Free Baby Registry Checklist Templates (Word, PDF)

A baby registry checklist lists all the items that need to be purchased before the baby is born or that you would like to receive during your baby shower.

In addition, it includes what needs to be bought for the different baby care needs. The checklist will enlist items ranging from clothing items to safety and healthcare essentials. This article will provide a registry checklist and items to incorporate into the list.

Benefits of Baby Registry Checklist

The functions and benefits of a registry checklist are many. It is a written document created to help you organize all the items you need to buy for the newborn. Moreover, it helps prevent people from buying items their parents do not need. This also ensures you get the items you need and avoids receiving similar items from friends and family. You can have baby essentials for the first few weeks and months.

Free Baby Registry Checklist Templates

Great Editable Baby Registry Bullets Checklist 01 as Word File
Great Customizable Baby Registry Bubbles Checklist for Word File
Great Editable Baby Registry Bullets Checklist 02 as Word File
Great Customizable Newborn Themed Baby Registry Checklist 01 as Word File
Great Customizable Newborn Themed Baby Registry Checklist 02 as Word File

    When Should You Create a Baby Registry Checklist?

    It is best to create a baby registry checklist early, especially before the newborn is due. However, giving yourself ample time to research what you require before the baby is born is essential. This gives you time to review your entire list to ensure all the names are correct and all the essentials are included in the final list. You could then organize the list in a way that will make your life much easier.

    So, you can prepare it before the baby arrives. Ideally, most parents-to-be will prepare the checklist when edging close to the first trimester. You should then add items in the second trimester. Changes to the checklist should be further anticipated as time goes on. Certain factors determining these changes include establishing the baby’s sex, etc. If you find out the baby’s sex earlier, this information will facilitate better preparation.

    Where do I Create a Baby Registry Checklist?

    There are plenty of alternative ways to create a registry checklist. First, you can have a digital one if you can access online registries. Most online stores will allow you to create registries on their platforms. Alternatively, you can use an online service to enlist items from the internet.

    Another alternative is to create a list by visiting your local brick-and-mortar stores and creating a paper checklist. Lastly, you can combine online and in-store checklists. From the different methods, you can also select the method that is most effective and efficient.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Register

    Before you select where to create your checklist, you must consider the factors that would assist you in making an informed decision.

    Applicable factors are as follows:

    Choose what is convenient

    Whether you want to create a registry online or manually, you must consider which one will be most convenient for you. Both options can be more convenient for those who prefer brick-and-mortar and online stores.

    Easy to create and manage

    A simple registry that is easy to use is preferred. It will be much more convenient if it allows you to add, delete, and edit items and allows users to navigate easily. Online registries are most suitable, as they allow you to personalize your checklist. However, store attendants can help you review and revise the issued registry to suit your needs if you decide to use an in-store registry.

    Low prices

    It is important to research where you will get the best prices for the items on your list. As such, it is essential to know how much you want to spend on the items for your baby. This way, you can shop efficiently for unnecessary items or avoid buying several similar things by mistake. You must go to different stores and include items with different prices.

    Wide options

    Each item on the checklist has different types, brands, and models with the same utility. So, consider this factor and specify which items (in terms of brand, model, and type) you prefer in the registry. This is to avoid receiving items that you end up not using.

    Discounts and promotions

    Different stores offer incentives such as discounts, freebies, special deals, and promotions to encourage shoppers to shop with them from time to time or whenever they register. Take these incentives into consideration when creating your checklist.

    Easy returns

    Sometimes you may have to return certain items after purchase. Some stores will have policies encouraging you to return items and get a new one if you do not like them. Therefore, you should consider registering with stores with favorable exchange and return policies.

    Free shipping

    Some stores may offer free shipping and delivery services, usually upon fulfillment of certain pre-conditions, such as after spending a specific amount of money. This is a significant factor to consider when creating your list.


    Some baby registry checklists allow users to personalize their lists. Personalization may include incorporating pictures and allowing certain functions, such as tracking what items were bought.

    Free Editable Baby Registry Checklist with Essentials Template 01 as Pdf File

    Great Customizable Baby Registry Checklist with Essentials Template 02 for Word Document

    Great Customizable Baby Registry Checklist with Essentials Template 03 for Word Document

    Best Printable Baby Registry Checklist with Essentials Template 04 for Word Document

      Pre Considerations for Creating a Baby Registry Checklist

      As you create a checklist, you must consider the factors that affect what to include in it. Examples of these pre-considerations include:

      Check for safety

      Safety is a crucial consideration. Items included in the registry should not put the baby at risk—physically or health-wise. However, certain safety items, such as a first aid kit, are necessary. In addition, safety should be observed during the baby’s waking and sleeping hours.

      Decide between first-hand and second-hand things

      Weigh between buying new or second-hand items. While you may wish to buy all new items, second-hand items may sometimes be more affordable. However, not all items are sourced from second-hand items for health and safety reasons. These include a car seat, breast pump, crib mattress, nipples for bottles, pacifiers, and baby carriers or slings. In addition, second-hand items can include those from family, friends, or your first baby. 

      Check if it is easy to clean

      You must consider how easy cleaning the items included in the registry is. Babies are significantly messy, and selecting easy-to-clean items simplifies your work later. 

      Make sure you have space 

      To avoid buying items that cannot fit in your home or take up too much space, consider the size of the items you include in the list. This is important when dealing with large items like a crib, stroller, changing pad, bassinet, etc. Next, you must assess the size of your home and determine the available storage and usage space. Ways to increase space include removing closet doors, hanging items on walls, using shelves, hooks, etc.  

      Identify whether you will need this list again

      Reusability is an essential aspect of the registry checklist that you ought to consider. This is especially important if you intend to have more babies. Include gender-neutral items and higher quality and durable items that you can reuse if you intend to.


      Consider buying a convertible crib that can be adjusted to accommodate the baby as it grows. 

      Think ahead about the season

      When adding items to the registry, consider including items for different seasons for the first year or two. Buying seasonal essentials is a good way of being prepared and reducing the hassle of revisiting your registry each season.

      Breakdown of a Baby Registry Checklist

      Creating a list is not as hard as it seems. You need to identify the elements that should be included in the list and factor them into smaller, easier-to-manage sub-lists.

      The following is a breakdown of a baby registry checklist:

      Nursery essentials

      A baby’s nursery is one of the primary areas you must address. A nursery will have a variety of items that are used for baby care. The nursery can have a theme, though it is not necessary. Other factors to consider when planning the nursery include nursery design, décor, and space.

      The following nursery essentials should be included in the registry:

      ☐ Crib

      ☐ Bassinet

      ☐ Cradle

      ☐ Breathable crib mattress

      ☐ Changing table

      ☐ Rocking chair or glider

      ☐ Pacifiers

      ☐ Swaddling blankets

      ☐ Nigh-light

      ☐ Dresser or chest

      ☐ Changing table blankets

      ☐ Humidifier

      ☐ Clothes basket or hamper

      ☐ Fitted sheets

      ☐ Storage boxes and baskets

      ☐ Baby monitor

      Nice to have items:

      ☐ White noise machine

      ☐ Blackout curtains

      ☐ Books and toys

      ☐ Toy Storage

      ☐ Cozy blankets

      ☐ Baby swing

      ☐ Newborn lounger or bouncy seat

      Feeding essentials

      Feeding is an important exercise that requires multiple items to be undertaken successfully. Feeding can be breastmilk or formula feeding. You can decide which feeding option to stick with or shop for both options. You must also buy supplies when transitioning to solid foods as the baby grows. Different feeding options will require different supplies, but some items may be applicable regardless of the feeding option.

      If you are breast-feeding

      When breastfeeding, you will require the following items:

      ☐ Breast pump

      ☐ Bottles

      ☐ Extra pump parts, such as different-sized flanges

      ☐ Milk storage containers and freezer bags

      ☐ Breast pads

      ☐ Nipple cream

      ☐ Bottle and nipple brush for cleaning

      ☐ Burp cloths

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Bottle drying rack

      ☐ Bottle warmer

      ☐ Carrier bags

      ☐Nursing bra

      ☐ Bottle warmer

      ☐ Breastfeeding pillow

      ☐ Nursing cover

      ☐ Bottle drying rack

      If you are using formula milk

      If you are using the formula to feed the baby, consider adding the following items to the registry:

      ☐ Formula

      ☐ Burp cloths

      ☐ Bottles

      ☐ Bottle and nipple brush (for cleaning)

      ☐ Bottled water /filter system

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Bottle drying rack

      ☐ Bottle warmer

      ☐ Carrier bags and ice packs for days out

      When the child starts eating solids

      You can add the following items to prepare for when the baby starts eating solid foods:

      ☐ Bibs

      ☐ Highchair

      ☐ Sippy cups

      ☐ Kid-friendly silverware, such as feeding spoons

      ☐ Kid-friendly plates and bowls, preferably those with suction at the bottom

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Ice cube trays meant for freezing small portions of homemade food

      ☐ Food processor

      ☐ Storage containers for storing homemade food

      Diapering essentials

      Diapering is the activity of caring for a baby’s excretory as well as sanitary needs. Without proper planning, diapering needs can be a headache. So, you need to include diapering essentials in your list. One critical decision you must make is whether you will use disposable or cloth diapers.

      Regardless of the diaper option you select, consider the following diapering essentials:

      ☐ Changing pad

      ☐ Changing pad covers

      ☐ Diapers (various sizes)

      ☐ Diaper rash cream

      ☐ Wipes

      ☐ Diaper pail

      ☐ Diaper bag

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Diaper caddy (especially in multi-level homes to avoid running up and down the stairs to change diapers)

      ☐ Wipe warmer

      ☐ Hand sanitizer

      ☐ Lotion


      Some diapering essentials will depend on the type of diapers you use. For example, cloth diapers, including snaps/safety pins and waterproof covers If using disposable diapers, buy several diaper packages of different sizes and preemie diapers in case the baby is smaller or comes earlier than expected. 

      Bath time items

      Bathing a baby is an activity that you need to perform frequently and effectively. You, therefore, need certain bath time items to make this activity simple and effective.

      Some of the bathing essentials to include are as follows:

      ☐ Baby tub

      ☐ Baby shampoo/body wash

      ☐ Towels

      ☐ Washcloths

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Bathtub toys

      ☐ Lotion

      ☐ Baby soft hairbrush

      ☐ Hooded towels

      On-the-go essentials

      As the name suggests, on-the-go essentials are items you need to take the baby out. You should consider including the following items in your registry to make your life easier when taking the baby out for a park visit, shopping, or trip:

      ☐ Car seat

      ☐ Car seat base

      ☐ Stroller base

      ☐ Play yard

      ☐ Fold-up changing pad

      ☐ Diaper bag

      ☐ Bottle cooler bag

      ☐ Sun hats

      ☐ Baby-safe sunscreen (not advisable for babies below six months)

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Baby carrier, wrap, or sling

      ☐ An extra car seat base (preferable for people with more than one vehicle)

      ☐ A jogging stroller with a newborn car seat converter

      Safety and health hygiene essentials

      Your baby will be exposed to different health risks during the first few years of its life. While some hazards can be avoided entirely, others cannot. Therefore, essential items that can help minimize health issues should be included in the checklist.

      Such items include:

      ☐ Baby first aid kit

      ☐ Thermometer

      ☐ Nail clippers or file

      ☐ Humidifier

      ☐ Infant medication

      ☐ Outlet covers

      ☐ Baby monitor

      ☐ Medicine spoon

      ☐ Cotton balls and swabs

      ☐ Bulb syringe/nasal aspirator

      ☐ Baby gates

      ☐ Cabinet and drawer latches

      ☐ Playpen

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Baby scale

      Clothing items

      Clothing items are items that your baby will wear to cover the skin and keep the body warm. Clothing items are essential in providing comfort to the baby. While adding clothing items to your list, you must ensure there are clothes suited for various weather conditions.

      Items that should be included in your registry are as follows:

      ☐ Onesies or bodysuits (8-10)

      ☐ Footed Pajamas (8) zippers being quicker than snaps

      ☐ 5 long and short pants

      ☐ Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts (5-8)

      ☐ 8 pairs of socks and booties

      ☐ Sleep sacks (at least 2) for when the baby outgrows the swaddle

      ☐ Knit hats (2 newborn-sized)

      ☐ 2 pairs of mittens

      ☐ Snowsuit or fleece bunting for different climates throughout the year

      ☐ 2 sweaters or jackets

      Nice to have:

      ☐ Shoes (for aesthetics during pictures or events, as the baby cannot walk yet)

      ☐ Special outfits for family meet-ups and photoshoots

      ☐ Magnetic fastening clothing, which is very easy and quick to get on and off, making it convenient


      Make sure that the mattress fits tightly and neatly so that there are no suffocation accidents when the baby sleeps. You should avoid using a crib bumper and blankets. For the first six months, the baby ought to sleep in the parents’ room, according to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). So, use a bassinet during this period and place it close to the bed where it is easy to reach. Always use baby-friendly detergent when washing their clothing to protect them from skin irritation and discomfort when they wear the clothes. 

      7 Items to Skip on the Registry Checklist

      While most baby items are helpful in a baby’s first few years, there are other items you can skip. This is because they may not need them or because they are not necessary.

      The following are some items that can be skipped in your registry:

      Wipe warmer

      While it is a convenient item, a wipe warmer is unnecessary. You can do it without warm wipes and skip it.

      Changing tables

      A changing table is not an item that will often be used daily. This is because other substitutes offer the same utility, such as a more convenient changing pad. Also, eliminating the changing table leaves more space for other essential items in the room.

      Diaper bin

      While a diaper bin has its conveniences, you can afford to skip it from your checklist. This is because instead of using the bin, you can dispose of your diapers outside in the trash bin or wrap them tightly and place them in a lidded trash can.

      Baby shoes

      Shoes are not essential in your registry in the early months or years before the baby starts to walk. Instead, prioritize other essentials before buying shoes to go with a particular outfit.

      Baby food blender

      If you already own a regular blender, there is no need to add a food blender to your registry. You can, however, exercise your options to determine if one is needed in your situation.


      Buying diapers before the baby is born can result in too many diapers in sizes 1 and 2. In addition, this can result in waste as they will outgrow these sizes, leaving plenty of unused diapers.


      A mobile baby toy is perhaps a waste of money. Also, it is considered an outdated entertainment item you can skip.

      Bottom Line

      The baby registry checklist lists the items the parents need when their baby is born. The list can be used to track the items needed for the baby, making it easier to buy them later when assembling the baby’s essentials. It can also create a wish list by attaching an estimated cost to each item. This can be given to family and friends to register what they intend to buy for the newborn. Such a list provides value to the users as they become aware of what items are needed without making inquiries. Instead, they can select what they intend to buy and there is no confusion over what has or has not been bought. Also, the list makes it easy for friends and family members to know and plan how much they should spend on a particular item.

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