12 Best New Grad RN Nursing Cover Letter Examples

Once you are done with nursing school, it is time to look for your first job. This can seem daunting when so many other qualified applicants are also looking for jobs. The first step is to tailor your resume to showcase your best skills and talents and what you can bring to the table in the new position. A nursing cover letter for a fresh graduate can be an excellent addition to your application package.

It is simply a short document that you can send along with your resume to any job you plan to apply for after graduation. As a new graduate in nursing, this is where you will help showcase your skills and make sure you shine, especially since your resume may lack a lot of experience at this time.

RNs without a lot of experience will be able to utilize the cover letter to help point out their skills, characteristics, and experience that will lend them well to this position. So, whether you got specific grades, did an internship with a hospital you would like to highlight, or gained special certifications as a new graduate, the cover letter is the place to show that information.

Writing a cover letter is crucial in showcasing your qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm as a new graduate registered nurse. The sample letters given below will provide you with a solid foundation to create a professional and engaging cover letter that grabs the attention of potential employers. By utilizing the samples, you can save valuable time and ensure your cover letter is tailored to the nursing industry’s specific requirements.

Free Samples

Writing a cover letter is crucial in showcasing your qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm as a new graduate registered nurse. The sample letters given below will provide you with a solid foundation to create a professional and engaging cover letter that grabs the attention of potential employers. By utilizing the samples, you can save valuable time and ensure your cover letter is tailored to the nursing industry’s specific requirements.

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    When is it Required?

    When you start applying for a nursing position after graduation, you will note that some positions ask you to apply directly to a specific person. This allows you to personalize the cover letter to the person who will read it first. Then, when you receive a recommendation for a position, use the cover letter. This cover letter will show the hiring manager that someone trusted in the industry thinks you will do well in the position.

    It is also a good idea to read the job posting. If the cover letter is a requirement of the application, then take the time to write one. This shows that you know how to pay attention, follow directions, and have an eye for detail, which are essential traits in any nursing career.

    Purpose of New Grad Nursing Cover Letter

    A nursing cover letter for a newly graduated nurse will help you reach out to the hiring director and make a statement that gets you noticed.

    This is the cover letter for the new graduates:

    It shows that the nurse is a professional

    This shows that the new graduate is a professional. No medical facility wants to hire someone who does not have the right experience to get the work done, and a cover letter can list all of the nursing student’s skills. This is the perfect way to help the nursing student stand out.

    Leads to an interview

    A newly graduated student should consider a nursing letter because it leads to an interview. This cover letter can capture the employer’s attention and impress them enough to give you a call to set up an interview.

    Expands on the resume

    The cover letter for the fresh graduates is perfect for expanding on their current resumes. You can show how passionate you are about the field of nursing, your specific qualifications for the job, and why you are the perfect fit.

    Makes you stand out against other candidates

    The position you want may directly compete with nurses with more experience. However, a fresh graduate’s cover letter will help you stand out and win the job, no matter who competes.

    Establishes a willingness to work

    A cover letter adds a nice touch to your application and shows that you are willing to work extra hard, even before getting the job. This can be very important for any medical facility and shows you are ready to hit the ground running.

    Identifies your intent

    A resume indicates the value you bring to the table, while a cover letter is designed to show your intent. Outline how your skills will align with the specific job you are applying for to show that you are interested in the position. Show that this position is not just another job but one that helps you reach your vision and mission.

    Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

    Now that you know the importance of a fresh graduate’s nursing cover letter, it is time to learn how to write the letter and make it look professional with your skills as a new graduate.

    Some of the components that need to be included in your cover letter include:

    Follow a professional business format

    Your cover letter shows that you are a professional, so make sure that you follow a professional business format the entire time. This includes the right font, with Arial or Calibri being best for this at 12 points. You can go a little smaller to make the information fit into one page if you need.

    In addition to the font you use, a professional heading will be helpful. This will include your name and personal contact information to make it easier for the hiring manager to contact you. The date you send the cover letter and the name and address of the hiring manager should go right at the top of the paper.

    With the headings in place, it is time to begin the body of the letter. This should include a standard formal greeting. Following their name is something like Mr. or Mrs. is an excellent place to start. Also, try to find out the hiring manager’s name before sending the letter to show your interest in the position.

    Opening paragraph

    With the heading and salutation ready, it is time to go into the opening paragraph. This is the place where you need to shine. It would be best if you kept it close to three to four sentences, making this information concise with a little bit of your personality showing through. Your goal in this first paragraph is to grab and hold the reader’s attention.

    Tell a story about yourself in just a few lines in this part of the cover letter. First, you should let the hiring manager know more about your professional credentials and which job you would like to apply for within their organization. You can then talk briefly about why you are an excellent fit for the position and why you would love to become one of their employees.

    Background paragraph

    With the introduction out of the way, it is time for you to get into the details about why you are the perfect fit for this job. Take the time to talk about any of your related experiences through clinics, internships, and in the classroom. You can also talk about some of the characteristics that will help you do well in that position. To help you know which characteristics will make you stand out, look closely at the job description for that position. You may see a few keywords pop up and you can match your experience to those.

    Expand on qualifications

    In the third paragraph, you need to explain why you are most qualified for the position. Again, your education gives you a unique way to win because you know all the current theories and innovations that more experienced nurses may not be up to date on. This is the place where you show off your qualifications. This can include specific clinical experience, soft skills like leadership and problem-solving that can be useful in your new career, and other jobs or experiences that will help you in this new role.

    Closing paragraph

    The goal of the cover letter for new graduates is that you can sell yourself as the best person for the job. Once you have given the hiring manager many reasons to hire you over someone else, it is time for you to wrap it all up with an excellent summary that will help you land that position. Finally, thank the hiring manager for taking the time to read the letter and express how eager you are to talk to them soon.

    The closing paragraph is also essential in your cover letter when you are newly graduated. This is your last chance to make an impression and get the hiring manager to give you a callback. You should include a call-to-action statement here. Many times, the easiest way to get a callback for an interview is to simply ask for it in your cover letter.

    Fresh Graduate’s Nursing Cover Letter Sample

    Here is a sample letter you can use to include important information in your letter:


    Dear Ms. Thompson,

    I am writing to express my keen interest in the entry-level Registered Nurse position in the Pediatrics Department at Sunrise General Hospital, as recently advertised. As a fresh graduate from New Horizon Nursing School, I am eager to apply the contemporary nursing practices and patient-centered care principles that I have learned in a practical healthcare setting. My academic journey, complemented by dedicated clinical rotations, has equipped me with a solid foundation in nursing and a passion for pediatric care.

    During my clinical rotations, particularly at City Health Clinic, I had the opportunity to work closely with children and their families, which strengthened my communication skills and understanding of pediatric nursing. These experiences have been invaluable in shaping my approach to nursing, emphasizing empathy, teamwork, and adaptability. Although I am at the beginning of my professional journey, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of growing and learning as part of your esteemed team.

    My education has provided me with up-to-date knowledge in nursing, including the latest pediatric care techniques and theories. I am excited to bring this contemporary knowledge to your team, along with my skills in problem-solving and collaboration. Additionally, my volunteer work at Healing City Youth Center has given me a broader perspective on community health and the importance of holistic care, qualities I am eager to bring to Sunrise General Hospital.

    I am enthusiastic about starting my nursing career at Sunrise General Hospital, where I can contribute my fresh perspectives, education, and a strong desire to make a positive impact in pediatric nursing. I am confident that my background and commitment to learning and growing as a professional nurse will enable me to contribute positively to your team.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am very eager to discuss how I can contribute to Sunrise General Hospital and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to interview for this position. Please feel free to contact me at 555-123-4567 or via email at jane.doe@email.com to schedule a meeting.


    Jolene Dunbar

    Key Takeaways

    This sample cover letter is a useful example for a newly graduated nurse when writing a similar letter for several reasons:

    1. The writer explicitly states her interest in the entry-level Registered Nurse position in the Pediatrics Department. This clarity shows focus and aligns her goals with the specific job opening.
    2. The letter highlights her recent graduation from New Horizon Nursing School, emphasizing that her education is current and relevant. She mentions learning contemporary nursing practices and patient-centered care principles, which are crucial in modern healthcare.
    3. The writer talks about her clinical rotations, especially in pediatric nursing at the City Health Clinic. This experience is directly relevant to the position she’s applying for. Mentioning specific experiences, like working with children and families, showcases her practical skills and understanding of the field.
    4. The writer’s enthusiasm for joining and growing with the Sunrise General Hospital team is evident. This attitude is important for a new graduate, showing a willingness to learn and adapt in a professional setting.
    5. The writer’s volunteer work at the Healing City Youth Center adds another dimension to her application, showing her commitment to community health and holistic care. 
    6. She concludes by reiterating her enthusiasm, inviting an interview, and providing her contact information. This shows initiative and makes it easy for the hiring manager to reach out to her.

    Overall, this cover letter is a strong example for newly graduated nurses as it effectively blends professional formatting, relevant educational and clinical experiences, soft skills, and a clear eagerness to start and grow in the nursing profession, all of which are key elements for a successful application in this field.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Writing an excellent new graduate’s cover letter can be vital to getting an open position. Some of the things you should do, as well as some of the things you should avoid, include:


    Tailor the letter to the exact position

    Be careful about being too broad in your cover letter. You are a unique professional, and you need to have that show-through in your cover letter. Think about how you can tailor your experience and education to show you are the perfect fit. If you are too general or too broad, it may sound fake, and the hiring manager will assume you use that same spiel for each cover letter you send out. Instead, discuss the job’s particulars and why you would be the best fit for it.

    Show passion

    Energy and enthusiasm are essential when you want to succeed in the nursing field. You will be more likely to get the job if you show the hiring manager that you have these skills in your cover letter. Make sure to show this by talking about how you are willing to accept a change, your experience with technology, and your adaptability.

    Showcase your exceptional side

    You are a unique person who has made it through nursing school. You have exceptional skills and abilities that are ready to use in your new position. Use the cover letter to show the hiring manager all of those exceptional skills.


    Take the time to proofread your newly graduated cover letter. This will help show your professionalism and enhance why you are the perfect fit. You can ask for outside help with this, from friends or college professors, or utilize online tools like Grammarly to ensure the cover letter is perfect.


    Don’t reiterate your resume

    Don’t waste your time writing a cover letter if you plan to reiterate your resume thoroughly. Your cover letter must be unique—a massive advertisement of why you are the best fit for that position. Show off your skills and make yourself stand out with the cover letter. Let the cover letter speak about all the compelling facts to impress the hiring manager.

    Writing is generalized

    Do not fall into the trap of using general terms in the cover letter. This is precisely what everyone else is doing and will get your application file thrown in the trash with all the others. Instead, look for specific terms and keywords in the job description and try to incorporate those into your cover letter.

    Using improper format

    Formatting is essential in your fresh graduate cover letter if you would like to look professional. Use a professional business letter format the whole time to make your cover letter stand out.

    Not selling yourself to the job

    Never fall into the habit of writing one cover letter and then sending it out to each job you would like to apply for. This will not end well for you. Most hiring managers are going to notice this as well.

    Using informal tone

    As you write your cover letter as a newly graduated student, you must write it in a professional tone. It needs to be formal, using the correct format and a dignified tone. If you fall into the habit of being too casual or personal in the letter, this is not acceptable, and you will end up missing out on that job.

    Making grammar and spelling mistakes

    Be careful about any grammar and spelling errors. Thorough editing is required before you send the letter to a hiring manager.

    Addressing the letter to the wrong person

    This is a huge mistake that can undermine all of the hard work you do with your cover letter. The hiring manager will likely see this mistake, assume you didn’t do your research or don’t care about the position, and stop reading. This can ruin all your chances of getting that job.

    Consequences of a Poor Cover Letter

    A robust cover letter as a nurse will help you land the perfect job in nursing school. However, if you write your cover letter poorly, it could lead to disaster. When the cover letter is not done well, it can make you less likely to get an interview for the open position, which means you will not get the job.

    If you do not take the time to represent yourself well in the cover letter, it is still possible you will get an interview if the pool of applications is small, but you may get a lower job or worse compensation than you deserve. Therefore, it is essential to take the time to work on the cover letter to make yourself look good to the hiring manager.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long should a nursing cover letter be?

    The perfect cover letter for a nursing student who is newly graduated is one page long. Anything longer than this will waste your hiring manager’s time, and they may throw it in the trash rather than read through it all. While you want to showcase your skills and experience, this needs to be done concisely and within one page or less.

    What should a cover letter include?

    The cover letter’s goal is to expand on the information you placed on your resume. You can use the freshly graduated nursing cover letter to provide more insights into your background, qualifications, and skills.

    As a new grad nurse, when should I write my cover letter?

    Nursing students should write a cover letter as soon as they start looking for jobs as new graduates. You do not want to write it ahead of time because the cover letter must be unique to the job you want to apply for. You can practice writing a cover letter while still in school and then make changes and customizations based on the job description and job type that you want.

    Can I use the same cover letter for all newly graduated nursing positions I’m applying for?

    While some nursing students will repeatedly use the same cover letter, this is not the best idea. Each position you apply for is unique, and you need to write a unique cover letter that helps represent how you will best fit in that medical facility. Therefore, if possible, take the time to write a unique cover letter for each position you wish to apply for.

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