Photography Cover Letter Sample

A photography cover letter is a letter that highlights a photographer’s skills and experience. This letter is like an introduction to the photographer and serves as a summary of their abilities. When hiring a photographer, people want to know that the photographer is experienced, creative, and has professional skills, such as punctuality and working with creative elements like lighting, camera angles, and more. All of these important details should be included in a professionally written cover letter.

How to write a Photography Cover Letter

Include Contact Information: At the top of your cover letter, you should include your name, the name of your business (if applicable), and your contact information. This makes it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you.

Include Relevant Educational Achievements: If you have a degree in art or photography, list the details of your degree and any academic awards or honors you have received.

Highlight Your Creative Skills: Clients looking for a photographer want to ensure that they will be unique, creative, and worth their time and money. Photographs are an important art form that pays homage to a moment forever, so be sure to include all of your creative skills. It may include knowledge of film and digital photography, special editing techniques, an eye for detail, the ability to work with all kinds of weather conditions, lighting effects, and more.

List Your Professional Skills: It’s important to have professional skills as well as creative skills. Be sure to include your professional knowledge and abilities. It may include punctuality, good communication, and interpersonal skills, ability to work within a budget, organization, and more.

Sample Photography Cover Letter

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Dear Ms. Johnson,

I was excited to see your company’s job posting for an experienced photographer, and I am very interested in the position.

As a professional photographer with seven years of experience, I have had many opportunities to showcase my work. My portfolio includes ten weddings, each of which I was the lead photographer. I was able to work with inclement weather during two of those weddings, which resulted in unique photographs that the couple were very happy with. I believe in the importance of working with whatever conditions you find yourself in, and this philosophy has always helped me capture beautiful and memorable moments for my clients. I can be flexible and adaptable, which has helped me excel in my field.

In addition to wedding photography, I am also experienced with nature photography. My nature shots have featured in several magazines and art shows. I also have three years of experience doing family photoshoots, both formal and informal. I have worked extensively with several elementary schools taking school photos as well, in which I have demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and time-management abilities.

I am well versed in both film and digital photography, and I excel in editing with photoshop and Lightroom software. I am also experienced in developing film prints in the darkroom.
I hope I will be considered for this opening, and I very much look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time.

(Sign your name here)

Photography Cover Letter (Word Format)

Photography Cover Letter

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