Resignation Letter for Going Back To School (Best Samples)

During summer holidays, most students prefer to get involved in jobs that are related to their subjects to give them a better understanding of their studies instead of being idle at home. Some even go for such jobs to raise the tuition fee. At the end of the summer holiday, however, they are obligated to quit the job and go back to school. It is not wise to leave the job unceremoniously. The letter they write to their boss to release them to go to school is called a resignation letter to go back to school. The letter should be written formally, even if the student is close to the boss. Go ahead to state that you are going back to school since everyone can understand such a reason.

What should I include in a resignation letter when going back to school?

Maybe you are wondering what you are going to include in the resignation letter when you are leaving your job due to the end of the holidays. Well, the first thing that you should never omit is the last day you wish to report for the last time. It should be at least two weeks from the day you are writing the resignation letter.

Additionally, use this chance to appreciate the employer for allowing you to work with the company. It will provide you with the upper hand of being considered for a job after you finish school. It does not harm to state that you are going back to school and will be happy to rejoin after completion of your studies. You could also let the employer know when you will be done with the school if you wish.

Sample Resignation Letter Going Back to School

Rollan Junior
PO.BOX 12345-001

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing this letter to let you know that I will not be reporting for my duties from 4th Dec 20XX. I am still a student, and its time I am expected back to school. I appreciate you for giving me a chance to be part of this firm. Once I complete school, I will be glad to be considered again to work with you.

Before 4th Dec, I am doing my best to leave my files updated. I will be completing school by Dec 20XX, and so if there be a chance, kindly consider me. Feel free to contact me even after I have left. I have learned much for the season I have been around. I feel you are the best employer.

Thank you
Sincerely Rollan

Resignation Letter Going Back to School (Word Format)

Resignation Letter Going Back to School

Resignation Letter Example (Going Back to School)

Dear Sir,

I am grateful that you considered me fit for my current job position. I have learned a lot during my stay here. However, a time has come that I feel I should quit the job and go back to school. I am convinced that going for further studies will position me as a better employee.

I wish to carry out my responsibilities as usual till 4th Dec 20XX that should serve as my last date. Before then, I promise to update my files, train my team members, and do everything you will request me to do in line with my job description. I will be glad to be considered back for a job once I complete my schooling. Feel free to contact me if need be.

Thank you
Regards Rollan

Resignation Letter Email (Word Format)

Resignation Letter Going Back to School Email example

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