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Customer Service

After a long search for your dream job as a customer service attendant, you’ve finally got a job opening. But before showing up at the interview, you need to write your cover letter to help demonstrate your skills and experience. Crafting a good cover letter convinces the hiring manager to give you a shot. Therefore, read on to learn how to draft a standout customer service cover letter that will secure you a place at the interview.

Tips for writing a customer service cover letter

  • Working in a customer service center requires strong communication as well as being able to solve a problem, especially under pressure. Therefore, you need to think about the qualities that make you a great customer service assistant.
  • Take some time and study the type of job. Take stock of the required skills and experiences.
  • You need to get some training in customer service jobs. Training usually marks you out. Also, it equips you with whatever necessary for such tasks.
  • Also, you need to be of good personality and character. One golden rule for customer service jobs is the human attitude.

What to include in cover letter

Just like any other cover letter, a customer service cover letter should always have the standard features of a well-crafted cover letter. This includes the following:

i. Contact information

First and foremost, your customer service cover letter should have your contact details in place. Ensure you include your name, address, phone, and email.

ii. Salutation

Immediately after the contact information, you should have your salutation. If at all you know the recipient by name, you can use his/her last name alongside “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or “Miss.” However, if you don’t know the recipient’s name, then you can use “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To whom it may concern.”

iii. The body paragraph

Once you are through with the salutation, you need to embark on the letter’s body paragraph. Start your body paragraph with some catchy lines that can easily grab the reader’s attention. Make your cover letter correlate with your skills and experience in your resume. Explain to your reader why you are the perfect candidate for the customer service job.

iv. Closing paragraph

Last but not least, you need to conclude your cover letter by mentioning in brief how your skills will contribute to the company’s success. Thank your recipient for taking the time to go over your letter. Also, let them know you welcome their invitation for an interview.

v. Closer

Here, you should include a closer phrase such as sincerely, or yours faithfully, then write your name below.

Customer service cover letter samples

Hospital Customer Service Cover Letter

Tom McClure

333 Greenlight Street, California, CA 3333-333 444 444

[email protected]

Teresa Monroe

Human Resource Manager

Goodlife Hospital

3333 Greenlight Rd.

Dear Mrs. Monroe,

I am writing this letter to apply for the open customer service representative post in your hospital. I have a strong belief I am the candidate you are looking for. My background in supporting patients during their medication process is something I always wanted. With over two years of experience, I have exactly what it take to bring your hospital one step closer to its objectives.

Having me as your customer service attendant at your hospital, you can be assured you have the best out of the best. I welcome any call for an interview in the future so that I can expound more on my qualifications. Thanks in advance.


Tom Monroe.

Hospital Customer Service Cover Letter (Word Format)

Hospital Customer Service Cover Letter (Word Format)

Hotel Management Customer Service Cover Letter

Nina Myers

5566 Saldon Courts

Mount View, TX 2323

(515) 688-3434

[email protected]

Hiring Manager

Zion Hotels

413 Portmore Rd.

Colorado, CL 3434

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am seeking the position of the hotel manager at the Zion Hotels Colorado branch. I have heard a positive reputation about Zion Hotels, and therefore, I enclose my resume with this cover letter for consideration.

As a highly competent and professional hotelier, I will bring service-centered as well as a hardworking attitude to your hotel. In my current position, I maintain efficient and quality services to my customers. Therefore, if given a chance, I will ensure I contribute immensely to the growth of your hotel. I am highly optimistic and looking forward to your response.


Nina Myers

Hotel Management Customer Service Cover Letter (Word Format)

Hotel Management Customer Service Cover Letter (Word Format)

Customer service cover letter email examples

Call Center Customer Service Cover Letter Email

Subject: Call Center Customer Service

Dear Miss Adrian,

I am responding will enthusiasm for your job posting on the daily newspaper for a call center customer service representative. I believe my extensive experience and skills will match perfectly for this job.

I am a highly motivated person with a workaholic attitude. Besides my hardworking, I am always keen on ensuring my clients are satisfied whatsoever. If given a chance, I can prove myself without any hassle.

I welcome the opportunity to learn more about the position and how I can contribute to the success of your firm. Feel free to contact me at [contact numbers] or [email address]. Thank you for your time.


John Walkman.


Call Center Customer Service Cover Letter (Word Format)

Call Center Customer Service Cover Letter (Word Format)

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