Credit Card (ACH) Authorization Forms


Have you ever taken your time to understand what happens when you hit a play button on a website? Well, immediately, you purchase with a debit or credit card, a credit card authorization request will be sent to an issuer to verify if the card is valid. Therefore, a credit card authorization is an approval confirming that the customer has enough funds on the card to pay for a transaction.

Having understood what a credit card authorization is, let’s dig deeper into how it is made possible. The whole process usually starts with filling a credit card authorization form. This form has an essential role in any purchase made by the customer since it shows that the seller has the consent of the credit card holder to make payments.

What is a Credit Card Authorization Form?

A credit card authorization form can be defined as a document that allows third parties to make any payments by using an individual’s written consent and credit data. This can either be a one-time charge or even a recurring one. An excellent example of recurring payment is when you sign up for a gym membership or monthly rent payment.

The Main Types of Credit Card Authorization Forms

The four main types of credit authorization forms, which include:

  • Time Credit Authorization Form: This is a general form applied for a general charge made for only a single payment on your credit card.
  • Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form: This form is specifically used when using a business’s or individual’s credit card for payment that will keep on repeating within a timely period. Generally, on a monthly period.
  • 1-time ACH Authorization Form: Used for making a one-time payment through a bank account, either a checking or saving account, through providing the routing and account numbers.
  • Recurring ACH Authorization: Used when providing your bank account details to make a payee to process payments on a periodic basis.

Free Forms

1-Time ACH Payment Authorization Form
eforms.comCredit Card (ACH) Authorization FormCredit Card 

1-Time Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Airline Credit Card Authorization Form

Hotel Credit Card Authorization Form

Recurring ACH Authorization Payment Form

Recurring ACH Authorization Payment Form

The Benefits of a Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit card authorization usually has two main benefits that have a vast and vital role for merchants and businesses. First, it gives the business the consent of charging a credit card even without the buyer being physically available. Secondly, it helps prevent fraudulent and unwanted charge-backs, which can hurt the proper relationship between the business and the merchant processors.  

A business that is getting many charge-backs may lead to the merchant provider ceasing to do business with them.

How to Fill a Credit Card Authorization Form

Filling out a credit card authorization form is not a hard task as the form will be available here on our website. Therefore, you can download our free Credit Card Authorization Form and get going. Alongside the templates, you’ll also have to pay attention to specific steps as outlined below:

1. Open and Download a Credit Card Authorization Template

 The first step is to choose a template form that corresponds with your needs at hand, depending on the different types of credit card authorizations forms available. You must also have your account information at hand when filling out the forms. Everything has to be filled accurately.

2. Choose How Frequent the Payment Has To Occur

The document will handle the task of providing intent to allow other people to use your account in paying bills. This approval must be given with a clear and distinction of when and how frequent the payment should occur. If you are authorizing a recurrent payment, then place a mark in the recurring charge labeled box.

If the payment is a one-time thing by virtue of the form, you should check the unique corresponding box. Remember that once the payment has been made, the approved party will not be able to make the same payment again in the future.

3. Furnish your Choice with Requested Information

Having solidified the authorized payment frequency, you will have to disclose some necessary details regarding the amounts and parties involved. Please keep in mind that while this information is requested In every choice, you only need to furnish the information to the paragraph that is attached to a selected checkbox. Therefore, start by locating the checkbox that you have marked, and then fill in your first, middle, and last name on the first blank that is labeled full name in that statement.

4. Produce the Right Billing Information as Required by the Authorization Process   

The billing information section requires information regarding the account holder. As the account owner, you have to sign the document to provide your billing address and provide the account holder’s residential number, street name, and unit number as listed on his or her account.

5. Detail the Method of Payment that is Being Authorized

The last section requires information on whether you are purchasing a credit card or bank. Only one option has to be selected. If you wish to approve a third party checking or saving account in making the payments, you have to mark the right checkbox in the Bank area.

6. Demonstrate your Intention in Authorizing The defined Payment Information

To provide proof of consent and approval, the acknowledgment statement has to be completed. Locate the available blank spaces following the dollar sign and record the penalty amount you have to pay every time the charge is rejected because of insufficient money.

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