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Discipline helps bring control and order within the workplace. That is why most organizations, companies, and businesses take ideal disciplinary action against employees. One thing to note is that not all employees are perfect. Even if you have a good team of employees, a bad apple may fall on them one day. They might be tempted to cross the line. As an employer, once you’ve investigated and confirmed that the employee has acted unethically, you need to follow a transparent disciplinary process. For this reason, you will need a professionally written Employee Disciplinary Action Form.

Understanding Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Employee disciplinary action form has conventionally been defined as a form used by employers to inform the employee of the policies or rules broken and the attractive consequences. Once written, the employer will issue the employee with a copy and keep the other in the employee’s file for future reference. In most cases, the recipient will always be unwelcome with the punishment stated, hence the need to present it in writing. Employee disciplinary action form presents the employee with an incentive not to repeat the misbehavior. However, you should note that taking disciplinary action shouldn’t be the first option in doling out punishment. Rather, you should postpone the action while giving out warnings, counseling, and reprimand forms until you have no option left.

What to Include in an Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Typically, an employee disciplinary action form should contain the following information:

  • The name of the employee, their employment number, position, and other personal details.
  • The reason why the employee disciplinary action form is written and the date
  • A brief summary of the offense committed.
  • A list of witnesses and location
  • Past incidences where the employee have received warnings of violations
  • A space for employee comments
  • Corrective measures and date for improvement
  • Name of the immediate supervisor or manager
  • Signatures of both the employer and the employee

Well, now that you know what to include in an employee disciplinary action form, let’s see how these components are used when filling the form.

How to Fill an Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Always remember that an employee disciplinary action form is a formal document; hence should use official and professional language. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the forms.

Employee Information

The first thing to note is the details of the employee. Write down the official names of the employee, then followed by his/her employment title and department. Also, note down the names of the supervisor and the date when the form is written.

Type of offense

You need to clearly state the type of violation committed by the employee—also, state how the violation is against the company’s policies. Plus, mention how it affects its productivity or reputation.

Violation details

Here you will write down the date, time, and location in which the infraction was committed. For instance, you can state that on 4th June, Mr. XX assisted the entry of an unauthorized individual into offices contrary to the company policy.

Employer’s comments

Here, the employer needs to describe the type of language or incident witnessed during the date of the violation. Also, the employer will mention the immediate action he/she did following the transgression.

Employee’s comments

Here, the employee will also be given a chance to explain his/her side of the story regarding the transgression.

Corrective measures

Under this section, the employer will mention a list of actions that will be taken in an attempt to correct the misbehavior.

Prior warnings

Mention if any of the past warnings the specific employee has been issued. Describe the type of warning and how it relates to the current offense.

Statement of receipt

The employee disciplinary action form will then be signed by the employee and the employer to act as proof of receipt and awareness. After the signing, the dates are written below.

Free Forms & Templates

Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 01

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 02

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 03

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 04

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 05

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 06

Employee Disciplinary Action Form 07

    Why Do Employers Use Employee Disciplinary Action Form?

    Employee disciplinary action form is served for different purposes. The following are some of the purposes why the forms are used.

    It Helps Document Employees’ Misbehavior

    In any workplace environment, employee misconduct will always occur. When these misconducts happen, it’s important to document them from start to finish. This helps keep the management and the employee informed.

    It Ensures Equality And Consistency In All Processes

    Just as mentioned above, no employee is perfect. At some point, they’ll violate the rules of the company either knowingly or unknowingly. However, when one employee misbehaves, he or she should face an equal disciplinary process. In other words, the employee disciplinary action form ensures consistency and equality when handling employee’s violations.

    It Ensures Everything Is Preserved For Future Reference

    Employee disciplinary action form Form serves as future reference points. When an employee is issued with the forms, it means that there is an offense committed. Also, by being subjected to punishment, the employee is given room to correct their mistakes. Should the very employee repeat the mistake again, then the employee disciplinary action form will be used to determine a more severe course of action. This may include dismissal or suing.

    Benefits of Issuing an Employee Disciplinary Action Form

    • The employee disciplinary action form gives a clear and transparent approach to handling workplace violations.
    • The forms also demonstrate fairness and equality in the workplace
    • The employee disciplinary action form enhances the relationship between the employer and employee.
    • It reminds the employees of organization policies and procedures.
    • Download our free employee disciplinary action form templates

    Now that you’ve got a deep understanding of the employee disciplinary action form, you now need to put it into implementation. While writing such documents from scratch require efforts and time, we have good news for you. Our templates are well designed and readily customizable. Please go ahead and download one here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When do you use an Employee Disciplinary Action Form?

    A disciplinary action form is usually issued after a verbal warning has been given to the employee. The employee disciplinary action form can also be given to the employee when:
    • There is excessive tardiness.
    • Frequent absenteeism without apology
    • Unexpected behavior
    • Violates company policies

    Who needs an Employee Disciplinary Action Form?

    An employee disciplinary action form is issued to an employee whose behaviors or conducts don’t meet the expectation of an organization, company, or business.

    Must an employee sign the Employee Disciplinary Action Form?

    Generally, the employee may choose not to sign the employee disciplinary action form. This usually happens if they disagree with the contents of the form. However, if such cases arise, the employee should note down the reasons why they are obliged to sign the forms in the comment section.

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