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Employee counseling plays a vital role in the overall performance review and potential appraisal. It is also a better way of ensuring you achieve your goals when it comes to helping your employees improve and also develop. However, unless you have a better approach to counseling, your employees may come out more dissatisfied with the counseling than before. This means you need to understand each employee personally, including their personal, technical, and emotional problems that interfere with their work.

Employee counseling is, therefore, a vital part of the performance review as well as the potential appraisal. It is simply described as the assistance offered by employers to their employees in analyzing their work performance and behavior while at work to improve their performance.  

Employees usually experience different situations when executing their daily work, functions, and process. This means that they may, at times, do things that go against the company’s guidelines and rules, either intentionally or unintentionally. Such a circumstance will require the intervention of a resource manager or the counseling department of the company. Having an employee counseling form will make the whole process simple as you have the necessary information regarding the employee. With this, let’s go into details on the employee counseling form.

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Employee Verbal Counseling Form

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    How to Make an Employee Counseling Form

    Since this is an essential document, you have to ensure you cover everything needed in helping both you and the employee is having a single time during the counseling. The form must, therefore, include the following areas:

    The Employee Details

    In this segment, you have to make sure you outline the employee to be counseled name and also department. This will help ensure you get accurate data regarding the employee and his or her working department.

    The Disciplinary Measures to be Taken

    Here you have to be clear on the disciplinary actions to be given depending on the circumstance at hand. This can either be verbal or even written counseling. In some circumstances, you must also include whether it is a suspension or final counseling.

    In case of unpaid suspension, you must include the dates for when the suspension will be implemented if the counseling agreements do not meet.

    The Circumstance Leading to the Counseling

    The form has to cover the events leading to counseling. Many reasons can lead to employee counseling, and you have to be specific. This will then be followed by outlining the needed procedures that will ensure the same thing does not re-occur again.

    It would be best if you also had a sign out segment where both the counselor and the employee will have to signify that they indeed sat down and discussed the significant problems and the way forward.

    Actions Leading to Counseling

    A firm has to strictly implement its regulations and rules in assuring that every employee has a smooth workflow, not forgetting a safe and healthy working environment.

    This, therefore, means that counseling may arise due to the following reasons:

    • Tardiness and absenteeism.
    • Poor work performance issues.
    • Lack of respect when it comes to other employees.
    • Violation of work rules of the firm.
    • Not abiding by specific policies within your work environment.
    • Misconduct and improper behaviors within the working hours. 
    • Causing damage to the company’s items.
    • Stealing.
    • Poor customer relations are leading to customer dissatisfaction.

    The Importance of Comprehending the Content of an Employee Counseling Form

    Everyone involved in a counseling process has to know the terms of counseling for these reasons:

    • The employee gets to understand why he or she has been subjected to counseling.
    • It allows the employer to assure his or her employees that the counseling is just a professional procedure and nothing personal.
    • It helps in making the transaction more transparent.
    • Every involved party gets to understand what is going to happen during the counseling period and after. 

    The Benefits of Employee Counseling Form

    • The counseling process is simply about providing a safe place where the employee can talk about any issue that might be troubling him or her while at the same time allowing the counselors to assist them in finding solutions to their problems. This helps in ensuring the employees can develop better ways of managing arising issues during work. 
    • The counseling has been a major contributing factor for the success rates in many companies, with a critical study showing that 70% of the Employee Assistance Association showing great results through better work improvements after the counseling.
    • To employers, the counseling offers a better opportunity of understanding your employees better through their weakness and strength. 

    There is a lot that comes with putting in place an employee counseling form. Therefore make sure you take your time and come up with a document that covers the necessary information, which will help you have an easy time during the counseling process. If you want an Employee Counselling form template, please don’t hesitate to download one from our sites.

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