10 Free Boarding Pass Templates (Editable)

As a traveler, you will often buy an airline ticket. However, the receipt is not enough to get you on a plane. There are many security protocols to be fulfilled before boarding a plane, and a boarding pass is one of them.

An airline-issued document known as a boarding pass gives passengers authorization to enter various airport concourses and board aircraft.

Boarding passes are standard for all airlines and airports, and all passengers require a boarding pass for checkpoints and boarding a plane.

Boarding passes are necessary because they include important details about the passenger and the flight they are taking. This article discusses the general use of boarding passes in an airport and how fake boarding passes have found use in other spheres of life. In general, boarding passes have security features that make them unique for use at other exclusive events. The use of fake boarding passes for recreational activities is discussed in the final section.  

Editable Templates

It is no secret that boarding passes are very handy for passengers and invited guests at private events. If you need to create your own temporary boarding pass for an event, it is easy to do so with the customized templates provided below.

By using these templates, you can simplify the boarding pass creation process and free up time for more important concerns regarding your event. All the boarding pass templates are in easily editable formats that you can download for free and personalize to your liking.

Editable Free Boarding Pass Template

Free Downloadable Boarding Pass Sample

Boarding Pass Template - Printable and Editable

Free Boarding Pass Template - Word Format

Ready to use - Boarding Pass Template - Free Download

Boarding Pass Template - Word Example

Free Downloadable Boarding Pass Sample

Boarding Pass Template - Customizable and Printable Form

Boarding Pass Template - Printable Sample for Travel

Free Boarding Pass Template - Editable Sample Design

Boarding Pass Template - Free Sample for Download

Boarding Pass Template - Free Example for Travelers

    Ticket Vs. Boarding Pass

    The receipt for reserving a seat on a flight is known as a ticket. It indicates the entire journey, which may include various airports. Tickets have serial numbers showing the ticket number and are issued to each passenger. A ticket can either be an electronic ticket (e-ticket) or a paper ticket. They are given out at the time of purchase.

    On the other hand, a boarding pass is a document necessary for check-in at the airport. The document authorizes the traveler to enter the restricted area of the airport and board a flight. The boarding pass indicates the flight number, the date, and the time for departure. Additionally, the boarding pass may show perks a passenger has, such as lounge access and priority boarding. A boarding pass may be issued online or offline.

    Fake Boarding Pass

    Boarding passes are not only used at airports, but their templates have found a lot of other uses as well. A fake boarding pass template can often be used as an invitation to special events. The distinctive layout and security features of a boarding pass make it ideally suited for use as an event ticket.

    For their guided tours, a travel agency might use templates for fake boarding passes. These templates can also be used for a surprise trip reveal, as birthday party invites, baby shower invites, wedding reception invite, a bachelorette party theme and invite, and other themed events and event invites. Anyone can create a fake boarding pass template for their special event.

    What to Include

    Both original and fake boarding passes require some basic details and features that keep them personalized. The unique details make it easy to identify the person who presents the boarding pass at an event or airport and reduce the chances of counterfeiting.

    Creating a boarding pass from scratch may be a tough job, but anyone can make a decent boarding pass template with a bit of design skill. If you need to save time when making your boarding pass, you can consider using a pre-made template. A perfect boarding pass template has been carefully designed to produce an outstanding boarding pass.

    Here are some essential details that are included in a boarding pass template:

    Different people have multiple names and nicknames, making it difficult to tell apart the passengers in an airport. A legal name is a standard way to ensure that you have the right person at an event.

    Additionally, under the Transport and Safety Authority (TSA) rules, it is a legal requirement for airlines to use legal names on tickets and boarding passes. Government-issued identification, such as a passport or ID, makes it simple to determine someone’s legal name. Use the legal name when hosting events and parties with an invite-only policy to guarantee that only the right people will attend. So this is a must-have on your boarding pass template.

    Airline name

    There are multiple flights at any given airport, with busy airports having extensive schedules. Therefore, the only way for the airport staff to screen you for the right plane is to ensure they have the correct airline name. If you are a travel agency using this boarding pass template for the tours, you can mention your agency’s name here.

    Departure gate information

    Most airports have multiple gates designated for different flights. The staff can direct passengers to departure gates more effectively by using the information about the gate in order to lessen the commotion at boarding. So make sure to mention the gate number or a location address on your template.

    Departure and arrival cities

    The destination city and the departure city should be prominently displayed on the boarding pass template. The details help the passenger prepare an itinerary and may be central to keeping a reservation or a flight.

    Flight numbers

    Every flight has a code to highlight services offered by an airline. It is useful when you need to know the route your plane will take. Depending on the airline, different flights have different numbers. But it can be a cruise number as well, depending on if you are making this template for an event or a tour.

    Departure time

    Departure time is one of the most important pieces of data. It is essential that the passenger is aware of the precise time the flight departs in order to make better preparations. If you are a travel agency using a fake boarding pass as a tour guide, you can provide departure times from all the destinations in this section of the template.

    Boarding time

    The time when passengers can board the plane is called boarding time. Similar to departure time, it is important for passenger preparation. When using fake boarding passes as an event invite, you can mention the time of guests’ arrival here. 

    Boarding group number, if applicable

    Airlines offer different services depending on the boarding group, such as first-class or priority boarding. In an airline with such categories, a boarding pass can help you determine the level of service you can expect while flying by highlighting the boarding group on the template.

    Seat allocation

    Most public airplanes have seat numbers, and the boarding pass helps direct passengers to the right seats. However, if you rent a private plane, you might not need to include that information on the boarding pass template. If you are using a fake boarding pass template as your wedding invitation, you can use this section to give your guests details about their tables.

    Barcode or QR code

    The world is becoming more and more digitized. Barcodes and QR codes are part of the trend of digitization. The use of the codes can help the computers scan your boarding pass at the airport, reducing the need to wait in long queues at the airport.

    Information in the barcode or QR code may contain some personal information from the boarding pass. Some of the details included the passenger name record (PNR). Unfortunately, hackers can alter your seat number and contact information or cancel your ticket by stealing the PNR from the QR codes or bar codes. In order to avoid such a situation, it would be best to keep the boarding pass hidden.


    While it is possible to print fake boarding passes using our fake boarding pass templates, you should only use them for recreational purposes. The use of these templates instead of your authentic airport boarding pass could get you into trouble.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How is a boarding pass issued to the passengers?

    If a passenger checks in online, the boarding pass is sent through email so they can print it at home. Or they can visit the airline counter to receive the boarding pass, in which case, a link to an online boarding pass is also issued by the airline company that they receive via email or text.

    Is printing out your boarding pass necessary for the passengers?

    A boarding pass is necessary to facilitate your flight, and in most cases, you have to print it either at home or get it printed at the airport. Online passes may not require printing, but it is a good idea to keep a print copy due to challenges such as losing your phone or low battery.

    How does a mobile boarding pass work?

    An electronic version of the boarding pass is known as a mobile boarding pass. Once you have it, you can opt to have the phone scanned at the gate or by a TSA officer in place of a paper copy.

    What happens if a passenger loses their boarding pass?

    It is possible to lose your paper boarding pass at any time. Fortunately, you can have it easily replaced at the airport. If you have already gone through security, you can replace it at the airline check-in counter or at the departure gate through a gate agent.

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