How to Write a Perfect Salary Increase Letter (Tips & Sample Letter)

After working somewhere for quite some time, you may probably feel like you need a raise in your salary. If you can present your case in writing, there is a high possibility that things may turn out well for you. Therefore, you have to know what to include in the content and what you should ignore.

Using the right words to express yourself gives you higher chances of getting the increment.

When to ask

You should check on your timing before you deliver such a letter to your boss. Do not go asking for a salary increase at a time when the business is going through a rough time. The best moment would be when the business is at its peak, or when your employer is happy with the work you are doing.

What to include

In order to make an impressive argument, collect all the relevant pieces of evidence that will help prove your point by outlining how helpful you have been to the company’s progress. Talk about how you have helped the company to achieve some of its short or long terms goals.

What to avoid

Do not use other workers’ salaries as a reason for requesting the increment.

How do you write a salary increase request letter

Below are a few tips that can help you to come up with a good letter:

State the amount you want as your new salary. When writing such a letter to your employers, you should seem prepared. Include the salary that you would like your employer to start paying you. You can use online resources to figure out how much a person in your position should be earning. The amount is arrived at by considering your level of experience and the location of the business.

Highlight your achievements since your last increment or when you started working there. By using figures, talk about how big your contribution to the company’s success is. Include your position in the letter. For instance, if you are in charge of advertising a company’s product, you can talk about how you have helped increase awareness of the product by maybe 20% every year, which has eventually, lead to an increase in the sales of that product.

Apart from your designated job, you can also talk about any other roles in the company that you have been taking part in as well.

Include any other relevant material. You should attach any material that will persuade your employer to consider your request. For example, if you have undergone further training on your respective field, include those papers in your letter because they can help you get the raise.

You should consider the length of your letter. A very short letter will not fully show how serious or dedicated you are, whereas a long letter may be boring to your boss. Make sure your letter sounds professional, is detailed, has correct letter format and is straight to the point.

Remember to include your name and the name of the person you are sending the letter to, the date, and a title. Before you finally print out the paper, remember to proofread so that you can get rid of any mistakes.

Sample Salary Increase Letter

Jared Leroy68 Wolven Avenue


[email protected]




CLD Enterprises

35464 Barrow Road


Dear Mr. Ceo

I humbly request that you review my monthly salary. I have been in charge of marketing at Mwando Company for 6 years now and I have shown dedication and commitment through the entire time. I believe my experience and achievement over these years can prove that indeed I do deserve at least a 15% increase in my salary.

I have also helped other divisions in the company including the casual laborers recruitment and how they get paid as well. Some of the major achievements that I have made as head of department include;

  • Since I took the job, the company has been selling more products thanks to my new advertisement methods.
  • I came up with the new packaging idea that helped preserve the product even longer.
  • I have improved the relationship between workers by coming up with new ways of team building.

In addition, the state salary for a person of my experience is way above the raise I am requesting.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you put my request into consideration. I will be available for a sit down if you need me.

Best regards,


Salary Increase Letter (Word Template)