10+ Free Photography Invoice Templates (Excel | Word)


A Photography Invoice is a document written by the photographer and given to the customer, indicating the time and services provided as well as the amount of money payable for the services. Photography is the art of taking photographs and processing photographs to meet the needs of the customer. Business photography involves the use of photography invoice to keep records and request payments.

Basic contents of a photography invoice

Just like any other invoice, a standard photography invoice consists of some basic contents that must be present in any photography invoice. The most basic contents include item details, photograph size, the price per image, and the total payable amount of money. Other must include contents include:

1. Terms of payment

In this section, the photographer includes all the terms governing the photography contract, and this prevents unforeseen disputes between the photographer and the customer. For instance, late payment. Always make sure that before sending an invoice, all the terms of payment and service are included. This prevents disputes, late payment, or no payment at all. Always ensure that very sensitive terms and conditions are clearly and concisely written for easy understanding.

Some of the payment terms include:

  • You should inform the customer whether you need upfront payment or complete payment after project completion.
  • The given timeframe for invoice payment.
  • Late payment consequences.
  • The mode of payment the photographer accepts.
  • The project delivery time, whether before or after payment.

The photography terms play an important role in ensuring that all the involved parties are on the same page. It is advisable to provide the customer with the terms before accepting the project. The reason for including the terms in the invoice is to remind the customer of the contract terms.

2. Logo and Address

The business logo is an important thing and should be included in this invoice. This helps add to the formality of the document. It is located at the top of the invoice. The business name, address, and phone contact should also be included in this invoice, usually at one of the top corners. This is important in cases where the customer needs further clarification or wants to reach back to the photographer/business.

3. Customer and project details

This includes personal customer details, including name, address, and phone number. It also consists of an itemized list of services and items provided by the photographer, and the customer is payable for. This helps the customer to exactly understand what he/she is paying for.

4. Tax information

This part is relevant to photographers who have to pay the federal tax as well as the state tax. This is dependent on the business location.

Photography Invoice Templates

A photography invoice template shows the number of pictures ordered. It also gives a description of the photos. This is where you can put the size and subject matter. There is also room to distinguish your pictures by type of pose or whether or not they are indoor or outdoor. The description box has room for anything you want to add. Next, there is a column for the unit price for a set of photos or for one photo. If you are a photographer who has a package that includes 2 8×10 photos for $50, you will put $50 in this column. The next column has the total price including any tax or printing fee. This breakdown of prices is necessary to answer customers’ questions about charges.

Free Photography Invoice Template

Free Photography Invoice Template


Photography Invoice Template for Word

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Stock Photography Invoice Sample

Stock Photography Invoice Sample 03

Photography Invoice Format

Photography Invoice Template 04

Sample Photography Invoice Template

Photography Invoice Template 05

Invoice Template for Photography

Photography Invoice Hourly Word

Photography Invoice LumpSum Word

Photography Invoice Services Expenses Licensing Word

Photography Invoice Time Plus Cost Word

    This is how your photography invoice template will help lessen any confusion between you and your customers. If you are a digital-first and print later photographer, you can send an invoice to your customer and ask if everything is correct before you print out the photos. This saves on cost and increases your customer satisfaction to have a second confirmation using the photography invoice template. You can also update your photography invoice template to include payments received and any credits owed.

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