Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form (Free Forms & Templates)

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form

A Jet Ski bill of sale form is a legal document which contains all the necessary information in the exchange of the jet ski. Furthermore, it explains the term of the agreement between the two parties, that is the seller and buyer. Usually, this document represents the information both the seller and buyer have entered plus identifying the jet ski information as well as the final sale price, which needs to be endorsed by both parties.

The buyer typically requests for the inspection of the jet ski by a licensed technician before purchase. However, in some cases, the seller may require the buyer to pay a security deposit, and the sale will be finalized once the approval has been confirmed.  Additionally, the buyer needs to acknowledge they are buying the jet ski in its current condition and that any defects or repairs needed after its sale is not the seller’s liability.

How to fill Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form

Step 1 – Seller information – Fill out the following data on the seller:

  • Name of seller
  • License Number of the seller
  • Address of seller (Street address, city, state, and zip code)
  • The email address of the seller
  • Phone number of the seller

Step 2 – Buyer information – Input in the subsequent section, the buyer’s information.

  • Name of buyer
  • License Number of the buyer
  • Address of buyer (Street address, city, state, and zip code)
  • The email address of the buyer
  • Phone number of the buyer

Step 3 – Jet Ski information – Avail all the requested information clearly describing the jet ski involved in this transaction.

  • Number of cylinders or strokes
  • Color
  • Displacement
  • Model
  • Make
  • Year
  • Odometer reading.
  • Hull identification number
  • Registration number
  • Any damage
  • Description
  • Condition
  • Any other important information

Step 5 – State the measurement unit by putting a checkmark in these following boxes;

  • Hours
  • Knots
  • Miles
  • Kilometers

Step 6 – Include the purchase price of the jet ski in numerical terms in the space provided.

Step 7 – State the particular date of sale which the jet ski is being sold.

Step 8 – Complete the acquisition on the form by including the buyer and seller endorsements n the proper spaces.

Step 9 – Have the assigned witnesses verify the document’s execution by providing their printed names and signatures below the seller’s and buyer’s name.

Free jet ski bill of sale forms

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form 01

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Pleasure Watercraft Sales Contract Form

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Watercraft Bill of Sale Form 02

Tips Both for the seller and buyer

Carry out necessary repairs

You want to ensure your jet ski is in its best condition before selling it. Therefore, it is vital that you perform any essential maintenance which you have been planning to do. Typically, buyers prefer buying a jet ski which at the time of purchase is fully ready and higher chances are they will pay more to get a fully functional jet ski.

Have a qualified technician inspect the jet ski

As a buyer, it is crucial that after placing a security deposit, you have a certified technician perform an inspection of the jet ski.  Once everything passes the inspection, you can go ahead and conclude the sale.

Make adverts for your jet ski

Have your jet ski appraised after you have it ready for sale and decide the price at which to advertise it. Consequently, you can choose to post this on either the classified, online ads or both.

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