16 Free Christmas Budget Planner Templates (Excel)

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. It’s a time where the Christian community from across the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Amid such celebrations, there is a high chance of overspending, especially when buying gifts, decorations, or extra baking supplies, traveling, and other events. However, with a prior budget template in place, you will always save yourself from overspending. A Christmas budget template, therefore, helps you plan as you enjoy the joyous Christmas holidays.

Free Templates

Free Christmas Budget Spreadsheet Template 01 for Excel File

Free Christmas Budget Spreadsheet Template 02 for Excel File

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Printable Christmas Budget Spreadsheet Template 04 for Excel File

Free Christmas Budget Spreadsheet Template 05 for Excel File

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Printable Christmas Budget Spreadsheet Template 12 for Excel File

    How to Create a Christmas Budget

    After waiting anxiously for the Christmas season, one may be overwhelmed by the joy and new things that come along it. However, it’s always advised to have prior budget planning. Therefore, if you are wondering where to start, you should worry no more.

    With the following step-by-step guide, writing a Christmas budget template can be easier than you think:

    Identify your monthly income and expenditure

    Before anything else, you need to create a list of your monthly income and expenses. It should include all the avenues by which you get your income, such as business income, salaries, side hustles, among others. Next, you need to evaluate your monthly expenditure. List down all the amount you usually use within your household. These may include the amount used to purchase food, clothing, rent, utilities, and transport, among others.

    Decide on the amount you wish to spend for Christmas

    After evaluating your monthly income and expenses, you need to come up with a reasonable budget for your Christmas. Since it comes once in a blue moon, don’t limit your costs too much. After all, you would want the season to impact your memories for long. At the same time, ensure you spend according to income.

    Make Christmas shopping list

    Once you’ve decided on a specific amount to spend on the holiday, it’s now time to create your shopping list. Make sure you prioritize your files according to your necessity. Plus, mention the quantity and price of each item listed.

    Additionally, you can think about how you will shop. While some prefer store/supermarket shopping, others aren’t excited by overcrowding. And as such, they prefer online shopping. Regardless of your preference, you can still beat the holiday rush by considering some shopping dates such as the black Fridays, the cyber Monday, and free shipping day. These dates will also help you save a lot as they come with some offers or good deals.

    Also, decide on the number of friends you wish to send Christmas gifts or celebrate with. Remember, the more, the merrier. And the more friends, the more the budget. Therefore, while you are inviting your friends, ensure you have the number which you can manage comfortably with your planned budget. 

    Establish a Christmas saving fund

    After you have noted down your shopping list and other things needed for your Christmas, you should now focus on how you meet the set budget. You can start saving in a separate Christmas savings fund. One word of caution is that you shouldn’t use your monthly income for Christmas. This is because you’ll end up spending everything. 

    Look for alternate ways to supplement your Christmas budget

    If at all, you suspect your budget to be higher than what you have, you can always look for other ways to strengthen your savings.

    Why is It Essential to Create a Christmas Budget?

    On countless occasions, I’ve heard people complaining that in as much as they set a limit on Christmas expenditure, they’ll still find themselves overspending. However, with a budget template, you will always avoid unnecessary overspending. It will also help you attain financial peace and security in the future.

    Remember, if you spend more than your monthly income, you can always run into bankruptcy. I guess this is not what you want. So, do plan to have a budget template when approaching Christmas. A Christmas template budget should always be prepared at least one month before the festival date.

    Final Thoughts

    Christmas is a significant event in the Christian calendar. It is celebrated as a remembrance of Jesus Christ’s birth. Therefore, it is always associated with lots of activities such as parties, gift sharing, among others. Thus, to make the day successful and memorable, it requires lots of preparation and prior planning. One way of achieving such qualifications includes creating a budget template. The templates will help you manage your finances effectively, making your celebrations to proceed as anticipated.

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