Best Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation Examples

A physician assistant letter of recommendation is a letter that is drafted in order to vouch for a physician or doctor’s suitability for anyone who needs to accrue medical services from them. It basically highlights the applicant’s capabilities and work history.

When is “Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation” used?

General Public

Anyone who wishes to secure the benefits and roles of medical practitioners has the right to demand such a letter from the applicant. Obviously, anyone would want to be sure of his own health and wellbeing while securing those services.


Hospitals rely heavily on these letters while seeking people to fill their positions. They want to employ only those who have the relevant skill and expertise. Then, they also have to conform to the various standards and laws that govern the provision of healthcare services.

Medical Training Institutions

Medical training institutions do receive numerous applications from students. They want to know more about the students they admit, to able to among other things know how much to give in the form of financial aid. These letters also break the ties.

Government Agencies

Lastly comes the government agencies that handle health issues. These agencies, in a bid to maintain high health standards, have to keep a keen eye on those who practice the trade. As a result of this, the agencies will from time to time seek such letters.

Seeking Employment

All employers usually want the best for their clients. That is why they exercise due diligence while hiring people. With regards to this, they will ask for letters of recommendation from their applicants to ascertain that they indeed have the experience necessary.

Applying for Scholarship

Most scholarship packages are often hotly contested. They attract a huge number of applicants, most of who actually possess the bare minimum qualifications. These letters hence act as tie-breakers. They set one applicant apart from the others.

Complying with Statutory Obligations

Some government agencies will want to follow up and find out how suited those who practice the trade are to the job. That is why they will ask for such recommendations from time to time. The failure to submit it will often lead to grave dangers of being deregistered.

Entering Healthcare Schools

Many healthcare schools will require that this letter is submitted even if no scholarship is required. This is mainly to break ties and to know who to give first priority. They also give the admissions committee a chance to determine how the applicant is likely to perform.

What is the purpose of the “Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation?”

Regardless of how and when the letter is used, it mainly showcases an applicant’s qualifications and ability to discharge the role of conferring medical services to a third party. It also plays the secondary role of breaking any ties and hence know for certain who to give the job to.

What to include in a “Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation”?


How familiar are you with the applicant in question? This includes the length of time you have been together, how deep you have interacted, and the kind of experiences you have had together. Remember, it is these non-quantifiable details that the letter captures and displays.

Work History

For how long and in what capacities have the applicant you are recommending worked? You need to display these vividly in the letter for the admissions panel to know. They are the ones that will most likely tip the scales in favor of the applicant.

Terms of Recommendations

What are the terms of your recommendations? Do you recommend the applicant with thrill, reservedly, or with hesitation? The manner in which you recommend the applicant will determine how the committee might rule. Obviously, a more enthusiastic recommendation yields better chances.


It is always necessary that you place your own contact details. They make it possible for the committee to reach out to you for further clarification. Other than that, the contacts will act as proof that you are indeed honest and serious.

Sample Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation

Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation Sample

Sample Letter (Text Version)

To whom it may concern,

I draft this recommendation letter on behalf of Mr. Ray Carmon. He worked in the capacity of an assistant doctor here at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington DC for the last 5 years. Throughout my interactions with him, he has maintained a higher level of courtesy and diligence to duty.
To add to this, Mr. Ray is experienced in all matters that relate to medical care. These are the admission of patients, diagnosis, prescriptions, testing and laboratories, and patient follow-up to mention but a few! He stood apart from the others in that he has an excellent multitasking capability.
I subsequently plead with you to grant him an opportunity to work for you. If possible, I would wish that he leaves me not. However, for the sake of being more useful to society at large, I gladly vouch for his consideration by you.

Felix Samuelson, DC
St. Elizabeth Hospital

Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation (Email Example)

Physician Assistant Letter of Recommendation (Email Example)

Email Example (Text Version)

Dear Dr. Brian Helmerson,


I understand that you have requested Ms. Sarah Huggins to be your family nurse from now henceforth. Well, I accept to draft a letter of recommendation in her favor with absolute thrill. For one, I have worked with her at the Plus Clinic, Maryland for the last 6 years.

The first words that come to my mouth to describe her are social, diligent, highly-knowledgeable, and consistent. These have further been complemented by the many positive reviews and testimonials that past patients have delivered in response to the kinds of services they obtained from her.

What’s more? She has amazingly excellent problem-solving skills. She has that uncanny ability to tackle many tasks at a time and to do so with the utmost perfection. These led to the overall improvement of my clinic’s image.

Kindly grant her an opportunity to work for you! Just in case you require further details, feel free to ask me using the contact details furnished hereunder.


Best regards,

Naaman Elmer, M.D.
(410) 667-4566
Plus Clinic, MD

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