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Marriages are ordinarily built to last. Nonetheless, circumstances do come that may necessitate a premature termination. If and when these circumstances arise, the end result is often divorce, for which a certificate is issued. This divorce may normally have to be verified before dealing with the affected party.

That demands the drafting of a divorce verification letter. As you may have guessed, the object of this letter is to show cause that the affected party was actually married and that the Marriage indeed fell apart. Knowing all about this letter is critical to its appreciation and subsequent use.

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    Purpose of the Divorce Verification Letter

    A typical divorce verification letter serves these two main purposes:

    Verifies the Divorce Status of an Applicant

    It verifies the divorce status of an applicant. This simply means that it proves to whoever may be concerned that the applicant was indeed married and that his Marriage actually fell apart. To do this, it primarily gives the proceedings of the divorce court and the appropriate references.

    Give More Details About the Failed Marriage

    Next, it gives finer details about the failed Marriage. In this regard, it answers the following question: who was the applicant married to? For how long did the marriage last? When did the Marriage start and end? Under what circumstances did the Marriage come to an end?

    Reclaim Maiden Name

    A formerly married woman may usually want to revert to her old maiden name after a breakup. For this to happen, she must prove to the state authorities that indeed she was initially married and that the Marriage was formally put to an end. That can only happen if a letter of this kind is drafted and sent.

    When Re-Marrying

    Pursuance to officiating a marriage, a priest will usually want to confirm that the person concerned is not presently married. If at all he had been married before, he wants to know that the previous Marriage was nullified in the right form and shape. This letter comes in here yet again.

    Applying for State Documents

    When applying for some state documents or seeking membership in some state institutions, this letter is relied on to provide the necessary piece of information. For instance, in pursuance of opening a bank account, enrolling in the military, or obtaining a school transcript, you have to prove your marital status.

    How to Request a Divorce Verification Certificate

    Where exactly you may access these records depend mainly in the state or jurisdiction where you are based. In some states, these records are available in the courts while in some, it is in the superior courts. The onus hence is on you to know where exactly the records are available in your area.

    As is the case with the point of access, the rules that govern the access and retrieval of those records also vary considerably from one area to another one. Yet again, you have to familiarize yourself with these rules to be able to know how to go about it smoothly.

    Some states demand that you fill a form while others will easily respond to a phone call or email. Better still, some states allow for online applications that are faster and more convenient. It is not uncommon for you to be called to appear in person at such times, though.

    To be able to receive the divorce verification certificate, you have to furnish the following pieces of information:

    • Names of the divorced parties
    • Dates of birth of the parties
    • The location where the divorce was decreed
    • Purpose of the letter
    • The maiden name of the ex-wife (in case of a man)
    • Self-addressed, stamped envelope
    • Check for the search fee
    • Applicant’s present address and driver’s license number
    • Relationship with the divorced parties

    What to Include?

    When seeking this verification letter, you have to demand while at the same time furnish the following details:

    • Name of the Applicant – The name of the applicant features at the top of the letter. It is the official name of the person who is seeking this piece of information, which in this case happens to be you.
    • Address of the Applicant – It is the postal and/or physical address of the applicant. The address signifies where the applicant (you) is presently based and the precise location where the letter is to be mailed.
    • Divorce Number – Each divorce is usually assigned a unique number that sets it apart from the others for the purposes of easy referencing. The letter has to ask for the number for the sheer purpose of easier identification.
    • The Date of the Divorce – When exactly was the divorce enforced? Yet again, for the purposes of easier referencing, each divorce is assigned a date, typically when it was officially declared valid. You have to ask for this detail as well.
    • The Type of Final Decree – At the time that the divorce was officially effected, what was the kind of decree issued? There are three main kinds of decrees in this regard. These are preliminary, final, and partly preliminary and partly final, respectively.

    Divorce Verification Letter Format


    Your Name

    Your Address

    Your City, State Zip Code

    Your Phone Number

    Your Email

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

    Re: Divorce Verification Letter

    I draft this letter to formally ask you to furnish me with a certified copy of the divorce between me ______ (write your name) and my spouse ______ (write the name of your spouse) that was decreed in the _____ (name of the county) and state of _____ (name of the state).

    The divorce number is _________ (write the divorce number). While furnishing this verification, kindly incorporate the following details as well:

    • The Date of the Divorce

    • The Type of Final Decree

    I request this verification as I am currently applying for ________ (specify the kind of application e.g. social security, military ID, or maiden name change).

    To facilitate the search, I hereby enclose a check worth _________ (specify the amount of money).

    Many thanks in advance for your support and cooperation. I look forward to receiving a letter from you soon.


    Signature of Applicant

    Printed Name of Applicant

    List of Enclosures: Check, Self-addressed Stamped Envelope

    Divorce Verification Letter Sample

    Monday, June 22, 2020

    Douglas McGauran,

    490 Pleasant Street,

    Lewiston, ME, 04240

    Dear Sir,

    RE: Divorce Verification Letter

    This is a formal request to you to verify that I actually divorced my spouse, Janet Hamilton, on January 22nd, 2020.

    The divorce transpired in Androscoggin County, Maine State. The following pieces of information will help you in mining the details:

    • The Date of the Divorce – January 22nd, 2020.

    • The Type of Final Decree – Preliminary Decree

    I badly need this document to help me in applying for a job I am currently eyeing. In case of the need for any further information, kindly reach me soonest possible via this line: (207) 513-3004.

    Also included in the application is a check worth $50 to facilitate the search and processing of payments.


    Douglas McGauran

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some mysteries do abound as pertains to this kind of letter. We take our time now to highlight and answer the top issues of these kinds:

    Where Do You Get A Copy Of The Divorce Certificate?

    In many states, you will get this copy at the courthouse or in the clerk’s office. However, this varies considerably from state to state and county to county. You have to check and find out where exactly your jurisdiction demands that you pick it from.

    How Can I Find Divorce Records Online For Free?

    The site SearchQuarry.com is a prime example of where these records are available online for free. To leverage this site, you have to key in your first and last names, respectively. Watch out for the queries to find out whether the results match the exact person you have in mind.

    How Can I Check To See If Someone Is Married?

    Anyone can access this vital piece of information by simply skimming the public records of the state or county wherein the marriage was or is currently registered. All you need to do is access the internet, and there you go. You do not even have to part with some fees!

    You now know where to run to for your divorce verification letters. Have we not labored to furnish the information you need? Why not proceed now to make good use of the information. Pass it on also to someone who might want to make use of it!

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