-world countries to supply water.

    I consider myself creative, time conscious, a leader, and a team player. Alongside these skills, I am also great at designing projects, applying different Math principles, and have significant proficiency in mechanical engineering tools. Furthermore, I am result-oriented; I pay attention to detail and am great at problem-solving. I believe that by hiring me, I will be able to efficiently and effectively design products that use renewable energy. I aim to work closely with the engineering team to optimize workflow by 6% and increase the company’s profit by 10% while making a difference.

    I chose to apply at Clean Energy Company based on your work values that align and resonate with my personality. I am excited about working with you as I will be able to further my career and implement my projects. Still, I will also contribute to your company by creating and designing products that make a difference in the world.

    I appreciate you for taking the time to consider my application. I want to come in for an interview to share more information about my abilities as a mechanical engineer, as I believe that I will be a great addition to your team.


    (Your signature)

    Key Points

    Here are few key points to help you stand out from the stack of applicants:

    •  When applying for a mechanical engineering job, it is essential to include a cover letter alongside your other application documents.
    • A mechanical engineer cover letter is a professional document meant to briefly highlight your personal and professional skills that help you stand out among the other job candidates.
    • Since a cover letter for a mechanical engineer position is an official letter, ensure you use a business format that includes a header, body paragraphs, and sign-off.
    • Ensure that your letter is captivating and exciting and includes examples that present you as a solution the company needs.
    • Use the three tips provided in this article to ensure you write a proper and effective cover letter for that mechanical engineer job.
    • Ensure that the information in your cover letter is honest and is written genuinely.

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