Sample Work Experience Verification Letters for Employers

In the course of applying for a job, you will ordinarily have to incorporate details about your professional work experience. That is how long in all you have been working and in what capacity. Not many job-seekers, though, will usually state the number of years worked accurately.

It is not uncommon for them to exaggerate these facts to boost their chances of getting employed. Employers understand this fact only too well. That is why they often resort to confirm the facts first and foremost before confirming the appointment. This they do principally by drafting a Work Experience Verification Letter.

Sample Letters

Free Work Experience Verification Letter Format for Word

Editable Work Experience Verification Letter for Teacher Sample for Word

Printable Work Experience Verification Letter for Airline Pilot Sample for Word

Free Work Experience Verification Letter for Gardener Sample for Word

Editable Work Experience Verification Letter for Storekeeper Sample for Word

Printable Work Experience Verification Letter for Housekeeper Sample for Word

    Purpose of the Work Experience Verification

    The work experience verification serves three main purposes:

    Confirm the Number of Years Worked

    For one, it confirms the number of years that the employee under scrutiny has worked. While at it, the verification also spells out the start and the end dates of the job. That helps the would-be employer to obtain as accurate a picture about the person under scrutiny as possible.

    Verify the Employment Status and History

    It also goes ahead to showcase the employment status and history of the employee under scrutiny. This is done by listing all the companies that the employee in question has worked for, the capacity he has worked in those companies, and the respective start and end dates.

    Give a Glimpse of the Core Competence

    Though largely outside its scope, the verification also gives a glimpse of the core competence of the employee under scrutiny. In this regard, it demonstrates the skills that the employee has, the kinds of professional expertise he has, and the ways and which he is likely to enrich your firm.

    What to Include

    The details below have to be incorporated in any work experience verification letter:

    • Name of Employee: The name of the employee whose work experience is being scrutinized. This name has to be official and appear just as it does on the state-issued documents like birth certificates and passports.
    • Company: It is the name of the company worked for. This is the employer who actually furnishes the details that are subsequently to be used to vouch for the work experience of the employee under the radar.
    • Job Title: What was/is the job title of the employee? A job title basically gives a summary of the nature of the job that the employee engages or used to engage in in the company he worked for.
    • Number of Years Worked: For how long has the employee been working in the same capacity? This is the core piece of information that is required in this letter.
    • Start and End Dates: What are the start and the end dates of the employee’s work at the firm? These two metrics go a long way in providing further details surrounding the work experience of the employee.
    • A Statement of Character:  It is always necessary to give a one-paragraph summary of the character of the employee while at the workplace. This will often go a long way in upping the chances of the employee in sailing through in the next job.

    Work Experience Verification Format

    Below is the standard format of a typical work experience verification letter:






    City, State Zip Code

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

    Re: Work Experience Verification

    We _____ (name of employer) draft this letter to confirm that ___ (employer) has been working for us for ____ (duration of work).

    He/she joined us on ___ (mm/dd/yyyy) and has been part of us ever since. All factors considered, he/she is passionate, hardworking, dedicated, and truly reliable.


    Signature (hard copy letter)

    FirstName LastName

    Work Experience Verification Letter Samples

    Work Experience Verification for Teacher

    Work Experience Verification For Teacher

    Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

    Mr. Kennedy Michaels,

    400 Marquette,

    NW Albuquerque,

    NM 87102

    Dear Mr. Kennedy Michaels,

    RE: Work Experience Verification

    I draft this letter to verify that Mrs. Anne Peterson has been a member of our staff, Lauderdale Academy, for 20 years now. She joined us in January 2000 and has faithfully and consistently worked for us ever since.

    She teaches Mathematics, Biology, and English Grammar. Overall, she is professional, punctual, tidy, and extremely passionate about her job. I have full faith and confidence in her workings.

    Thank you, Mrs.

    Dianne Bish

    Work Experience Verification for Airline Pilot

    Work Experience Verification For Airline Pilot

    Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

    Mrs. Letty Koch,

    Tempe Market Place,

    2000 East Rio Salado Parkway,

    Tempe. AZ 85281

    Dear Mrs. Letty Koch,

    RE: Work Experience Verification

    It is with great joy that I vouch for Captain Rodgers Michaels. He joined our aviation firm, Eagle Jet Aviation, as a cadet and 11 years ago (January 2009 till now) and has risen through the ranks to the present designation of captain.

    Throughout his illustrious career, he has demonstrated a great deal of skill, safety, reliability, and passion for duty. Hardly have we received complaints about his attitude or interactions with the customers or passengers.


    Mr. Peterson Nielson

    Work Experience Verification for Gardener

    Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

    Dr. Vivienne Albright,

    11153 A South Parker Road,

    Parker CO 80134

    Dear Dr. Vivienne Albright,

    RE: Work Experience Verification

    Mr. Billy Wombat has worked for me as a gardener for the past 5 years (he started working in May 2015). I must say that he is dedicated to his duty, performs the same with the utmost zeal and reliability, and is generally responsive to duty.

    At all times, he has always exceeded my expectations by going beyond what is expected of him. This means you also stand to enjoy the selfsame awesome benefits by hiring him.


    Mrs. Katherine Cullman

    Work Experience Verification for Storekeeper

    Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

    Sir. Felix Simeon,

    1917 Marsh Road Yakima,

    WA 98901

    Dear Sir. Felix Simeon,

    RE: Work Experience Verification

    I have relied on Mrs. Audrey Michelle as a storekeeper for my kiosk. She has worked in what capacity for 4 straight years (from June 2016 to date) and has performed exceptionally well.

    Particularly, she has demonstrated an above-average degree of honesty that is the envy of many a storekeeper. All the audit results have found her completely clean and devoid of any integrity blemish.


    Mrs. Mercy Samuelson

    Work Experience Verification for Housekeeper

    Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

    Mrs. Catherine Carlton,

    9500 Gilman Drive,

    La Jolla, CA 92093

    Dear Mrs. Catherine Carlton,

    RE: Work Experience Verification

    This is to let you know that Ms. Anita Henderson has worked for me in the capacity of housekeeper for 3 years now. I hired her in July 2017, and has consistently worked for me ever since.

    Throughout her stint in that capacity in my home, she has come out as a very honest, hardworking, dedicated, and passionate housekeeper. None of my valuables has ever vanished mysteriously or been unaccounted for.


    Mr. Jefferson Hamilton

    Best Practices

    To draft this letter, there are best practices you ought to follow to realize a positive outcome. We delineate and explain to them hereunder:

    Maintain the Letter Concisely

    Always keep a letter of this kind as short as can be. Stick to the bare minimum details that are needed without straying to those areas that are largely out of topic.

    Give Details About The Job

    Be sure to incorporate all the details that surround the work or job that is presently being scrutinized. These include the job title, start and end dates of employment, and the finer details of the position that the job holder occupied.

    Highlight Any Other Issues

    Just in case there are any other issues of interest, be sure to highlight them too. For instance, could the employee have been subjected to disciplinary measures? Alternatively, could it be that he performed exceptionally and is worthy of some praise?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We Now Take A Glimpse At Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions That Surround This Topic Of Discussion:

    How Is Work Experience Verified?

    Work experience is typically verified by conforming to the pieces of information that are provided for like the name of the previous employer, the start and end dates of the employment, job titles, salaries earned in the process, and the reasons for leaving those jobs.

    Can I Lie About Work Experience?

    NEVER LIE! It is imperative that you maintain truthfulness all the while. As explained above, the details you furnish will usually be verified later on. If found to be inaccurate, that may land you in hot soup and jeopardize your employment as well.

    What Happens If We Keep Fake Experience?

    The details you leave behind will often be followed up to prove that they are truly accurate or not. If and when you are found to have faked experience, the job offer may be rescinded, and your reputation permanently dented. Never attempt to fake the experience.


    Verifying the work experience of the employee is a truly great thing to do. How else can you curb cheating and ensure the accuracy of every claim made in the resume? Follow the proceedings, and we have stipulated on our discussions above to be able to set out well.

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