Free Jet Ski Bill of Sale Forms (How to Sell) – Word | PDF

The Jet Ski Bill of sale Form is defined as a legally binding document regarding the process of selling and buying a watercraft vehicle (Jet Ski).

The document will include the terms of the exchange, such as (The amount of safety deposit and purchase price. The document will also include information relating to both parties and the item that is being sold, such as (The contact information of the buyer and seller, the year and model of the Jet Ski).

The Bill of Sale is used to ensure the rights of the buyer and seller by providing a paper trail for the process of the transaction and legitimizing the exchange.  The bill will protect the seller from any liability after the sale has been finished mainly due to the fact that it can be stated within the bill that the Jet Ski will be sold in its current condition. Therefore, the seller will not be liable for any defects found in the future. The document will also aid in the process of transferring ownership by making the process faster due to having all the necessary information for this transfer.

Free Templates

A jet ski bill of sale form template is a legally binding document that records the sale or transfer of a jet ski watercraft. By utilizing the pre-built templates provided below, you benefit from several technical advantages. Firstly, these templates provide a structured format, ensuring all essential information is included, such as buyer and seller details, jet ski specifications, and sale terms. Secondly, they save time and effort by eliminating the need to create a document from scratch. We understand your need for convenience, which is why we have provided professionally designed templates in both Word and PDF formats. Best of all, these templates are absolutely free to download, enabling you to navigate watercraft transactions confidently and efficiently.

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form 01

Free Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form 01 in PDF

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form 03

Editable Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form 02 in Word

Pleasure Watercraft Sales Contract Form

Free Bill of Sale Form 01 in PDF

Watercraft Bill of Sale Form 01

Editable Bill of Sale Form 02 in Word

Watercraft Bill of Sale Form 02

Printable Bill of Sale Form 03 in PDF

    How to fill Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form

    You should prepare the Jet Ski Bill of Sale before the sale and fill the document properly with the necessary information. To fill The Bill of Sale for a Jet Ski, you should provide details regarding the buyer and seller, details about the vehicle, and the terms of the exchange. You need to write it in a formal matter with accurate information. You should state any special terms at the beginning of the document or at the end of it.

    Step 1 – Seller information – Fill out the following data on the seller:

    • Name of seller
    • License Number of the seller
    • Address of seller (Street address, city, state, and zip code)
    • The email address of the seller
    • Phone number of the seller

    Step 2 – Buyer information – Input in the subsequent section, the buyer’s information.

    • Name of buyer
    • License Number of the buyer
    • Address of buyer (Street address, city, state, and zip code)
    • The email address of the buyer
    • Phone number of the buyer

    Step 3 – Jet Ski information – Avail all the requested information clearly describing the jet ski involved in this transaction.

    • Number of cylinders or strokes
    • Color
    • Displacement
    • Model
    • Make
    • Year
    • Odometer reading.
    • Hull identification number
    • Registration number
    • Any damage
    • Description
    • Condition
    • Any other important information

    Step 4 – State the measurement unit by putting a checkmark in the following boxes;

    • Hours
    • Knots
    • Miles
    • Kilometers

    Step 5 – Include the purchase price of the jet ski in numerical terms in the space provided.

    Step 6 – State the particular date of sale on which the jet ski is being sold.

    Step 7 – Complete the acquisition on the form by including the buyer and seller endorsements n the proper spaces.

    Step 8 – Have the assigned witnesses verify the document’s execution by providing their printed names and signatures below the seller’s and buyer’s names.

    Tips Both for the seller and buyer

    You should take the time to improve the value of the watercraft and increase your odds of selling it at a higher price. You can do so by following these tips:

    Make repairs to the Jet Ski

    Any damage to the Jet Ski that is perceived during the inspection will incur a reduction in the selling price. Thus, it is beneficial to take the time to repair any problems in the mechanisms of the vehicle, fix any damage to the paint of the vehicle and have it cleaned properly.  There are specialists who provide such services. Finishing these repairs will increase the value of the Jet Ski and allow you to sell the watercraft at a higher price than the market in some cases.

    Have a qualified technician inspect the jet ski

    As a buyer, it is crucial that after placing a security deposit, you have a certified technician perform an inspection of the jet ski.  Once everything passes the inspection, you can go ahead and conclude the sale.

    Make adverts for your jet ski

    Advertise your watercraft by publishing sale listing on websites or newspapers to ensure that your advertisement reaches as many prospective buyers. Provide pictures of your vehicle and add details to the advertisement that will be enticing to the buyer. Doing so will bring more people that will be interested in the vehicle and the buyers will be more likely to be willing to pay the asking price for the Jet Ski that you are selling. Some of the details that are nearly essential in every advertisement are:

    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Number of strokes
    • Number of persons that the vehicle is able to seat
    • Purchase price amount
    • Accumulated Mileage or hours
    • History of the vehicle’s maintenance
    • Any defects that the vehicle has
    • Contact information of the seller


    A Bill of Sale for a Jet Ski is essential in the process of selling or buying the watercraft. The document ensures the protection of both parties and will make the exchange easier and safer. The document is simple to structure and fill. It is important to keep a copy of the document as proof of the sale to avoid future liabilities that can occur to the seller if any problems with the Jet Ski occur.

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