Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Form (Free Forms & Templates)

Dog Puppy Bill of Sale Form

Purchasing a pet is an important financial decision that should not be taken lightly. In order to ensure both the seller and purchaser are protected in the transaction, it’s important to draft a dog bill of sale to document the transaction. This bill of sale is a legal document, noting the terms and conditions of the agreement in which a dog is transferred from one owner to another, possibly in exchange for currency, services, or another form of payment. This bill is vital to both parties for protecting against fraud. If one party does not fulfill their end of the legal agreement, the other party now has grounds to pursue legal action with the bill of sale.

A seller might draft a dog bill of sale when they are selling an animal, they can no longer take care of, they are a breeder selling puppies, or they are transferring ownership for another miscellaneous reason.

Information that should be listed on a dog bill of sale:

The date of purchase

This is usually the agreed upon date of exchange.

The full name and address of both the seller and buyer

You should verify this information before drafting this Bill of Sale.                  

The agreed upon payment amount for the dog

This amount should be extremely specific as to not invite interpretation in a legal setting. If paying with currency, the amount should be specifically stated to the cent.

Information about the dog

This can include date of birth, breed, sex, coloring, vaccination and medical history, etc.


Sometimes young puppies cannot be separated from their mothers until they are an appropriate age. A seller may require a down payment or deposit from the buyer until the puppy is ready to be exchanged.


The seller may allow for a warranty during a certain time period after the purchase in case any medical or other issues arise. Acceptable reasons for return may be listed here as well.


As this is a legally binding document, it’s important that the document is signed by both the seller and buyer to show the agreement was authorized by both parties.

After the Bill of Sale has been drafted with the information listed above, you’ll need to go to your public notary and receive a Certificate of Acknowledgment before the exchange occurs. After the document is recognized, the dog can be purchased and both parties are protected legally in the sale.

Free dog bill of sale forms

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 01

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 02

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 03

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 04

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 05

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 06

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 07 

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 08

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 09

Puppy or Dog Bill of Sale Form 10

Contract for the Sale and Purchase of a Puppy

Agreement Form for Sale of Puppy

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