50+ Free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates for 2024

Christmas is the time of celebration for Christians. On this occasion of the year, people send printable Christmas gift certificate templates. At this time, you do not need to buy any expensive gifts for your loved ones. Instead, you can give them Christmas and New Year certificates to show your love for them. The only thing that matters is the emotions associated with that gift and the happiness of getting appreciation from anyone at this time, which comes only once a year.

Christmas certificate templates are easily accessible by everyone and have significant importance as these are printable and can easily be edited. They were not expensive but were valuable. Your design for Christmas will depend on your own choice. You may choose to make a simple one, or you can decorate it by using different ideas. After decorating it, you can write whatever you want. It can either be a formal message or any memory you want to share with the person to whom you will send the card.

These certificates given on this occasion give people a sense of happiness on receiving a special gift from his/her friend or any family member. A written note is always a source of pleasure for anyone, and you can surprise your loved ones with this simple act. It will add more excitement to the event. The printable templates can be sent to any of your family members, friends, colleagues, and even to your employees if you are running a business.

The Gift Certificates are also available at different stores in the market. On the other hand, you can also make it by using the templates available online. Editing those templates can be done quickly by considering your considerations and requirements.

These templates are also available online, which can be downloaded freely and then quickly be edited according to your requirements.

Certificates by GCT

Editable Christmas Gift Certificate (Snowman)

Pink Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Gift Certificate Santa Claus

Christmas Gift Certificate Hanging Jingle Bells Themed

Christmas Gift Certificate (Red Yellow Themed)

Christmas Gift Certificate Ornaments Themed Border

Christmas Gift Certificate Dancing Santa Themed

Christmas Gift Certificate Red Green Themed Design

Snow Flakes Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Gift Certificate Pink Themed Border

Christmas Gift Certificate Yellow Brown Theme

Christmas Gift Certificate Blue Yellow Border

Christmas Gift Certificate (Black,Red)

Christmas Gift Certificate Hanging Ornaments Theme

Christmas Gift Certificate Reindeer Border

Christmas Gift Certificate Word Format

Christmas Gift Certificate Snow Man Themed

Christmas Gift Certificate Hanging Socks Themed

Orange Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Gift Certificate Sky Blue Background

    Reasons to give a Certificate at Christmas

    Two major reasons exist as to why these cards are absolutely essential. The cards are important to both the sellers and the buyers alike. We are going to look into those two reasons hereunder:

    Confer discounts and boost sales

    As a shopkeeper, you may give it to confer discounts to your clients. You may, for instance, issue the gift of 10% discounts on purchases that exceed $500. This way, you will definitely boost sales and obtain some edge over your competitors. Alternatively, you may also use the cards to reward loyal customers.

    Award a friend or kin

    This, by far, is the most widely leveraged role of cards. Here, you present the vouchers to kin or friends and ask them to redeem merchandise that totals the face value from selected stores. The cards are better than traditional shopping because they, unlike cash, can only be used at selected stores for specific items. Chances of abuse are hence highly unlikely.

    What to include in a Certificate

    If you are using the printable template for the first time, you might get confused about what to write on it and how to write everything correctly.

    So here are some of the things given below that should be made a part of Christmas certificates by which your gift will become adequately formatted:

    Recipient name

    You should write the person’s full name who will receive the blank Christmas certificate template before sending it. It should be appropriately written because it will help in many ways.

    • It will identify the exact person to whom the certificate is being sent.
    • When the certificate is delivered to the recipient’s house, there will be no confusion.

    Sender’s name

    Writing your name is also essential, and you should make sure that you have written your full name on the certificate.

    It is significant because:

    • The receiver will know the sender by whom the certificate has been delivered.
    • The recipient will also be able to send a thank you card in return if he/she wants to do so for showing mutual emotions.


    It is essential to mention the date on which you have delivered the blank template to your friend or any family member on the occasion of Christmas.

    It has its significance because:

    • The receiver will automatically know the reason for sending the certificate when they will see that the date of sending it is during Christmas days.
    • If the parcel is delivered later, even then, the receiver will become happy that it was mainly sent at the Christmas event.
    • Usually, people also mention the expiry date along with the delivery date so that if the parcel gets late, it should not be delivered after the expiry date.


    The description is the central part of any printable certificate template in which you can write anything:

    • If you are sending it to your friend, you can mention any memory with them that often reminds you about him/her.
    • You can also choose to write a formal message if you send it to your employees to appreciate them for their efforts on this occasion.
    • You can also go with the option of writing about the gift you have sent along with the Christmas certificate and telling why you chose that particular one.

    Company name

    If the template is being used for sending it to the employees on behalf of the company where they work, then the company’s name should also be mentioned.

    • The receiver will immediately get to know the sender.
    • Different brands can use this strategy to associate with their regular customers.

    Benefits of Using It

    If you do not have enough time to make a gift certificate by yourself, you can choose to have a customized certificate, and you can get it changed in any form as per your requirements. The option of getting templates is also available for you, which can be freely downloaded from below. In addition, there are printable templates that can be customized according to what you want to mention on them.

    You can choose to have an informal style if you are going to send it to your friends or family members, and you can have it customized in a formal way for sending it to your boss or employees.

    The factor of personalization is more prominent in the Christmas certificates because you write the message in your own words, through which the reader can feel the same emotions while reading it. In addition, you can add your picture with the person to whom the particular certificate will be sent; it will enhance the factor of joy on receiving such a beautiful gift.

    The primary benefit of the templates is that they are economical, printable, and do not pressure your pocket. The customized certificates can be easily bought from any store, even in the last times before Christmas. Many businesses can also use them to promote their brands and develop good associations with their customers.

    Wording Ideas of Certificates

    Some people feel overwhelmed about expressing their emotions through words, and the choice of words might become difficult for them.


    If you are giving some cards to your employees and it is their choice to whom they want to give it, you should make sure that there is enough space on the certificate on which a message could be written

    Any message regarding the importance of Christmas day can be written on it. You should ensure that there are no grammatical errors in your message, whether you are writing it formally or writing an informal note on it. While writing it for your family members or friends, you can write anything you remember about them. It means that the message to be written will depend on the relationship between both of you.

    Different wording ideas that can be used while writing a message on a Christmas certificate have been divided into three groups, and each group is associated with a different sort of wording selection, which has been explained below:


    The primary group of wording is suitable for any person and can be written on any certificate no matter where it will be sent. It involves a small group of words written as a starting line. Different messages which can be written by using basic wording may include

    • “Wishing you the best for holidays and a happy New Year”,
    • “Sending you wishes that you stay healthy and happy during the holidays”,
    • “Merry Christmas”,
    • “Happy New Year”,
    • “May you be blessed on this occasion”,
    • “May your holidays be full of joys and happiness”,
    • “Sending you warm wishes on Christmas”,
    • “Sending lots of love on this occasion”,
    • “Wishing you a Merry Christmas”,
    • “May you have a blessed year ahead,” etc.

    You can choose to write any of these short messages as a part of your Christmas certificate.


    This type of wording idea comes in the category of informal messages. It can be written on the templates, which will be sent to your friends, siblings, cousins, or any other family member with whom you have a close association. The funny words should also be carefully used so that anyone does not get annoyed by your sense of humor.

    This set of funny words may include:

    • “May you not have to spend a lot on your Christmas activities. Merry Christmas”, “Santa got the message that you have become a good person, and he died. Christmas got canceled”,
    • “May you not be guilty of putting on weight this Christmas day”,
    • “I thought of sending you a special gift but could not find one according to your intelligence level”,
    • “May you receive a greater number of gifts as compared to those which you will have to send,” etc.

    You can take an idea from this group of words and can make a special message for your loved ones in your way.


    Some people may choose to mention the significance of Christmas day by quoting religious quotes on the templates. It is also an impressive way of sending wishes to your close ones as they can also become aware of the significance of this event.

    Some of the groups of words that can be used in this regard may include:

    • “May you be blessed on Christmas”,
    • “May the New Year be full of happiness for you and your family”,
    • “May God bless your heart with peace and hope”,
    • “May God keep you and your family in the shelter of blessings. Merry Christmas to you all”,
    • “May the New Year bring a lot of good things for you and your family. Stay blessed all”.

    Such heart-warming wishes can be sent to anyone, either in your friends or in your family circle, to express your gratitude towards them

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    Christmas Gift Ideas

    It is always a matter of confusion about what to give as a gift to anyone. You can send a gift with a Christmas certificate, adding more value to this occasion. You can think about the likes and dislikes of that particular person because different people have different choices so you should prefer to gift something according to their personality. In this way, they will also use it in their daily life.

    Different gifts go best for people of different ages. In this regard, you can give a spa voucher to your mother and grandmother so that they can go there and get a relaxation treatment. Some people love to eat food, so you can give them a restaurant voucher for having a free dinner in their favorite restaurant.

    Children have creative minds, and they can make a Christmas certificate for giving to their parents. Moreover, parents can also give small and little beautiful gifts to their kids which they would like to have. So you can choose any gift idea based on another person’s personality.

    Voucher Templates (by WordLayouts)

    Microsoft Word Christmas Gift Certificate

    Christmas Certificate (Artistic Trees)

    Christmas Certificate (Raining Snow)

    Christmas Certificate (Red Cherry)

    Christmas Certificate (Red Gift Knot)

    Christmas Certificate (Green Bells)

    Christmas Certificate (Classic Black Background)

    Christmas Certificate (Hill Night)

    Christmas Certificate (Chocolate Tree)

    Christmas Certificate (Leaves & Bells)

    Christmas Certificate (Reindeer & Leave)

    Christmas Certificate (Elegant Pattern)

    Christmas Certificate (Reindeer & Star)

    Christmas Certificate (Home Stamp)

    Christmas Certificate (Snow Badge)

    Christmas Certificate (Deep Blue Background)

    Christmas Gift Certificate (Classic Reindeer)

    Christmas Gift Certificate Template 39

    Christmas Gift Certificate Template 34

    Christmas Gift Certificate Template 30

    Christmas Gift Certificate Template 31

    Free Christmas Gift Certificate

    Free Editable Christmas Gift Certificate Sample Free

    Free Christmas Gift Certificate Template

    Printable Christmas Gift Certificate Doc Format

    Free Gift Certificate Template

    Christmas Gift Certificate Template Free

    Free Editable Christmas Gift Card

    Santa Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate Template Free Editable

    Reindeer Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

    New Year Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

    Free Gift Certificate Template Printable

    Free Christmas Gift Certificate Printable

      How to Customize the Gift Certificates

      The certificates we offer here allow for complete customization and editing. They allow you to alter their appearances and content makeup purely by adding your own text, introducing new discounts, altering the fonts, to name but a few! All these templates are available in Microsoft Word format (editable) and PDF format (non-editable).

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it better to give cash or a Christmas gift card?

      When someone brings a gift for the other person, the other person feels a sense of recognition, happiness, and being included. So a card is a better choice to give to anyone. In addition, you can make a customized certificate on the occasion of Christmas and give it to your loved ones to express your love for them.
      But in some cases, people prefer to give cash in an envelope with a small Christmas card attached to it. It is because they think that the next person will be able to have anything he/she needs to buy.

      What is the difference between a Christmas gift card and a certificate?

      Christmas gift certificate is usually printed on a sheet of paper or thick cardboard sheet and can on which any kind of message can be written for your loved ones to give them value. At the same time, Christmas gift cards have printed barcode stripes on them.

      What’s a good amount for a Christmas gift card?

      The cash amount that can be given as a gift to any person cannot be specified in monetary terms. Because it will depend on different factors, you will decide how much should be given to a specific person. This decision will depend on the number of people you want to give cash amount to, your income, your budget, and then finally, your relation and level of closeness with that particular person.
      By considering all these factors, you will decide a comfortable amount for giving as a gift.

      Do Christmas gift certificates expire?

      Some customized certificates provide the option of writing the expiry date, and some do not give this option. So it depends on you whether you want to write the expiry date on it or not and then you will choose a Christmas certificate accordingly.

      How does a Christmas gift certificate work?

      A Christmas gift certificate can be anything you want to give to a particular person. For example, it can be a free voucher for a restaurant, movie, trip, etc. On the other hand, it can be just a certificate on which you have written a short message for them. In either case, the person who will receive the gift will feel good and will become happy with the fact that you remembered them on Christmas day as well.

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