Cat/Kitten Bill of Sale Form (Free Forms & Templates)

When buying or selling a kitten or a cat you will want to get a Bill of Sale Form. This form will include all the important information about the transaction between the buyer and seller. The reason for a bill of sale is to make your transaction legal and binding. It is your protection and proof of sale.

You will want to meet and discuss all the details. Pick a safe place and bring the Cat along to see if it will get along with the Buyer. You will want to know if they are a good fit. Discuss the price and find out about the Kittens health. Has it had any vaccinations? Has it been spayed or neutered and how old the Kitten is? Most kittens can be sold between the ages of 8-12 weeks depending on if it is still drinking its mother’s milk. After the price has been agreed upon, you can proceed to fill out your bill of sale.

Free Cat/Kitten Bill of Sale Form

Cat Breeding Rights Contract Form

Contract for Bill of Purchase of Kitten

Kitten Bill of Sale Template 01

Kitten Bill of Sale Template 02

Things to include in bill of sale form

  • Start by filling in both parties Name, Address, and Phone Number. Include the Date of Purchase and how much money was exchanged.
  • Fill in all the information about the Cat like what Breed it is and the Color. What sex it is and the Date of Birth.
  • Does the Cat or Kitten have a name? If so, include this in your Bill of Sale as well.
  • Note it’s Registration Number and state the condition of its health.
  • If there was a deposit, then include this in your form.

You can write up your own Bill of Sale but be sure to check the legal requirements in your state. Both parties need to Sign and Date the document and any witnesses as well. Have your form Notarized by a Notary Public. Now you can enjoy your new Kitten or Cat with peace of mind.