Employment (Job) Confirmation Letter [with Free Templates]

If you want to thrive as a business, several intricate elements need to be taken care of. One of those essential but heavily overlooked areas in a business operation is the employment confirmation letter. Different aspects of this discourse must be explored to ensure that you set the correct information for the prospective employee. The employment confirmation letter will determine a list of things for your employees. Therefore, you need to ensure it is top-notch from the beginning to the end. Consequently, you will experience all the necessary areas of an employment confirmation letter and create yours to incorporate into your business.

The Employment Confirmation Letter is a document or a letter explaining the terms of the agreement for a prospective employee.

In addition, it details the terms and conditions that are involved in working with the company. The employment confirmation letter ensures that the employer and the employee are on the same page regarding the working conditions and other aspects that will benefit both parties in the long run. The employment confirmation letter is used as a reference point for both parties for many years or if the employee stays with the company. Therefore, the letter must be drafted carefully.

However, there is a distinction between the employment verification letter and the employment confirmation letter. It is common for people to misinterpret the two. The employment verification letter is a correspondence issued by a financial institution looking to give out loans.

So, these banks or financial institutions will send a verification letter to an employer to clarify if the employee works in the company. In simple words, it is used to verify the employment status of an employee through the employer.

On the other hand, an employment confirmation letter is a document issued by an employer to a prospective employee looking for employment. The letter may come after a verbal agreement or none; the purpose is to show that the company is willing to employ the individual with terms and conditions attached to the letter.

Free Templates

Gain access to our wide range of free templates for Employment (Job) Confirmation Letters. These templates provide a convenient and professional format for confirming job offers, accepting employment, or verifying employment details.

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    Importance Of Sending One

    The employment confirmation letter is essential to the brand’s image and reputation, but it is also valid. One reason is that the letter details the terms and conditions clearly without any form of ambiguity so that the employee can clearly understand the job roles, the pay, and other areas previously discussed.

    The employment confirmation letter also shows that the company is valid and is in entire operation with existing principles. The letter also helps to prepare the employee to sign the employment contract, so there is room for any other adjustment if there is a resolution after reading the letter.

    What Should be Included?

    Since we have understood that the employment confirmation letter is essential to the company’s credibility and the agreement between your business and the employee, it is necessary to know what should be included in the letter.

    Responsibilities: You should include the job responsibilities and the role of the employee. This should show the level of the employee’s responsibilities and expectations.

    Starting date: The start date also needs to be included. The employment confirmation letter should detail the exact date that the employee is supposed to start the work.

    Name and title of the sender: The supervisor’s name and title should be included; this will help the employee know the structure or hierarchy of the company.

    Salary details: Whether you are confused about paying the employee hourly or a lonely salary, these details must be included in the employment confirmation letter.

    Benefits of the company: What are the employee benefits that the prospects will gain when they start working with your company? Next, you need to add the employee benefits program, whether diversity and inclusion, paid time off, employee assistance program, and others.

    The terms of the employment should be discussed in the letter, letting the employee know whether it was at-will or any other condition.

    Note: It is best to have a verbal agreement before you send an employment confirmation letter; the talk will ensure you avoid any issues when writing the letter.

    However, if you do not have any agreement and only an interview was conducted, that is fine too. You can send an employment confirmation letter within two to four weeks after the verbal agreement or the interview.

    Drafting an Employment Confirmation Letter

    The employment confirmation letter is an important document that will be used as a reference point at different times. Therefore, you need to know how to write perfectly to the prospective employee.

    Here is how to write an employment confirmation letter:


    Most companies’ letters carry their letterhead, which has the company information. Plus, the letterhead shows authenticity and credibility when the employee reads.

    • Date: The date when the letter was written should be written on the letter. As an organization, you need to have the date stamp of the documents that you send out.
    • Name of the employee: The header will also carry the full name of the prospective employee. No prospective employee wants to see a letter addressed to a strange person or no one at all. Since you have the employee’s information, include the full name in the header of the letter.
    • Address of the employee: Include the full address of the employee with the state code and the phone number.
    • State the subject of the letter: The subject of the letter should be clear on the letter. For example, “Job Confirmation” can be the proposed subject that you are going for.
    • Greetings: It would be best if you greeted the employee by addressing them directly. “Dear John”


    There is a need for a proper introduction so that the prospective employee will feel warm and understand what the letter is about. You need to state the primary purpose of writing the letter. Straight away, let the employee understand the reason for the letter.


    The body of the employment confirmation letter bears the significant information that you want to pass across to the prospective employee. It is where the main message lies and how every aspect of the prospective employees’ stay will be detailed.

    Here is how to write the body of an employment confirmation letter:

    • Mention the job title, salary, and start date of the job: It is essential to have a welcoming time. An exciting approach will give your employee a much-needed confidence boost when he or she starts work on the specified day. For example, you can start by saying, “We at XYZ Company are pleased to offer you the role of the Junior Assistant. Your first day will be on January 1, 2022, with a salary of $20,000 a year to start with”.
    • Write details of benefits your company offers: It is essential to include the employment benefits your company offers, whether free rides, free wi-fi, diversity, inclusion, paid time off, and other benefits. This will help the employee see that you are interested in the work and ensure an effective work/life balance.
    • Explain terms and conditions: The terms and conditions must be clearly stated. For example, you need to inform the employee to perform a background check or drug test. The terms may also include the employee signing the documents. The deadline should also be included so that there is a sense of urgency on the part of the employee.


    Every part of the letter must convey the right message and tone for the prospective employee to feel welcome. In addition, the closing needs to be warm and show that element of human nature.

    Therefore, here are the best ways of closing an employment confirmation letter:

    • Conclude by thanking the recipient: Thank the recipient by saying, “Thank you for your interest in XYZ Company. We are happy to have you as part of our team”.
    • Salutation: “Yours Sincerely” is an excellent salutation for an employment confirmation letter.
    • Your name and designation: Include your full name and designation so that the employee can have a sense of the company that he or she will be working in.
    • Signature: Add your signature after your designation.

    Employment Confirmation Letter Format


    [Full Prospective Employee name]

    [Employee Address]





    [Your full name]

    [Position in the company]

    [Company Name]


    Sample of Employment Confirmation Letter

    August 2, 2019

    James Monroe
    175 Bridgestone Avenue
    New York, NY 14543

    Subject: Offer of Employment

    Dear Mr. Monroe,

    We are pleased to offer you the position of Facility Manager at XYZ Company.

    Your start date is August 2, 2019. In your position as a facility manager, you will report to the Admin Manager and the CEO. You will start your position with a monthly salary of $30,000 a year; also, you will be paid monthly on the last day of each month.

    It is necessary to join the orientation program, which starts a week before your start date. Therefore, you must get to the venue by 9 am. The details of your job descriptions and responsibilities have been attached to this letter.

    We are incredibly pleased to have you on board.

    Yours Sincerely,

    David Mark

    Admin Manager

    XYZ Company


    Professional Tips of Writing

    Consider the following effective practices for composing a compelling employment confirmation letter:

    Use a business letter format

    A business letter format sets the tone for the entire letter. It would be best to have a letterhead that bears the company information to show credibility and its entire operation. The paragon style of a letter should be block style with relevant font and margins. In between, the paragraphs need to be double spaced, but the block style should be single-spaced. Furthermore, you should not abbreviate any part of the letter when writing the employee’s address.

    Ask the employee to contact you back if needed

    This is great for the necessary feedback. However, you should include your contact details towards the end of the letter for the employer to contact you. This is necessary when you need to submit the document you may have attached to the letter. It is advisable that even if you don’t have anything for the employee to contact you about, you should still add the note for them.

    Proofread your letter

    The letter must be free from errors and typos. You can ask someone to help proofread the letter. Since you will be dealing with numbers, confirming the numbers properly will help to avoid serious issues. It can lead to a huge misunderstanding and breakdown of the contract if things are not done correctly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the employment confirmation letter get sent?

    The employment confirmation letter can be sent two weeks after the verbal agreement if there have been any. However, the employment confirmation letter can be sent without verbal agreement four weeks after the interview. However, you can send the letter within these time frames, depending on your company policy.

    What should be included in the employment confirmation letter?

    The employment confirmation letter needs to have some specific information that will ensure the prospective employee fully grasp the extent to which his or her services will be required. Therefore, one of the first things to include in the letter is the job roles and responsibilities. In addition, you need to ensure that the job description is adequately spelled out with the date when the employee is expected to resume work.
    Also, the employee’s salary must be included; ensure that you carefully look at the numbers as it can be tricky when dealing with 1s and 0s.
    Furthermore, the mode of payment must be added to the employment confirmation letter. For example, how do you intend to pay the prospective employee? Is it hourly or monthly? Whatever the decision roe agreement is, you need to state it in the letter.
    There should be employee benefits on signing in with your company; what are the current employees’ benefits? What do you want to give this new employee? Some companies ensure that the new employee works for at least 60 days before the employee benefits start. So, if that is your policy, then let that be stated in the letter.

    What is the difference between employment verification and an employment confirmation letter?

    The employment verification letter is a document sent by a financial institution to an employer that verifies the status of an employee looking to get a loan or mortgage. On the other hand, the employment confirmation letter is a document sent by an employer to a prospective employee to explain the employment details.

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