25 Free Medication List Templates (Word – Excel)

Medication Sheet Sample

A medication list is a detailed catalog of the medicine that a patient is taking and is helpful in case of an emergency where the patient cannot inform the medical personnel of the medication they are using themselves.

With a medication list, an incapacitated patient does not put their life at risk by having to rely on their doctors or family members guessing about the medicine they might be using in case of a mishap. The list will provide clear information of all the medication they have been taking, the medication they are allergic to, and the type of medicine that can help treat their condition and its dosage.

Patients can access the medication they require faster if they have a well-written and adequately updated medication list. It is, therefore, necessary to learn how to create, maintain and use a medication list for better benefits as a patient.

Importance of Medication List

Apart from allowing a patient to keep track of their prescription drugs, there are also other benefits of having a medication list as a patient.

Effective and safe medical care

With a medication list, a patient is assured of the correct and required medication for treatment purposes. In addition, medication lists help explain which medications the patient is taking and how, why, and after what period. This means that a patient will receive practical and safe medical care in case of an emergency.  

Electronic health records essential

A medication list is an essential part of a patient’s health record, which means that a patient must have one. In addition, with technology taking over the health sector, an electronic health record is essential for a patient and must include their medication list to make it complete.

Improved communication

A medication list will enable a patient to share details of their medication with their physicians and family members if incapacitation or a medical emergency. Sharing details on medication list improves the communication between a patient and their physician, which helps to improve their medical situation and health care needs.

Safer refills

If a patient requires to access their medication from a physician or pharmacy different from their previous one, a medication list enables them to know more about their medications; hence, they quickly and safely get their refills.

Documentation of allergy

With a well-written medication list, a patient’s pharmacist and physician can review their medications and avoid giving them any medicine that they might be allergic to as such information has clearly been described in the list. This way, patients’ lives are safe, especially when they are incapacitated or require emergency healthcare since their required medication can be administered correctly without the risk of giving these patients allergens.

Information recall

The medication list acts as an information recall tool as it helps physicians remember all the medication and treatment they offered the patient by checking the medication list.

The physicians know how and when their patients were required to take their medication. This works best with patients who have life-long conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure.

How to Make a Medication List

Since a patient needs to have a medication list, it is best to learn how to craft one. Here is a guide on how to properly craft a medication list for maximum benefits as a patient.

Choose a format

The format of a medication list can be in the form of downloaded templates as WORD, EXCEL, or PDF. With the format chosen, a patient can go ahead and use it to record their medication information.

Mention the medication name

The first and most crucial step is to write down all the medication a patient takes. This includes over-the-counter medicine, all herbal and natural medicine, any mineral and vitamin intake, prescribed and non-prescribed medication, blood derivatives, parenteral nutrition, vaccines, radioactive medicine, diagnostic and contrast agents, intravenous solutions, and nutritional supplements. The patient should also include information about the medication they are not taking any more.

Include the dosage

Apart from the medication name, the patient should also indicate its usage or purpose and the dose of each medicine. In addition, every medicine that the patient is using should also indicate their dosage and why they are taking it.

The when and how to use the medication is also essential for some types of medicine. That means that this information should also be included in the medication list to provide precise details about a patient’s medication.

State the physician’s name

The patient should indicate the physician or pharmacy that provided the medicine to them. This way, if the patient changes their physician, the current one can access the previous one for any required information about the medication.

Repeat and recheck

The final stage of creating a medication list is repeating and rechecking the list. This means mentioning the medication and repeating the information indicated above alongside each type of medication a patient takes. After that, it is necessary to recheck the list to ensure it is correct and constantly updated.

Types of Medical Lists

Monthly sheet for medication record

As the name suggests, this medication list is used to keep monthly records of the patients. These could include such aspects as monthly clinic visits, periodic medical checkups, and any other undertaking that occurs on a monthly basis.

Monthly Medication Sheet Example


Patient medication sheet example

This is basically a template or prototype against which subsequent records may be based. It provides a quick yet accurate manner in which this feat may be accomplished. It generally cuts down the time take to keep such records.

Patient Medication sheet template


Sheet for medication log

In this medication sheet, the frequency, the dosage, refill dates, and each aspect of medication are recorded. It is more comprehensive in nature than most other sheets of its kind.

Medicine Flow Sheet


Administration medication sheet

Administration medication sheet primarily focuses on the administrative aspects of medication. It is mainly used to record the doctors on duty, the duration of medication, and the accompanying support services.

Administration Medicine List Example


Adult medication sample sheet

Adults are unique in that they are generally prone to worse or more severe sicknesses. As such, they require extra attention, unlike children and teens. This is the role that the adult medication sample sheets are intended to play.

Adult medication Sheet Sample


Boarding medication sample sheet

Pets are never left out either. Their health and well-being also matter. The boarding medication sample sheet enables us to keep track of the health of their health progress.

Boarding Medication Sheet Sample


Sheet for medical profile

The medical profile is an executive summary of the state of the health of any individual. The sheet for medical profile provides a template against which this summary may be jotted down and safeguarded for future reference.

Medication Profile Sheet Sample


Simple medication log sheet example

From time to time, it may often be necessary to track the efficacy of a given medication. This is where the simple medication sheets come in handy. They basically track the progress of medication and their impacts.

Simple Medication Sheet Example


Sheet for daily medication

For those medications that are administered daily, it may always be necessary to track their progress in a timely manner. The sheet for daily medication helps to see to it that this is achieved.

Daily Medication Tracking Sheet Sample


Free Medication List Templates

Following are free downloadable medication lists that can be customized as per need:

Medication List Template 01
Medication List Template 02
Medication List Template 03
Medication List Template 03
Medication List Template 04
Medication List Template 05
Medication List Template 06
Medication List Template 07
Medication List Template 08
Medication List Template 09
Medication List Template 10
Medication List Template 11
Patient Medication Sheet Example
Sheet for Medication Log
Administration Medication Sheet
Adult Medication Sample Sheet
Boarding Medication Sample Sheet
Sheet for Medical Profile
Simple Medication Log Sheet Example
Sheet for Daily Medication

    Tips to Prepare Medication List

    Here are is what the preparation of a medication list should entail for it to be helpful to the patient in question.

    • The medication list should state how the medication is used, such as an injection, as a pill, or even with food or without food.
    • The medication list should mention all medications that lead to allergic reactions if any.
    • A patient should make a medication list and give a copy to their caregiver or a family member.
    • The patient should update their list now and then.
    • It is also best for the patient to have their medication list everywhere, be it in their purse or wallet.           


    A medication list is essential and easy to maintain and use once prepared. A patient must have a medication list to keep track of their medication, avoid medicines that give them allergies, and enable their family members and doctors to know the type of medicine they use in case of an emergency or incapacitation.

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