20 Best CNA Resume Objective Examples (Outlines + Tips)

In the first place, an objective statement is a summary of your intentions in a particular area. Objectives tell the purpose of a thing, outlining what one aims for.

By extension,

A CNA resume objective statement is the statement of your goals if employed as a certified nursing assistant.

It usually appears at the top of your resume and explains in one or two sentences to your employer what your skills and abilities are and how they suit the position that you are applying for. It can come in the form of a topic sentence for your application and focuses on what you can offer.

Crafting a CNA Resume Objective

While many CNA applicants seeking a job are aware of the need to write a resume objective, less are aware of the concept of what prospective employers look out for to assign the job. In this article, you’ll be shown in detail the step-by-step procedure on how to write your next CNA objective statement that makes a strong impression and offers your desired position.

You will also be given examples of CNA objective statements that have made it through the recruitment stages. Follow till the end, and let’s help you get your next job as a certified nursing assistant.

Read the job description

While applying for a job as a CNA, the first place you can miss out on being the selected applicant for the job is proceeding with your application without first understanding the job description. Recruiters put those job descriptions to communicate to applicants what the job is about and the roles of that position unique to the organization.

It is advisable to read the job description thoroughly instead of making a general assumption based on the job title. This will help you understand the organization’s work culture and know if the job is the right one for you. The job description tells what your regular activities for an average day at work could be.

Ask yourself questions like: do I want this job? If yes, do I have the qualifications and meet the requirements (education, skill set, or experience)? Answering these questions rightly would help you evaluate your chances of getting the position. You must be sincere in giving the right answers because insincerity can be detected quite easily if given a chance to prove yourself in an interview. To deliver your best, you should feel good about what you do as employers watch out for more than just your qualifications but also your enthusiasm for your job roles.

Analyze the location first

When searching for a job as a CNA, it is important to check the facility’s location, and this information is usually provided in the job description. If it’s a job outside your locality, you want to ask if the distance is commutable from home or if there will be a need to relocate. Why? Because you will likely make that trip every day. Is that ok for you? If you don’t mind relocating, how would you find keeping up with family and friends? Is it a safe distance to travel to and from the location as frequent as you would want to meet them? Your job location is also a factor that goes on to tell how satisfying that job would be.

Begin with strong skills

The most striking applications are pulled off, with your best skills being laid out first. You would want to mention those skills that make you stand out for your best interest among other applicants. List your qualifications. If there are any attributes you possess that are suiting for the job roles, this is where to say it. For instance, you can mention that you are able to adapt well to a new situation because, for a CNA, every day is most likely to be different. This flexibility convinces your prospective employer that you will fit well with the job and its demands.

In writing down your own skills, know what makes you suitable to get the job done. Examples of such skills are given below:

Compassionate: As a CNA, you have to deal with different health challenges of patients. Being sympathetic with their situations is one skill that would help you show compassion to them and support them when they have fears concerning their health. You are also able to speak up for them and help them get the services they need without any bias based on cultural or religious beliefs.

Friendly: While working as a CNA, one thing you can’t avoid is having to relate with people and meeting new ones every day. To be an effective nursing assistant, you should be able to portray and maintain a friendly disposition all day long. Such an attribute will enable you to work with patients better since they will easily relate with you and tell you their problems. It would also let them know that you care and are empathic with them.

Hardworking: Working long hours on your feet is something that CNAs have to do from time to time. If you are someone that has good physical strength and ability to cope with work under such circumstance, then it’s ok to let your employer know in your CNA resume objective statement.

Punctual: Punctuality is very necessary when working as a CNA because, primarily, you assist nurses and patients. Coming to work early will help you perform your duties on time and manage your schedules effectively, daily.

Detail-oriented: the need to be meticulous as a CNA cannot be overemphasized. Health care is a precise field, and working with patients requires that you pay attention to every detail in order to report accurately.

You can also add any previous experience as a CNA or a transferrable skill from other jobs you may have worked in the past. If you have good charting skills or proficiency in a specific area, it will boost the quality of your application if you make mention of it.

Keep it brief

Remember that a CNA objective statement is only an introductory statement of the reason you are applying for the job and your career goals. In one or two sentences, two to four lines long, make your strongest points in the shortest possible way and avoid repetitive words. Applying briefness to your CNA objective statement takes the reader to the point quicker and clearer without getting your employer bored. Simple, short, and clear objective statements engage the reader, who is likely your employer, to keep reading the rest of your application.

Make it catchy

A catchy CNA objective statement would mean something very attractive that strikes a chord about you with your employer. Making your CNA objective statement catchy involves an interplay of different factors. It combines stating what you can offer the company, your best skills, and your career goals in short, simple sentences. With this, you must have analyzed the job description and your qualifications to be sure enough that it’s a job you want and suits you well. Writing from this standpoint of enthusiasm, your objective statement communicates that you are ready to deliver your best to the organization when employed. You can be sure of positive feedback from your chosen health care facility with this quality of application.

Get feedback

The more your resume portrays you as the candidate they need, the more likely you are to get an opportunity to prove yourself in an interview. But it first starts with cresting the right CNA resume objective statement.

Places to get the feedback

A lot of people would like to get feedback for their resumes before applying for a job they hope to get. Asking a friend or just anyone what your resume is like is not the best option. At most, you will be told if there are any spelling or grammatical errors, and that’s not good enough. For your CNA resume objective statement, you would need professional insight to get unbiased feedback.

Below are a few suggestions of credible sources to get the right feedback for your resume:

Professional resume writers: One very notable way to get the right feedback not just for your CNA resume objective statement but also for your entire resume would be to employ the expertise of a professional resume writer. He is current with the latest trends and understands what employers want to see in a resume. A professional resume writer would offer one of the most remarkable reviews for your resume objective statement.

Professional nursing forums: A professional nursing forum would be a sure bet for crafting an objective statement for your CNA resume. On such platforms, you can be guided by nursing/medical practitioners on what works and what is likely not to. They would be of great assistance coming up with insights for good feedback.

Hiring managers or human resource professionals: This is one option to get your feedback for your resume objective statement. Although it may be quite challenging to get one of these, if you do, they can provide you with unbiased resume reviews.

College or University career centers: If your university or college has a career center, you can book an appointment with any of the career experts to give your resume feedback. They usually offer free resume tips and feedbacks for their students and alumni.

CNA Resume Objective Template

Here’s a template to help you build your resume objective as a CNA.

[Start with a distinguishing attribute]; certified nursing assistant in [state your certification here], seeking [mention your desired position or roles; also state your reason(s) for applying] in [mention name of health facility here] where I can apply my knowledge of [mention strong skills here], [mention relevant experience]; [add how your skillset can help meet the objectives of the facility you are applying to].

Using resume objective statement templates provides you with the structure of what a good objective statement should be like to get noticed by your hiring manager.

CNA Resume Objective Examples

Below are some examples of what a catchy CNA resume objective statement looks like:

Examples for start-ups

Even with little experience as a CNA, you can still secure a position in a hospital of your choice. That’s one reason you need to have read the job description because useful information about necessary skills would help you phrase your skills in your objective statement. Here, state your strong skills and remember to keep it simple.

Example 1: A diligent and focused Nursing Assistant with a desire to grow a career from entry-level in hospital X and gain relevant experience obtain RN levels. Ready to use strong work ethics and excellent patient care to enhance a growing medical environment.

Example 2: Committed individual with exceptional ability in providing for patients, good primary care, with less than two years of experience. Seeking to obtain a position as a certified nursing assistant in The Hill Hospital to work with more experienced professionals.

Example 3: Detail-oriented certified nursing assistant, enthusiastic about helping doctors make records of the health condition of patients through close monitoring in an entry-level position. Ultimately to become more experienced in providing special care for aged people.

Example 4: Hardworking and compassionate candidate seeking an entry-level certified nursing assistant position in XYZ hospital. Prepared to assist in patient care and grow, especially in geriatric nursing.

Example 5: Well-trained and service-oriented individual, interested in working in an entry-level position with experienced professionals for providing orthopedic treatment for patients. Essentially to become a certified nursing assistant in orthopedic care.

Examples for experienced CNA

A few examples for an experienced CNA includes:

Example 1: Professional and compassionate CAN, well-versed in child care and standard interpersonal skills, looking to employ my skills in pediatrics at the children’s health care center in Osbourne hospital.

Example 2: With more than five years of experience practicing dermatology, I am seeking a position as a certified nursing assistant in GRT hospital where I can apply my dermatological experience and commitment to patients’ satisfaction.

Example 3: Result-oriented certified nursing assistant, seeking a position where I can apply my vast experience for over five years in trauma and emergency care to aid treatment and address concerns of patient’s daily living.

Example 4: Performance-oriented Certified Nursing Assistant with passion for attending to emergency care patients with over four years of experience. Want to apply my expertise in this field to assist doctors in ABC Hospital.  

Example 5: Dedicated and Certified Nursing Assistant, having been well trained in providing primary health care with three years of experience, looking to work at Strongs’ primary health care facility to improve patient care through proper administration of patients’ medication and monitoring. 

Examples if you lack skills

If you lack the skills required for a job description, it may be that you are an entry-level applicant or probably opting for a career change. Whatever the case may be, a good objective statement in your resume can help the recruiter better understand your career goals and how it matches their objectives.

Here are some tips to guide you in building your objective statement if you lack skills:

Strong character traits

Begin with mentioning that notable character that stands you out makes a good impression on the employer. If you have read the job description, you know what features are on the look-out for.

Example: Highly dedicated and service-driven…

Tell them who you are

Here’s where you also tell them who you; whether you are a student pursuing a degree, seeking an internship, or you are a professional from another field wanting to career change.

Example: “…student at Ville nursing school” or “…a student attendant at a day-care center”

Be sure to state exactly what it is you do! Also, state here the name of the hospital or clinic.

Pro Tip: You have to state clearly your intentions if you are applying for an internship, assistant, and in what capacity.

Now, here are some examples that will help you to craft your own CNA resume objective:

Example 1: Strongly motivated and enthusiastic candidate currently at Sharon Hops School for the disabled, with an interest to work with Clean Care Hospital as a holiday intern and provide care for disabled patients

Example 2: Result-oriented and meticulous personality; interested in growing a career in primary health care, having worked as an office clerk for two years. Essentially, to provide assistance to nurses and doctors in child health care at First Care Medical Centre.

Example 3: A second-year student at John Dukes School of Nursing, willing to apply my knowledge of basic sciences to clinical practice in XYZ Hospital during the summer holiday.

Example 4: I am focused and diligent, with excellent adaptability to a new work environment. I want to employ my record-keeping skills to help nurses keep records of patient’s health at the MNL Health Center.

Example 5: Purpose-driven and talented individual with interest in child care, willing to work with pediatrics in administering child care support at Healings Hospital.

Final Words

A well-written objective statement would notably improve your resume and portray what your employer deems acceptable. By making sure that your knowledge, skill, and goals align with the objectives of the recruiter, you are indicating your interest in meeting the needs much more than just getting a job.

So next time you want to apply as a certified nursing assistant, follow this guide to prepare your own objective statement for your resume or use any of them exactly if it matches your skill and experience.

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