Leave Permission letter: How to Write [With Samples]

There are times at which you may find yourself needing to request a leave of absence from work, or for your child to take time off school. When the need arises, it is often necessary to put your request in writing, so that both you and the person you’re asking have a record of the request, and that the reason for the request is fully understood. Putting your request in writing can also increase the chances of leaving being granted.

Requests should be clear, to the point, and simply stated. Any confusion as to the need for leave of absence may cause your manager or your child’s school to deny the request.

You should also make sure that the leave of absence you are requesting is one that goes against company policy or school rules. For example, you don’t want to request a leave of absence for you to take a vacation with your child mid-semester if you know the school policy is to insist that all vacations are to be taken during school vacation periods. The request is likely to be turned down instantly.

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Leave Permission Letter: Word Template and Example

Sample Leave Permission Letter: How to Write

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    Why Does the Leave Permission have to be in Writing?

    For documentation purposes: Your leave permission letter and the corresponding replies have to be documented to preserve your rights and the rights of your employers should there be any disagreements. You can also present the letter as proof in case anyone questions your absence.

    For approval procedures: In most instances, your leave request will have to go through several levels of approval where every person involved in the process puts their seal of approval so that you can be approved for the leave.

    How to Ask for Permission to Leave Office

    There are three ways of requesting leave. It is recommended that you consult with your HR department before proceeding to send in your leave permission letter.

    Apply through your company’s portal: if your company has a portal or a system for leave application, then you should follow the procedure and make proper use of the system.

    Email your manager or HR department: if your company has no system to apply for leaves, then the only other option you may have is sending your application via registered mail.

    Verbal request: this method is not usually recommended unless you are working for a very small company. This is good since you don’t want to waste time filling an application or writing a letter unless you have the assurance that the application is going to be approved.

    What to Include in a Leave Permission Letter

    In a letter for a leave of absence from work you should include:

    • Why the absence is required – for example, a family funeral, adoption or birth of a child, family health issues, etc.
    • What you are willing to do to ensure to help prepare for your absence – for example, training the person taking over your duties temporarily, writing up a detailed list of your duties and responsibilities, ensuring that the work you currently have is completed or as near to completion as possible.
    • When you are looking to start the leave and when you hope to be back.
    • A request that your supervisor/manager helps you to negotiate the leave of absence with the relevant people within the organization.

    In a letter for a leave of absence from your child’s school you should include points 1 and 3 from the above as well as:

    • How you anticipate keeping your child up to date with their education.
    • A request that the child’s teacher and principal make the transition as smooth as possible for the child.

    If your work or your child’s school have a specific policy regarding requesting a leave of absence, make sure that you follow that policy when writing your letter.

    Any letter you use to request a leave of absence will be placed on your personnel file or your child’s school file in order to begin the formal process required for leave of absence. From this documentation can be issued to grant approval.

    Sample Leave Permission Letter for Work

    Miss A Nonymous1234 Apple Hill

    Los Angeles

    CA 90210


    15th February 2019

    Dear Mr./Ms. Wilson,

    Further to our meeting yesterday, please take this letter as my formal request for a leave of absence following my father’s stroke. As we discussed, I would like to begin this leave of absence on 18th March 2019 through 25th April 2019.

    I intend to return to work on 26th April 2019.

    Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can provide you with any further information or if you have any queries.

    I thank you again for taking the time to consider my request for personal leave at this time.


    Your Signature (hard copy only)

    A Nonymous

    Sample Leave Permission Letter for School

    Mrs. A Nonymous1234 Apple Hill

    Los Angeles

    CA 90210


    15th February 2019

    Mrs. S Omebody


    ABC School

    Los Angeles


    CA 90210

    Dear Mrs. Omebody,

    My daughter, Kathryn Nonymous is a student in your First-Grade class. Her maternal grandfather has unfortunately passed away due to a stroke and it is necessary for us as a family to attend the funeral across country.

    I would be grateful if you could grant Kathryn a leave of absence from 16th February 2019 through to 21st February 2019 so that we might attend the funeral and help my mother to arrange his affairs. I would expect that Kathryn will be back in school on the 22nd February 2019.

    I hope that you can appreciate the sensitivity of the situation and that you will be able to accommodate our request and Kathryn’s needs. We would, of course, be happy to take classwork with us for Kathryn to continue during her absence from school.

    Kind Regards,

    Mrs. A Nonymous

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