Free Cat (Kitten) Bill of Sale Forms | How to Fill (Word – PDF)

When involved in the purchase or sale of a kitten or cat, obtaining a bill of sale is advisable. It will include all the important information about the transaction between the buyer and seller.

By definition,

It is a formal written document used to purchase or sell a cat or kitten. It is considered a receipt that proves the transfer of ownership from an individual or a breeder.

Customarily, once the cat or kitten has been purchased, the former owner or breeder is no longer liable for any future expenses for the cat. In most cases, kittens between 8-12 weeks of age are eligible for sale. However, this depends on whether the cat is still consuming the mother’s milk as a primary source of nutrition, in which case it cannot be separated from its mother.


The reason for using it is to make your transaction legal and binding. It is your protection and proof of sale.

It should be signed by both the seller and the purchaser of the kitten/cat, and it should be signed by a witness of a state-licensed notary public.

Free Templates

Contract for Bill of Purchase of Kitten

Free Contract for Bill of Purchase of Kitten in Word

Kitten Bill of Sale Template 01

Free Cat (Kitten) Bill of Sale Form 01 in Word

Kitten Bill of Sale Template 02

Editable Cat (Kitten) Bill of Sale Form 02 in Word

    Questions Regarding Kitten Bill of Sale Form

    Usually, this form is present when money is presented to the seller to purchase the animal. Common doubts regarding this form are listed as:

    Why is the cat/kitten bill of sale form necessary?

    Basically, it is necessary to make the sale legal and binding between the involved parties. This document sets the terms of the agreement, defines the given cat or kitten in detail, specifies the selling price, and provides a record of the buyer and seller’s basic personal information.

    It serves the same purpose as receipt, which helps protect both the buyer and seller of the cat or kitten from possible fraud, misunderstandings, or hitches in the future once the transaction has been completed. In essence, this is a determining document for proof of ownership, especially when the buyer pays for a kitten that is not ready to leave its mother yet.

    When to use the Cat/kitten bill of sale form ?

    As mentioned above, it serves as a receipt for confirmation of ownership. It is essential in the private sale of a cat or kitten from a breeder or original owner to a potential new owner.

    This form comes in handy when:

    • Breeding and selling cats or kittens: A cat breeder or owner can use it to stipulate to a buyer how the legal transfer of ownership (permanent or temporary) for the purpose of breeding the cat will unfold.  Generally, it contains the agreeable agreement terms between the seller and buyer of the given cat. It is beneficial to both the seller and potential buyer of the cat as it will protect both these parties in the event that the transaction ever comes into question or in case of any misunderstandings in the future.
    • A seller wants to sell a cat that they can longer take care of or breed: In case an individual owns a cat that they can no longer take care of, due to any reason such as illness or relocating, etc, they may be prompted to transfer ownership of their cat to a person who is capable of taking care of it when they are not. In this case, too, the bill of sale will be utilized for the proper legal transfer of ownership. – personally added content
    • A seller is faced with any other situation that forces them to sell a cat that they initially own: Whether a seller is selling a cat due to its behavioral characteristics, adaptability issues, or moving to a new state, they will need this form to legalize the transaction and record the details of the specific sale.

    Selling the cat

    Selling a cat is relatively simple once a seller has identified a potential buyer interested in the specific cat or kitten. Here is a professional how-to guide and checklist of everything sellers or breeders need to know or do before selling a cat or kitten that they originally own:

    Collect critical information

    Prior to selling a cat or kitten, the seller needs to gather all the critical information concerning the cat, including the breed, age, date of birth if known, vaccinations, if the cat has been neutered or sprayed, health conditions, any underlying health issues, and any other information that the new owner would like to know. If the breed of the cat is specific or unique, the seller is advised to find out how much similar cats are generally sold within the locality.

    Advertise in all marketplaces

    After taking explicit photos of the cat or kitten, be sure to contact relatives and friends to inform them of the intent to sell the cat or kitten. Afterward, put up ads on various social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram, advertise on the newspapers, put up flyers and community boards.

    pro tip

    When creating a cat’s selling profile, The seller can make a video of their cat playing joyfully or while performing some cute tricks to show the cat’s personality to potential buyers. Using videos to market the cat will attract more interested buyers, as they will have a chance to see what the cat might look like in the home. This is mainly for shy cats who may not act the same around unknown people as they would around a person they have bonded with.

    Do a background check

    After getting a few interested buyers, schedule a meeting with them to see the cat or kitten in person. Generally, a cat or kitten is a breeder’s feline friend, and none would want to sell their feline friend to an unfit buyer or unconducive home environment. When the buyer comes to examine the cat in person, ask them typical screening questions like why they want the cat and what their home environment is like. If possible, the seller is advised to do a home check for extra peace of mind and to ensure that their cat or kitten will get a caring owner and a loving home.

    Complete the Cat/kitten bill of sale form

    After the seller has identified a settling price with the buyer, they should complete this form.  A bill of sale fashioned for the purchase of a kitty or cat is like a confirmation receipt. It should prove that a buyer is the legal owner of the cat or kitty once the sale is complete.

    Since preparing it from scratch presents its own hurdles, it is recommended that the seller uses readily available onine templates to prepare one. Such templates can be obtained from this site free of charge.

    After downloading it, the seller should provide the following details in the form:

    • The date of sale
    • The name of the seller and buyer and their mailing and email addresses
    • The cat/kitten’s selling or buying price
    • The cat’s identifying information, including its name, breed, date of birth, sex, color, registration number (that is, a 15 digit unique identification number issued to cats, other than exempt cats, at the age of 12 weeks before they are sold or given up for adoption),and health condition.
    • Write a description of any items included in the sale, such as cat food, a carrier, or collar, among other items.
    • If the seller is selling a kitten that is still not eligible for sale (isn’t 8-12 weeks of age or is still dependent on its mother’s milk as a primary source of nutrition), include the date of transfer.
    • Write the deposit paid to book the cat if any
    • In some scenarios, it may include a statement about any warranties that the seller is making about their ownership rights to the cat (i.e., whether they guarantee they hold clear title to the cat).
    • Provide the signatures and dates from the seller, buyer and have the document witnessed and signed by another party who is not part of the transaction.

    Notarized by a public notary

    Once the form is completed and the transaction has been finalized, the document will need to be signed by a licensed public notary to officiate the sale and make the terms of the agreement legally binding to both the involved parties. After this, the sale is declared complete and the transaction finalized.


    It is used for the purchase of a cat or kitten. This document is vital as it serves as a receipt to prove the purchase of a cat from an original owner or breeder to a buyer who will be its new owner. It is essential to have the document signed and acknowledged by a licensed public notary citizen. A bill of sale usually comes in handy anytime one buys or sells a cat or kitten.

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