20 Perfect Esthetician Resume Examples (Free Templates)

Estheticians are professionals who specialize in facial and skincare treatments.

Estheticians also help clients manage their home skincare regimens. This is done by recommending procedures and products for clients to attain their skincare goals. Typically, an esthetician would work in a spa or salon. Professional estheticians must be licensed before they can work legally.

An esthetician’s resume will describe the skills, experience, and education they possess. The resume introduces you to the prospective employer and demonstrates how you can contribute to the business.

Some of the responsibilities of an esthetician include the following:

  • Learning about the client’s skin care needs
  • Evaluating the client’s skin
  •  Recommending treatments and products that fulfill the client’s skin care needs
  • Performing different skin treatments and care procedures such as facials, hair removal, etc.
  • Advising the clients on makeup use and application

This article will elaborate on making a persuasive and strong resume for applying to esthetician job openings.  

Esthetician Resume Free Templates

When sending an application for an esthetician position, a CV might have the greatest impact on your chances of success. By including the correct information and structuring it appropriately, you increase your chances of securing the job. That is why we have provided resume examples and free templates that outline the fundamental sections of a resume for an esthetician.

Great Professional Esthetician Resume Example 01 as Word File

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      How to Write Effective Esthetician Resume

      You can follow the guidelines below to write an effective resume for an esthetician’s job

      Choose the best format 

      The goal of selecting a suitable format is to present your qualifications in a legible and comprehensive manner.  In addition, you want your resume to exude professionalism while highlighting information that convinces the recruiter to hire you.

      Therefore, you can consider the following formatting tips for your resume:

      • Use an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand resume format. The reverse chronological format is the most popular format among employers. It lists your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job listed at the top and each previous position in descending order.
      • Ensure to provide your name and contact details 
      • Use a legible font and font size. Choose a font with enough white spaces to prevent the reader from being overwhelmed.
      • Your esthetician resume should be saved in a PDF format to make it easy to access from different software programs.
      • Keep the resume to one page long.

      Mention your contact information

      Employers will want to know your correct address for correspondence. In addition, the contact information will help the recruiter easily communicate with you if you are shortlisted.

      In this section, you can include the following:

      • Name: Your name should appear first in bold and large fonts at the top of the resume. Provide your official full name.
      • Mailing address: You can include your street name, house number, city, and state.
      • Email address: Use a personal email address and not your work email address.
      • Social media page, website, or blog URL: If you have any online professional profiles, you can include them in your resume. 

      Add a summary or objective statement

      Next, you should include a summary or objective statement. You should use a summary statement if you have been an experienced esthetician for three or more years. Be brief, and it should give an overview of your career by highlighting your expertise, noteworthy skills, years of experience, achievements, and relevant certifications.

      An objective statement is used when you are not experienced but possess transferable skills that match the job description. The statement can be as brief as three sentences. The statement should be tailored to the job description to increase its efficiency.


      Always aim to include a quantifiable achievement or contribution from your previous roles in your summary or objective statement. This can capture the recruiter’s attention and persuade them to review the rest of the resume.

      Describe your job experience 

      If you have a consistent record of job positions, a job experience section should be used.

      You should include information such as:

      • Mention the position title and the company’s name for each job you have previously held.
      • Include the dates (start and end date) of employment duration for each job.
      • List the functions and responsibilities of each job position in bullets. Provide quantifiable details such as the number of customers served.
      • Mention noteworthy achievements in your previous employment. For instance, you could describe in detail how you increased customer retention rates.

      You should tailor this section based on the employer’s needs and personalize it to suit the job you are applying for. 

      Include relevant education

      Education and formal training are crucial to working as an esthetician. Even though you may not require degree-level training to practice as an esthetician, employers will need to see that you are academically qualified as an esthetician.

      This section should be concise and highlight the following:

      • List your degrees, name of the institute(s) you attended, date of graduation, and location
      •  Provide relevant cosmetology certifications
      • Mention any licenses. This can be achieved by including beauty industry professional associations, bar, state, and licensing board accreditations that certify your competence and knowledge.


      If you are applying for a managerial role such as spa manager, illustrate your management capabilities by referencing marketing, economics, and management courses you have studied as part of your education. 

      Provide details of your esthetician skills

      To get your application read and show your competence, the skills you highlight in your resume for an esthetician position should be relevant to the job description.  Include soft (interpersonal) and hard (technical) skills. Companies review applicants’ skills to filter applicants during the selection process.

      Below are some of the skills to include:

      • Knowledgeable in skin care products and treatment procedures
      • Manicure and pedicure procedures
      • Makeup application
      • IPL hair removal
      • Medical esthetician certification
      • Skin analysis
      • Bio elements products knowledge
      • NCEA certification
      • Creative and flexible
      • Attention to detail
      • Excellent customer service
      • Trustworthy
      •  Skilled communicator
      • Problem-solving skills
      •  Active listening
      • Interactive 

      Even though you might have a lot of skills, it is important to focus on those that are most important for the job.


      Ensure to personalize the skills section to align with the job description and specific requirements mentioned in the advertisement. This makes sure your resume is shortlisted by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

      Add other sections to your resume

      You can also include any other information you would like to bring to the employer’s attention and consider relevant to the application.

      You can mention the following:

      • Any additional beautician certifications
      • Hobbies and interests that can reflect your personality
      • Any other languages that you may be proficient in. Employers can identify this as an incentive if you are able to communicate with clients from different cultures
      • Mention any cosmetology conferences you have attended as it shows your commitment to your profession
      • You can also include any other social media presence you have

      A resume is your chance to present yourself as a well-qualified and competent candidate for the job, and you should thus include any information that makes you stand out.


      If the employer requires that specific licenses are mandatory for the position, you should mention them at the top of your resume.

      Tips for Writing an Esthetician Resume

      As you write your resume, you should pay attention to every detail to ensure the document best represents you to a potential employer.

      Below are tips to assist you in creating a solid and effective esthetician resume:

      Address the hiring manager’s needs

      Employers will prioritize applicants who can demonstrate their usefulness on a resume. You can do this by stating how you will offer solutions to the employer’s issues. Then, refer to the job description, choose keywords that the employer has prioritized, and use them in the resume. This makes it possible for the applicant tracking system (ATS) at the company to shortlist your resume and attract the hiring manager’s interest.

      Use concrete numbers

      Use statistical data to support your claims.


      You can use quantifiable words such as “improved” and “reduced” or figures such as a “10% improvement in customer retention rates” to showcase your competence.

      Use suitable formatting

      Use a format that shows professionalism and engages the reader while being informative to show your suitability for the position. A suitable format also makes it easy for ATS to scan your resume, further increasing your chances of getting your resume reviewed. Do not use unusual fonts or layouts that make your resume appear unprofessional. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the ideal length for a resume for an experienced esthetician? 

      The standard length of an esthetician’s resume is one page, regardless of whether you have had a long career. Lengthy resumes are undesirable, considering recruiters have limited time to review your application. Instead of writing a lengthy resume, try to make it more interesting.

      What is the best way to list your certifications on an experienced esthetician’s resume?

      ou can include your certifications in a separate section at the end of the resume. This section should be excluded if it will make your resume longer than two pages. 

      What should be listed under accomplishments on a resume for a seasoned esthetician?

      Sometimes it may be challenging to determine which achievements to mention. You can begin by determining the accomplishments that are considered valuable in your industry. However, you can consider mentioning upselling techniques, positive customer feedback etc.

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