Club Membership Application/Registration Form Samples

Like application for an admission into a college, applying to become a member of a certain club takes specific procedures and process. In any case, the process of applying to become a legal member of an organization, a club or an institution requires either of these steps: one in the form of application or by filling a certain form, and either could be done manually or online.

It is important to understand that the format of the membership forms for, say, a sports club will be different from that of swimming club, or fitness club, or speakers club, or rotary club, and so on. Below are different form templates for different clubs. Generally, each form will primarily contain requirements for basic personal information of the applicant as well as other information as required by the admission committee of each group.

Application for Sports Club Formation

A sports club is a form of the club formed for the purpose of carrying out a particular game or sporting activity. Its application form will demand that an applicant provides certain information to be able to join that particular sports club. Essential contents of this kind of application form are applicant’s personal information, which includes the name of the applicant, Phone number, email, purpose of joining the club, facilities required for the sports, list of potential competitors in the games.

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Application for Rotary Club Membership

A Rotary club is an organization of friends and problem-solvers who come together to share ideas to create a lasting change in others. The application form will contain the name of the District Governor, the District number sponsor club name, club adviser, club name, etc.

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Health and Fitness Club Supplemental Application

This is a type of health club that houses exercise equipment for the purpose of fitness and physical exercise. The form often contains applicant name, mailing, website and billing address, type of operation (which could be individual, partnership or corporate).

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Photography Application Form

This is the club that brings together artists in the photographic profession who come together to share skills and expertise. The content of its application form will include personal information such as student name, phone number, and the name of parent, among others.

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Non-Profit Club Membership Application

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Club/Renewal License Application Form

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