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A Security Guard Cover Letter is a document used by security guards to communicate their skills, experience, references, and the value they bring to a potential employer.

The letter is written to illustrate an applicant’s suitability for a security guard position by outlining the applicant’s academic, and professional qualifications and work experience.

Residential security guards help protect and safeguard households and their properties. They are not only alert but also actively follow the set instructions and procedures. Some of the main duties include patrolling around and within the residential premises to ensure everything is in order. Also, residential security guards are charged with the responsibility of recording details of daily activities in the occurrence book. The majority of employers do look for bondable and certified individuals for this post. The guards must always know how to speak and write well for easy communication. Besides, they must be well conversant with modern security systems such as surveillance computers and videos.

What’s more, employers also look for honest, responsible individuals who are focused on maintaining their role as residential guards effectively. Last but not least, most employers also focus on physical fitness. Those candidates who are healthy and physically fit do stand a higher chance of getting a residential security guard. It makes the guard capable of dealing with any threat or situation. As such, the candidates should always be strong enough to restrain a criminal or suspect until the police arrive. Therefore, if you wish to join this profession, make sure you have the qualities mentioned above, and outline them in your cover letter for the employer to get more insight.

Free Templates

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    Types of Security Guard Cover Letter

    These cover letters can be categorized depending on the type of security guard job. The following are different types of cover letters.  

    Residential security guard cover letter

    Residential security cover letters are meant for security guards who offer protection to private residences (residential homes). These jobs heavily depend on experience because previous employers cannot be referenced due to confidentiality agreements. This type of cover letter will then focus on the guard’s experience in the industry.

    Sample letter

    Dear Mr. Reynolds,

    I am writing to express my keen interest in the Security Guard position at Pine Grove Residences, as advertised on your website. With over six years of experience in security operations, including extensive work in residential security settings, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the safety and well-being of the Pine Grove community.

    Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in surveillance, access control, conflict resolution, and emergency response, all of which are critical in a residential security setting. My recent position at Harmony Living Complex in Atlanta allowed me to develop a keen sense of community awareness and foster a safe living environment for residents. I successfully implemented security measures that resulted in a 25% decrease in security incidents over two years, a testament to my proactive approach and attention to detail.

    I am particularly drawn to the Security Guard role at Pine Grove Residences because of your commitment to creating a secure and welcoming environment for all residents. I share this commitment and believe that my background in residential security, coupled with my strong interpersonal skills, makes me a perfect fit for this position. I am adept at building rapport with residents while maintaining a vigilant eye on their safety, ensuring that security protocols enhance their living experience rather than intrude upon it.

    My certifications in CPR, First Aid, and advanced security training, along with a solid understanding of the latest security technologies, prepare me to meet the unique challenges of securing Pine Grove Residences. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring my expertise in security planning, risk assessment, and resident engagement to your team.

    I am looking forward to the possibility of discussing this exciting opportunity with you further. I am available at your convenience for an interview and can be reached at 404-555-1234 or via email at Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to contribute to the continued safety and satisfaction of the Pine Grove Residences community.

    Warmest regards,

    Julia Sanchez

    Corporate security guard cover letter

    These are submitted to HR when guards are applying for security jobs in corporate organizations such as banks, warehouses, and insurance companies. They highlight previous employers. Well-known employers add weight to the cover letter. 

    sample letter

    Dear Ms. Green,

    I am reaching out to express my interest in the Security Guard position at Orlando Shopping Center, as advertised on Indeed. With a robust background in retail security and loss prevention, I bring over eight years of experience in creating and maintaining a secure shopping environment for both customers and staff.

    At Premier Retail Outlets, I spearheaded a loss prevention initiative that resulted in a 30% reduction in shrinkage within the first year of implementation. My ability to work closely with store management and law enforcement has been key to my success in identifying and mitigating potential security risks before they escalate.

    Orlando Shopping Center’s reputation for a family-friendly shopping experience is something I deeply admire. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to this environment by leveraging my expertise in surveillance, crowd management, and emergency response procedures.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to discuss how my background in retail security can support the Orlando Shopping Center in ensuring a safe, enjoyable shopping experience for all visitors. I look forward to the possibility of joining your team.

    Best regards,

    Carlos Martinez

    Government security guard cover letter

    It will typically outline the applicant’s experience and skills without referring to specific government offices, duties, and locations. This limitation is often due to legal constraints. Most, if not all, government offices require protection.


    Examples include law courts, head offices, state buildings, etc.

    Sample letter

    Dear Mr. Jefferson,

    I am writing to express my keen interest in the Security Guard position advertised for the Department of Government Facilities Security, as listed on the official government employment portal. With a solid background in law enforcement and specialized training in security operations, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the safety and integrity of our nation’s government buildings.

    My professional journey over the last eight years has equipped me with a profound understanding of security protocols, surveillance techniques, and emergency response management, particularly in sensitive and high-stakes environments. As a former police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department, I have gained invaluable experience in risk assessment, crowd control, and the implementation of strategic security measures to protect property and personnel.

    I am particularly drawn to this role because of its emphasis on safeguarding the premises that are central to our nation’s governance and public service. My commitment to upholding the highest standards of security is driven by a deep respect for the institutions that shape our society and the people who serve within them. I am adept at working in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and possess a clear understanding of the federal regulations and guidelines that govern security operations in government facilities.

    In addition to my professional qualifications, I am a certified First Responder and have completed advanced training in counter-terrorism tactics, reinforcing my capability to respond effectively to a wide range of security scenarios. My proactive approach to security management, combined with my ability to remain calm under pressure, positions me as a strong candidate for this role.

    I am enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing my expertise in security and law enforcement to the Department of Government Facilities Security. I am keen to discuss how my background, skills, and certifications align with the needs of your team. I am available at your convenience for an interview and can be reached at the phone number or email address provided above.

    Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the security and safety of our government facilities.


    Samantha Harper

    Personal security guard cover letter

    Personal security guards offer protection to individual people, such as CEOs, business owners, etc. More often than not, the personal security guard will be part of a larger contractor agency. It then focuses on the personal skills of the applicant.

    Sample letter

    Dear Mr. Hamilton,

    I am writing to express my interest in the position of Personal Security Guard, as mentioned in your recent advertisement. With a comprehensive background in personal protection services and a commitment to high-standard security protocols, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the safety and well-being of you and your family.

    Over the past ten years, I have dedicated myself to the field of personal security, providing services for high-profile clients in various settings. My expertise encompasses risk assessment, close protection, secure transportation, and emergency response. One of my key achievements includes developing and implementing a personalized security plan for a high-profile client, which significantly minimized security risks and ensured the client’s safety during international travels.

    My approach to personal security is centered on discretion, vigilance, and preparedness. I believe in proactive planning and clear communication to efficiently manage potential threats without disrupting the personal lives of my clients. My training in self-defense, first aid, and crisis management, combined with my ability to quickly adapt to changing environments, equips me to offer the highest level of protection.

    I am particularly drawn to this role because of its emphasis on providing a secure and comfortable environment for families. I understand the unique challenges that come with securing private residences and ensuring the safety of family members, especially in high-visibility situations. My goal is to create a secure atmosphere where you can live without concern for your personal safety.

    I am keen to bring my skills in strategic security planning and execution to your residence. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss in detail how I can meet your personal security needs. Please find my resume attached for your consideration. I am available at your convenience for an interview and can be reached directly at the phone number or email address above.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to contribute to your peace of mind as your Personal Security Guard.


    Dominic Torres

    How to Write a Security Guard Cover Letter

    The cover letter is meant to give the recruiter insight into how the applicant works when it comes to protecting residences and the sort of person the residence-owner will be entrusting their home and personal valuables. The contents of the cover letter should then major on the applicant’s personality and experience interchangeably. To effectively do this, below are the steps you can use to ensure the letter effectively markets you to the recruiter while addressing all the key points. 

    The first item to write is the header of the letter. It is expected to illustrate a certain level of professionalism by introducing the applicant and identifying the recipient directly. This is information every recruiter wants to see. Ensure the following information is provided.

    Include your personal information

    Indicate your full official name and state the position you are applying for; security guard. Follow this up with contact details and the city and state where you are located. Contact details can include a valid phone number and/or email address. Always use a professionally named email address. This information clears up any doubts about who the applicant is.

    City and date

    Next, state the city where you are located and the date when the cover letter was created. Location can be given by providing a personal mailing address. The date should be specific – show the day, month, and year.  

    Hiring manager’s details

    The hiring manager or recruiter, should then be identified. State their official name; this will sometimes require a bit of research. Some residential homes are run by house managers, who might be responsible for hiring security guards. So, do not assume the owner is the recruiter. After the name, indicate the recruiter’s position (used when it is someone other than the residence owner) and indicate the residence name and mailing address. Ensure that this information is accurate. 

    Section 2: Introduction

    The next section you should write is the introduction to the cover letter. The introduction is characterized by the following elements;

    Salutation/greetings note

    Provide a specific salutation to the recruiter. Address them accordingly (Mr., Mrs., Dear Sir/madam), and do not use generic salutations such as “To Whom It May Concern.” Attention to detail is key in the security sector. Getting the salutation right might seem like a tiny detail, but it creates an impression.

    Briefly introduce yourself

    Recruiters want to know immediately who the applicant is and the position they are applying for. Go directly to the point and outline the services and value you are going to offer if selected.


    State your specialty (residential security guard, personal security guard, or corporate security guard) and years of experience. 

    Indicate that you meet the requirements

    Review the job description and align the introduction with it. Getting the introduction wrong might result in the cover letter being dismissed if, after all, the recruiter sees you are not offering something they are looking for.

    Mention that you’re the most suitable candidate

    Let the introduction state that you are the best person for the job, and the contents of the letter will support this claim. It doesn’t hurt to declare your excitement for the job and how it aligns with your personal goals. Keep the introduction short—three sentences at most. 


    When thinking of what to include in the introduction, think of the one reason why the recruiter should hire you.

    Section 3: Body

    The next step is writing the body. This section is meant to have more depth in reassuring the recruiter that you are suitable for the job. This is the applicant’s opportunity to separate themselves from other candidates for the job.

    To do this, ensure to address the following information.

    Highlight your training

    By referring to the job description, highlight how the training you’ve had helps you meet the requirements and carry out the duties and responsibilities stipulated. Indicate any licenses and formal training you have. Residential homeowners are typically well-up individuals, and they will be looking for qualified security guards. Use this opportunity to show you have the necessary documentation like a Security Industry Authority license required to be a residential security guard.

    State your past experiences

    Mention previous security jobs you’ve done that contributed to the qualified security guard you are. This information can be put in a sentence or a list of previous.

    Match your skills with job requirements

    Again, refer to the job description provided by the recruiter and identify the duties and responsibilities the security guard will be assigned in the residential home. Use this information to outline the skills you possess and how they help you carry out your duties. The skills should resemble the skills listed in the resume; however, the security guard cover explains the relevance of the skills.

    Below are examples of security guard skills worth considering.


    • Physical fitness and stamina
    • Observant and investigative nature
    • Knowledge of security procedures
    • Being available to work in shifts
    • Effective communication
    • Problem-solving orientation
    • Discipline and being able to ignore distractions
    • Confidentiality and integrity
    • Professionalism

    Discuss most recent job and responsibilities

    Next, the applicant ought to discuss their current or recent job responsibilities in a few sentences. If you haven’t worked as a residential security guard, do not be alarmed; the responsibilities can cross over from one type of security job to another in most cases. Additionally, this information is used by recruiters to get a picture of the applicant’s abilities and capabilities. You can also choose to declare how your contribution impacted your last employer.

    Showcase your biggest accomplishments

    To close off the body of the security cover letter, outline one or two relevant accomplishments in your security career in brief. Be precise.


    We introduced biometric log-in systems in the last residence and mentioned promos, awards, and special recognitions. Be unique and provide accomplishments that set you apart from the flock.

    The entire body of the letter can be made to be one to two paragraphs long.

    Section 4: Conclusion

    Lastly, the applicant should conclude the cover letter. The information outlined below should be included in the conclusion.

    End with a strong closing statement

    Write the first part of the conclusion to reflect a sense of reliability and trust. Reiterate that you are the best candidate to hire, and the information given in the cover letter can be used as evidence to this effect. You can also include the reason why you want to work at the specific residence or your motivation as a security guard.

    Call to action

    Next, indicate that you would be honored if you got the job, and you’ll be looking forward to their response. Include contact details like a personal phone number or an email the recruiter can use to reach you. You can invite the recruiter to invite you for an interview at this point.

    Then thank the recruiter for reviewing your cover letter. Use a formal and professional tone.

    Sign off

    Lastly, sign off the cover letter with a complimentary close, signature, and full name.

    Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

    A good security cover letter can have a major impact on getting you the security guard job. Any applicant should be aiming to write the best cover letter possible.

    The following tips can assist you in crafting a worthwhile cover letter.   

    Do some research

    Research the potential employer/recruiter. Try to include this information throughout the letter so that you make a good first impression on your employer.

    Use bullets

    Where possible, use bullet points to make a reader-friendly cover letter. Skills and qualifications are examples of information that can be bulleted.

    Be clear

    Be precise throughout the letter. Do not leave the recruiter wondering what you meant. Do not be generic when listing skills, qualifications, and responsibilities.

    Review your letter

    A cover letter with consistent spelling and grammar errors can cost you the job opportunity. A security guard is expected to be attentive to details; an error-filled cover letter is an implication of the exact opposite.  

    Security Guard Job Cover Letter Template

    [Your Name]

    [Your Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Phone Number]

    [Email Address]

    [LinkedIn Profile (optional)]


    [Hiring Manager’s Name]

    [Hiring Manager’s Title]

    [Company’s Name]

    [Company’s Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

    I am writing to express my strong interest in the Security Guard position at [Company’s Name], as advertised on [where you found the job listing]. With [X years] of experience in security and law enforcement roles, I bring a comprehensive set of skills and a commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for both employees and property. My background includes [briefly mention your relevant experience], making me well-equipped to meet the challenges of this role.

    In my previous position at [Previous Employer’s Name], I successfully [mention any significant achievements, such as reduced security incidents], which I achieved through vigilant monitoring, quick decision-making, and a proactive approach to addressing potential security threats. My ability to work effectively under pressure and maintain a high level of professionalism during critical situations has been key to my success in the security field.

    I am particularly drawn to the opportunity at [Company’s Name] because of [mention something you admire about the company or how you align with its values or goals]. I am eager to bring my expertise in [mention specific skills or areas, such as surveillance technology or emergency response] to your team, contributing to [Company’s Name]’s reputation as a safe and secure establishment.

    My certifications in [list any relevant certifications, such as First Aid, CPR, or specific security training programs], along with my ongoing commitment to professional development, ensure that I stay current with the latest security practices and technologies. I am confident in my ability to serve as a vigilant, trustworthy, and efficient Security Guard, dedicated to safeguarding the interests of [Company’s Name] and its stakeholders.

    I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and enthusiasms can contribute to the safety and security goals of [Company’s Name]. I am available at your convenience for an interview and can be reached at [Your Phone Number] or via email at [Your Email Address]. Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my strong work ethic and proven track record to your team.


    [Your Name]

    Sample Security Guard Cover Letters

    Following are some samples given:

    Sample Letter 1

    Dear Ms. Doe,

    I am writing to express my interest in the Corporate Security Guard position at Global Tech Innovations, as advertised on LinkedIn. With over five years of experience in high-security environments, including financial institutions and technology firms, I am adept at addressing security concerns that are unique to corporate settings.

    At my current position with SecureTech Solutions, I played a pivotal role in developing and implementing security protocols that reduced security breaches by 40% within the first year. My experience has honed my skills in surveillance systems, access control procedures, and emergency response coordination. I am particularly proud of my track record in training staff on security awareness, significantly enhancing the overall security posture of the facilities I’ve been entrusted to protect.

    Global Tech Innovations’ commitment to innovation and security impresses me, and I am eager to contribute to your team by ensuring a safe and secure work environment. I am confident that my proactive approach to security and risk management will be a valuable asset to your company.

    Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and certifications (including CPR and First Aid) can meet the security needs of Global Tech Innovations. I am available at your convenience for an interview.


    Aiden Clark

    Sample Letter 2

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am excited to apply for the Night Shift Security Guard position at Seattle General Hospital, as listed on your hospital’s careers page. With over seven years of experience in security, including extensive experience in healthcare settings, I understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with ensuring the safety of patients, staff, and visitors during the night.

    During my tenure at City Hospital, I was instrumental in developing a visitor verification system that significantly improved patient safety and privacy. My calm demeanor and quick thinking have been crucial in managing emergency situations and de-escalating potential threats, ensuring minimal disruption to hospital operations.

    The compassionate care and community commitment demonstrated by Seattle General Hospital resonate with my personal and professional values. I am keen to bring my vigilant eye, empathetic approach, and strong communication skills to your security team, contributing to a safe and welcoming environment for all.

    I appreciate your consideration of my application. I am looking forward to discussing how my experiences align with the security goals of Seattle General Hospital. Please feel free to contact me to arrange an interview.

    Warm regards,

    Brianna Lee

    Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Security Guard Cover Letter

    Observe the following do’s and don’ts when writing the cover letter:

    • Don’t just rewrite your resume in a letter for: A cover letter is meant to supplement the resume. While a resume is a summary of an applicant, a cover letter is an opportunity for any applicant to defend themselves and illustrate their suitability for a position in detail.
    • Don’t get too worked up over the one-page cover letter rule:As much as a short cover letter is recommended, do not limit yourself to one page. If the information does not exhaustively fit on one page, consider making a two-page cover letter.
    • Do choose your skills to be highlighted wisely:When outlining your skills, choose relevant skills only. Pay attention to the job description to identify which skills are relevant to the description.
    • Do include an ‘objective’ or summary:Include a summary or objective that outlines personal goals and objectives and provides a brief overview of your security guard career. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What must be included in a security officer cover letter?

    A typical cover letter should have a header, salutation, introduction, skills, experience, and qualifications, a call to action, and a professional signature.

    How long should the security officer’s cover letter be?

    The cover letter should preferably be one page long. However, this recommendation is not mandatory. The letter should be long enough to serve its purpose – illustrate the applicant’s suitability.

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