Data Gap Analysis Template – 5 + Templates for (Excel, PDF & PPT)

Performing a data gap analysis is beneficial to running any company; some people may wonder, however, where to start on creating a data gap analysis. The data gap analysis template should be clean and concise, and able to effectively communicate to your employees how their performance is measuring up. It is a helpful visual tool, but it shouldn’t be hard or confusing to set up.

A basic data gap analysis template doesn’t even have to be too complicated or hard: a simple excel file is all that is needed for a minimalist way of looking at your gaps. In a basic template, some simple column headers that can be used should include a column for expected output or standard, a column for actual output or standard, and another for measuring the gap between the actual and expected outputs or standards.

At the very minimum, this can be a simple way to start seeing the numbers that can help you reach the standards that you want to be at. More columns can be added for items such as creating an action plan to deal with the gaps – including changes needed to be made or work to build on – and the implications of having a gap. Choose a template that will most benefit the situation in your workplace and will give you the clearest view of what your gaps are and how you might change or learn from them. It’s beneficial to try and keep the templates to as minimal area as possible to minimize any clutter and give a clearer picture of the numbers. The template can also be formatted to highlight certain numbers or columns that you deem important.

Data GAP Analysis Example for PDF,

GAP Analysis Example for PDF

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Gap Analysis Spreadsheet,

Gap Analysis Spreadsheet

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Data GAP Analysis Template (xls),

Data GAP Analysis Template (xls)

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Gap Analysis Template for PowerPoint,

Gap Analysis Template for PowerPoint

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Gap Analysis Tool,

Gap Analysis Tool

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