Biology Cover Letter Examples (Guide + Tips)

A biologist is a person who specializes in the study of plants and animals either in the field or in a biology laboratory. There are different specializations in the biological field, which includes ecology, microbiology, and marine ecology among others. The main work of a biologist is to carry out experiments and research, make observations, teaching, and attend biological events.

When it comes to fieldwork, biologists also have a role of monitoring the number of endangered plant and animal species.

Sample Letters & Examples

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    How to Write a Cover Letter

    When writing a cover letter, the two most important things that you need to consider are the skills and qualifications that you have in the job.

    The most important skills and qualifications include:

    • Practical scientific skills
    • Teamwork
    • Interpersonal and communication skills
    • Computer competencies
    • Paying attention to details
    • Having passion in the field that you are applying for 

    Remember that when it comes to such careers, research and experiments have to be done regardless of your area of specialization.


    You want to become a marine biologist, you have to do frequent research and carry out experiments in marine life.

    Here are some points to help you write an outstanding cover letter:

    • Mention the position that you are applying for.
    • Expressing your passion and interests in the area of specialization that you are applying for can also come in handy.
    • If you have any work experience in the area, you can mention it after the introduction, including the skills that you have gathered in the past.
    • Explain your technical research skills, including scientific articles, research papers or even books that you have published.
    • Educational background is a must when writing a cover letter
    • The last paragraph should express your willingness to contribute positively to the development of the institution. Do not forget to include your email address or a contact number, if possible.

    Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter

    Know Your Audience

    When you are drafting it, you need to know your audience. Is the letter going to the recruiter who specializes in science and technology? Will it be going to the director of research at a biotech company? The first step to writing an effective entry-level cover letter is identifying who the recipient of the letter is.

    Do Your Research

    Some of the key things to always keep in mind when conducting your research include:

    • Don’t try to fake your knowledge of the job or company using generalities
    • Go through the company’s website
    • Do a simple Google search for news and more information about the company

    The knowledge you obtain from conducting your research will inform how you write and format your cover letter.

    Tell a Story

    When writing the letter, be precise, curious, and analytical. Avoid the obvious wording commonly used in letters,


    Stating that you are good at problem-solving or training in the scientific methods listed in their requirements.

    You have to convince the recipient that you are the right person for the position above all the other entry-level applicants.

    Evaluate Your Cultural Fit

    While conducting your research about the company and the job position you are applying for, remember to pay attention to the company culture. Spend some time on their websites, social media pages, and any other places you can obtain more information about them.

    Don’t Forget Why

    The hiring manager basically wants to know that you have the skills the job requires. And they would like to know that you’ve done some research on the company and culture since those factors will affect your day-to-day operations at the company. Other than that, they also want to know why you want the job.

    Explain why you are interested in the position you are applying for, how the job fits into your life plan, and how the skills will enable you to excel.

    Sample Cover Letter

    Explore the cover letter presented below, offering a practical and engaging example to guide you in crafting your own impactful introduction to potential employers.


    Dear Dr. Miller,

    I am writing to express my interest in the Biologist position advertised at GreenTech Research Inc., as listed on With a Master’s Degree in Biology from Prestige University and over five years of experience in ecological research, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to your team.

    In my previous role at EcoLab Solutions, I led a project on coastal ecosystem restoration which successfully enhanced biodiversity in three major estuarine zones. This experience sharpened my skills in field research, environmental impact analysis, and collaborative project management. I am particularly drawn to this position at GreenTech Research Inc. because of your groundbreaking work in sustainable agricultural practices and my passion for applying biological research to real-world environmental challenges.

    My background in environmental biology has equipped me with a comprehensive skill set, making me a versatile team player. I am adept at conducting detailed ecological surveys, analyzing complex data sets, and synthesizing research findings into actionable insights. Furthermore, I am experienced in using GIS software and managing cross-functional research teams, which I believe will be beneficial for the ongoing biodiversity conservation projects at GreenTech Research Inc.

    I am particularly excited about your initiative to integrate technology in habitat conservation, and I am eager to bring my expertise in data-driven ecological assessment to your esteemed team at GreenTech Research Inc. I look forward to the possibility of discussing my application with you in further detail.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am very excited about the opportunity to work at GreenTech Research Inc. and contribute to innovative solutions for environmental sustainability.


    Jordan Smith


    This cover letter serves as a useful guide for someone writing a similar letter due to its clear structure, specific examples, and customization to the job and company. It starts with a professional greeting, immediately conveying a sense of formality and respect. 

    The introductory paragraph effectively states the purpose and the source of the job advertisement, setting a focused tone. The body of the letter showcases the candidate’s relevant qualifications, including their degree, years of experience, and specific achievements, such as leading a significant project. This not only demonstrates competence but also provides tangible evidence of their capabilities. Additionally, the letter is tailored to the specific company and position, mentioning the company’s projects and how the candidate’s skills align with them. This customization shows that the candidate has researched the company and is genuinely interested in the role. 

    The closing paragraph reinforces the candidate’s enthusiasm and invites further discussion, leaving a positive and proactive impression. Overall, its structure, content, and personalization make it an excellent template for aspiring biologists to follow.

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