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The increase in sudden accidents within many companies has led to an employee emergency contact form. This form usually plays an essential role in ensuring that the right people are contacted once an employee falls ill when working and requires medical attention. However, many employers might ignore the need for such information, especially those operating businesses that are not prone to frequent accidents. Despite the nature of your business, it’s vital to make use of employee emergency contact forms.

The possibility and nature of accidents are unknown and might happen at any time. This is why having the right information regarding your employees is essential. Therefore, this article will take you through everything you need to understand.

What is an Employee Emergency Contact Form?

An emergency contact form is a document that entails all the necessary health information and the person to be contacted if the employee falls ill during work or is missing for some days, and no one knows about his or her ware-bouts. The information provided in the form helps when administering find aid to the employees since the health professionals will get to understand things such as his or her blood group and any other health-related condition that the employee might be suffering from.

How is an Employee Emergency Contact Form Written?

The role of coming up with an emergency contact form falls under the company owner. As easy as it may seem to com-up with the form, you must keep in mind that the information provided in the form must remain confidential and only be provided when the need arises. This will ensure that your employees do not hide any information from you due to fear that their data might be used for other purposes. To have an easy time preparing the form, it’s essential that you also have your lawyer with you.

The Introduction

The introduction segment in your employee emergency contact form has a vital role. This is where you start by opening a conversation with your employee. This makes it easy for them to answer the following segments accurately since the employee has already started to open up in this segment. Here you will need information such as:

  • The employee’s National Identification
  • The employee’s name
  • The Age

The department he or she is working

The information in this segment is essential. Therefore the form must make it clear what is needed.

Medical History

The second segment will contain the employee’s health history. Please make sure the employee can describe each and everything regarding his or her medical health widely. Here you need to collect the following information:

  • The employee’s blood group
  • The employee’s blood pressure
  • Is he or she suffering from any heart problem or any other related illness
  • If yes, then what are the procedures he or she follows to remain healthy. This includes the medical prescription, if any, the doctor’s visit, and any other relevant information.

Emergency Contact Information

The final segment in the form will have emergency contact information. This is where the employee will provide the person to be contacted in an emergency. This is a significant segment, and precise details have to be provided. You can also include an email option if the emergency contact is not reachable through his or her number. The home address of the emergency contact person should also be included.

What Circumstances Necessitates the Employer to Use the Information Provided in the Form?

As an employer, you can only use the provided information only and only when:

  • The employee falls seeks, and immediate medical attention is required.
  • If the employee fails to show up to work for several days without any prior notice.
  • When the person living with the employee calls claiming that the employee’s whereabouts are unknown for some days.
  • When the employee’s pre-existing medical condition becomes worse,

Why Every Employee Must Fill in an Emergency Contact Form?

Every employer has to ensure he or she fills in the form. This is to ensure that the employer has a good idea of who to contact during an emergency. You can choose to fill in your parent’s contacts or your marriage partner if married or even a friend you live with. The form also helps your employer to determine the right approach to use when contacting your emergency contact with parents reacting differently compared to other emergency contacts.

Many owners usually do not incorporate this form because they are not aware of the benefits they will enjoy when they include it. The form is a lifesaver as it provides information during an emergency. However, this information on the employee form should never be shared since it is confidential.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some of the things to include in an Employee Emergency Contact Form?

    Employee emergency contact form contains the following information:
    • The name of the employee
    • The contact information of the employee and the next of kin
    • The employees’ home address
    • The job title of the employee/department of work

    Why should employers obtain Employee Emergency Contact Form?

    In any work environment, accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, when they happen, the employer will use the Employee Emergency Contact Form to reach out to the employees’ next of kin to alert them of the incident.

    Under what circumstances can an Employee Emergency Contact Form be used?

    • When an employee gets sick at work
    • When an employee engages in a work-related accident
    • When the employee suddenly suffers from a heart attack

    Can I add my boyfriend/girlfriend to the Employee Emergency Contact Form?

    Yes. You can put the name of your fiancée on the Employee Emergency Contact Form. However, it’s recommended that you also add a closer individual such as parents or siblings as they might know your health conditions well.

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