30 Free Perfect Christmas Wish List Templates (Word, PDF)

A Christmas Wish List is a fun tool that can help you, family members, friends, and colleagues  to share the gifts they would like to receive.

It helps to prevent buying unwanted gifts. Having a wish list makes the shopping process more manageable.

To maximize the usefulness of a Christmas wish list, one must be familiar with creating one and be aware of what can be included in the wish list. This article will discuss these questions, among others.

Free Templates

There are free downloadable Christmas wishlist templates given here to simplify the document’s creation. The templates have a predesigned layout to ensure that you focus on writing the list. They also provide consistency and uniformity, making it easy to find information. Lastly, the Christmas wish list templates save you the time and effort it takes to create it from scratch.

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    Why Using a Christmas Wish List 

    There are several benefits of  using a Christmas wish list. Understanding these benefits will help you utilize them more effectively. It will take away the complications of gift-giving and make the festivities memorable for all.

    The following are the benefits of using a Christmas wish list template:

    Makes you know what people want

    Distributing a  Christmas wish list template among family and friends will help to identify the perfect gift to buy for others. It is especially beneficial if the person seems to have everything or if it is not clear what the person wants. It also makes it easy to identify what children want as a present as their interests are being influenced by the latest trends and change very quickly.

    Saves time, money, and effort

    Using a Christmas wish list also saves time, money, and effort in finding the right gift. The information provided by the wish list helps to focus on a specific item and look for the best buying options for it.

    Helps to avoid unnecessary purchases

    The Christmas wish list saves one  from unnecessary buying items due to not knowing what the other person would like. Purchasing an unwanted but perhaps an expensive  item does not ensure that the person would like them. It might even come across as an unthoughtful present. 

    Creates a merry environment around gift-giving 

    The Christmas wish list template is colorful and fun to make. It also evokes a childlike excitement associated with the holidays. Those involved are often excited about the possibility of receiving an item they have always wanted.

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      Making Christmas Wish List Template

      Christmas wish lists can be divided into two categories. Understanding these types will help you create an appropriate Christmas checklist template.

      They include the following:

      By age group

      A Christmas wish list template can be categorized according to age group. It helps ensure that the template appeals to that specific demographic group. The following are subcategories that can be found within this type of Christmas wish list:

      Toddlers and infants

      A Christmas wish list for a toddler should be simple and easy as the child is not yet able to write. Parents can fill the list with pictures that represent what the infant might get for Christmas. Adding space for the toddler’s feet  or handprints is a way for them to contribute something directly as it can be considered as their approval of the list.

      It may include gifts such as:

      • Pajamas
      • Books
      • Bath Toys
      • Stuffed  toys 


      Children are visual beings and a Christmas list for a child should be interactive and can contain attractive pictures that they can color. By engaging them to color the gifts they want, parents can  make the process fun. Parents can also make it fun by allowing them to draw what they want.

       A Christmas wish list for children may include the following options:

      • Cool cards
      • Drawing books
      • Schoolbag
      • Legos
      • Board games 

      Teens and tweens

      Teens and tweens are creative, and their tastes are more complex than those of children. Therefore a Christmas wish list for teens and tweens should allow them to express their creativity. They can design the wish list themselves and can choose photos, fonts, etc., that they deem fit. 

      A teen or tween Christmas list may include the following options :

      • Video games
      • Clothes
      • Phone
      • Bicycles 


      A Christmas wish list for adults or colleagues  should have an elegant, sophisticated, and professional design. It should  reflect the stage in which the individuals are in their lives while also keeping it fun. 

      It may include the following options :

      Parents and grandparents

      Christmas wish lists for parents and grandparents should have a customized design to help personalize them and make them fun. They can also include a personal message for each relative. 

      The wish list may include the following options:

      • Silverware
      • Dining table
      • Car
      • House

      By categories

      The second type of Christmas wish list is made according to gift categories. These types of wish lists are specific according to product categories. 

      They include the following:

      Household items 

      A Christmas wish list for household gifts includes  the specific household items people would like to receive. Rather than having individuals write the list themselves, options can be provided  to select the gift they would like. The items may include towels, small kitchen appliances, blankets, and bedding .


      Activities-based Christmas wish list allows individuals to indicate what activity they would like to do together on Christmas day. It is usually created for family and friends. The activities may include going to a  restaurant, zoo, and park.


      A Christmas wish list for games lists down  various options for games. It is a fun way of preparing for Christmas celebrations. The wish list can include board games and video games, among others.


      Pet owners or pet lovers can use this Christmas wish list to outline the kind of gift the pet should receive. The pet’s paw print can be included on the wish list to personalize it. The wish list can include pet food, pet toys, and pet wash vouchers.

      Clothing & self-care

      A Christmas wish list for clothing and self-care is used especially among friends and spouses to outline the kind of clothing items or self-care products they would like to receive. The list can include shoes, shaving products and perfumes, among others.

      A Few Pre-Considerations

      There are several things to consider c before preparing a Christmas wish list. These tips  will help to  make adequate preparation for what to include in the list.

      Some of the things to consider are: 

      Start early

      It would be best to start deciding early what to include in the list . It also allows to put in a lot of thought about what you really want rather than indicating random gifts in the list. Moreover, it stops purchasing products that a family member or office coworker might offer to buy instead. 

      Understand what is a necessity and a want 

      Identify what is necessary and what  is needed. Dividing these items helps ensure that you get expensive things you wish you had but would not afford to buy for yourself. You can identify what you want by looking into your hobbies and interests. Studying the hobbies and interests of a person can be a good guide to indicate what they would like as a present. 

      Consider the budget

      Ensure that not every item on the  Christmas wish list is expensive. Indicate both expensive and affordable items to ensure that those who cannot afford one item can opt to buy another . If there is a Christmas budget, then the wish list should be according to that. .

      Christmas Wish List Ideas

      There are several ways to  make a Christmas wish list. The following tips can help to come up with a comprehensive wish list:

      Expensive items 

      It will help to start by considering  items that might be unaffordable but needed. Family members can choose to contribute towards the cost of such items  and get the items; therefore, it may be a good idea to include them.

      Try to replace old and outdated items

      Old and outdated items that need to be replaced, such as phone, can also be indicated in the list. It is a good idea to get an upgrade on an item which you already have. 

      Research your item

      Research the information about items you would like to include in the Christmas wish list. Gathering information  will help  to find the product’s price, availability, and best deals on offer.  A picture of the item can be included in the wish list to make it easier for others identify it.

      Narrow it down

      It is possible that one ends up with a very long wish list once all items have been identified.  Narrow down the list to  ensure you do not miss out on the items you want You can begin by removing items which are no longer of interest. You should then remove items like clothes, shoes, and furniture as it may be hard for other people to know the exact size and style unless there is a very specific item in mind. 

      Do not  forget experiences

      Experiences can also be added to the list instead of tangible gifts. For example, you can indicate experiences such as concerts, tours, museums, or sporting events you would like to attend. Gather information about the experience, such as how often an event is held, how much it costs, and the buying options for tickets or passes for such events. 

      Put together your list

      Put together the list by outlining the items and other details like price, where they can be found, and pictures of what they look like. These details help make it easy for family members and friends to obtain them. It also makes the shopping process more fun.

      Go over it for the final time

      Finally, go over the Christmas wish list to check if you have correctly outlined information about the item, like its price and the address or website where it can be found. Add which brands should be avoided when mentioning particular products, whether due to issues that have arisen or the item’s price. Check for spelling mistakes before sharing it with family and friends. 

      How to Make a Christmas Wish list Template in MS Word?

      A Christmas wish list template can be created using MS Word. The style and the design can be customized accordingly. . The following is a step-by-step process on how to make a Christmas wish list temple using MS word:

      Open the document and format the page

      Start by opening the document and setting up the number of margins on the page. Make sure that the margins align with the overall design. Formatting the page will help ensure the information is presented according to the desired  preference with a suitable font style.

      Set the perfect border

      Set up the perfect border for the   template. The borders help to add style to the document and focus on the content. MS Word allows the flexibility to download newer designs for the borders. . 

      Place your title

      Type the title of the wish list, which should read ‘Christmas wish list.’ It should  be center -aligned.

      Make a table with columns for gifts

      Create a table with columns to make it easier to fill in the list. .  Specify a column for names and the gift they would like. The columns help make the wish list more presentable and organized .

      Add graphics

      Graphics can be added to make the Christmas wish list more festive. Various graphics can be downloaded from the internet. The graphics can include Christmas trees, lights, and images of Santa Claus, among others.

      Save the document

      Once the list is prepared, save the document and print it. Multiple copies can be printed to distribute to friends, family, and colleagues.

      Quick Tips

      There are some useful tips to remember while creating a Christmas wish list. These practices will help make the use and filling of a wish list more fun and engaging. 

      They include the following:

      1. Wish lists can be verbal too: The Christmas wish list can be verbal, mainly dealing with someone you do not know very well. However, a verbal wish list is difficult to remember. It should not be used where multiple people are involved.
      2. Give some choices: Include choices in the Christmas wish list to make it easy for those reading to find a perfect gift for you. Using choices will also help limit overspending, as your choices could be limited to a specific amount. It also saves time and effort when shopping for a gift.
      3. Donate charity: Donating to charity rather than buying a gift can also be an option. The donations can either go to a charity that you support or to the group that has chosen a charity. An amount can be specified for the donation in the list. 
      4. Keep the list contained: Circulate the list among the people close to you, like family members, friends, and close coworkers. Avoid sharing it on social media. 


      A Christmas wish list ensures that everyone receives the gift they want. It also helps  identify the perfect gift you can give to someone else. It can be used as an effective and fun bonding tool between children, their parents, and colleagues. It would be best to start considering the wish list early to have enough time to research the products and prices before putting it on the wish list. 

      When thinking of ideas to include in the Christmas wish list, consider items you have always wanted but are unaffordable or research the markets to learn about new products that can be useful for your needs. You can choose to draft your own Christmas wish list template using MS word, especially if you want to create a customized document. 

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