32 High School Recommendation Letter Samples (Free Templates)

writing a recommendation letter for high school student

A High School Recommendation Letter is a reference letter regarding a student’s personality, capabilities, ethics, and interactions with other individuals.

The letter is often written by a teacher, coach, counselor, or educator who has observed the student and spent a considerable amount of time with the student during their time in school or outside school hours.

The high school recommendation letter is often written in a concise, formal tone explaining why the student will be a good fit for a job position or admission in a study program that the student is seeking by displaying the student’s activities, personality, accomplishments, and skills. The student will need to provide the necessary information that the teacher/recommender will require to write this letter, such as details about the job position that the student seeks or admission criteria. The teacher will fill the rest of the body of the letter with paragraphs describing the student.

The high school recommendation letter is often used to accompany work applications, college applications, or other positions requiring said letter to aid the student in acquiring that position or admission. It can also be used when a student is being transferred from one school to another. The letter will inform the new school about the student’s educational level and help them in admitting the student to the most suitable class.

Where a High School Student May Need a Recommendation Letter

A high school student may need a recommendation letter in many instances. For example, when the student is in need of transfer from one institution to another, a recommendation letter may be needed. It is through the recommendation letter that the receiving teacher can know the type of student he or she is receiving. It is essential to know the strength of a new student. Therefore, the recommendation would be necessary for placing the new student in the right class and group based on the strength which at this point is considered to be true as per the recommendation letter.

Additionally, high school students may need a recommendation letter when they need to join colleges. In case they want to start some training in small colleges immediately after high school even before the high school results come out, the recommendation letter acts as a testimonial that and deed the student in question is already done with the high school education.

Lastly, some people are lucky to start some small jobs before they pursue their degrees or diploma. Such positions are a source of income and could as well be used to pay for college school fees. The recommendation letter, in this case, helps the students to be considered for those positions.

Collect Information from the Student (Pre-writing Requirements)

Writing the recommendation letter is a time-consuming process that the teacher cannot do during their work hours. Thus, to make the process of writing the letter easier and faster for the teacher, the student will need to provide information regarding their grades and achievements, how the student has performed throughout the school years, and also provide the necessary information regarding the job position or school program that the student is applying for. The recommender should acquire from the student the following before they write the recommendation letter:

Deadline for submission of the letter

The student should share the date by which the letter needs to be submitted and sent to the employer or the college where the student is applying. If more time is given before this date, it will prevent the letter from being rushed.

Details regarding the company or college applying for

The following information must be acquired from the student:

  • The name of the company or college
  • Where the letter needs to be sent, or Email address in case of online applications.
  • The contact information of the company or college, such as their phone number or email address.
  • The name of the person or department receiving the recommendation letter or the person’s name will interview the student. However, the name of the person that is conducting the interview is not always provided prior. Thus the name of the interviewer is not necessarily included if it is not available.

Title and description

The teacher should also ask students to provide details of the position/subject that the student is applying for.

Skills and qualifications

Ask about the skills and qualifications required by the company and any eligibility criteria that the student is required to comply with.


The student’s resume is preferred even if the student does not have any work experience. However, mentioning the activities and accomplishments that the student has done can be sufficient.

How to Write the Letter of Recommendation

A high school recommendation letter is written in a brief and formal matter to assist the student in being a more compelling applicant, whether the student is applying for a job, volunteering, or applying for a place in a college. The letter of recommendation consists of three sections mainly:

Section 1: Introduction

The letter of recommendation will start by listing the information regarding both; the teacher recommending the student and the company or the college that the student is applying in. The required information is in this order:

The information of the recommender

Firstly, personal information is written, stating the name and title, home or school address, and contact information (phone number, email, and mail address). The date of drafting the Recommendation Letter is also written.

Name and title

Secondly, the name and the title of the person, who will be receiving the letter of recommendation, should be mentioned.

Name of college or company

Afterward, the name of the college or company that the student is applying for is stated and their address, including the city, state, and zip code.

Section 2: Body

This is the most crucial part of the letter of recommendation. It should be written to convince the organization to accept the applicant as a student or an employee.

The title and description of the job position/admission program

A brief description of the position/subject is sufficient. Simply acknowledging the position applied for can be enough to make the letter seem authentic and genuine, regardless of whether the letter is intended for a job position or a different high school.

For example:

“I am writing this letter about (student’s name) who is applying for a place in your English honors’ class.”

The relationship between the teacher and the student is stated

The relationship between both the teacher and student is described briefly, including where and for how long.

For example:

“I have known (student’s name) for two years during Mathematics classes during which the student exhibited excellent behavior and maintained high grades throughout the years.”

The applicant’s skills and qualifications

The student’s skills also need to be mentioned to convince that the company or college can benefit from the student’s set of skills.

For example:

“(student’s name) has shown a capacity to aid others when they are in need. He has also shown that he is always eager to improve himself. I believe his set of skills and personality will be beneficial in (Job position/ school program).”

Reasons for recommendation

Any other good qualities should be mentioned explaining why the student is recommended for the program or position.

For example:

“(student’s name) is competent. If their presence in class is to represent their personality and skills, then I am sure that they will be of benefit to you.”

Recommender’s contact details for follow-up questions

The recommender’s phone number or email is to be provided towards the end of the letter to encourage further contact regarding questions about the student.

For example:

“If you require any further information or have any questions regarding (student’s name), then contact me at (Teacher’s phone number and Email).”

Section 3: Closing

At the end of the letter, the name and signature of the recommender should be added. There will be a space left for this purpose.

Recommendation Letter for High School Student (Sample # 1)

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


High school name
City, State Zip Code

Dear Sir? Madam
I have been privileged to know xxx as my student for four years in ABC high school. He has been a very dedicated student who has always topped in my class throughout the four years. Xxx is an extremely disciplined student who never disappoints regarding integrity.

For the years I have known him, xxx did well even in the co-curriculum activities. He has represented the school in external competitions in many instances of which he was bringing us a good report.

I am privileged to recommend him as a good student in your college. I guarantee you that he is going to peruse his career peacefully without causing unnecessary drama to your administration. With his integrity and diligence, I am sure he will be one of your reasons for joy in running your institution as a whole.
Kindly contact me through my email ( ) at any time for any inquiries, I will delight in responding to them.

Thank you
Yours faithfully


Recommendation Letter for High School Student (Sample # 2)

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email
High school name
City, State Zip Code

Dear Sir? Madam
ABC has been a good student. I have taught him for three years in high school. I am privileged to recommend him for the position he has applied for in your firm. He has successfully finished his high school studies and would need something to keep him busy while at the same time helping him as a source of income.

He has finished his high school studies with a lot of struggles, but he has come out victorious. He is a self-motivated person who did not dwell in the fact that he was an orphan but instead worked hard to achieve his success.

ABC is a very hard working person who does not need much supervision. He responds to instruction very well and so no need of pushing him through his duties once assigned. I guarantee you that he will not disappoint you once he is part of your firm.

He practically does not have any particular physical need. This makes him fit for your position.
Feel free to contact me through my email address (xx) at any time to clarify for any more issues that you would want to know about him.

Thank you
Yours sincerely

High School Recommendation Letter Templates

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      Final Thoughts

      A teacher writes the high school recommendation letter for a student to aid the student in getting a good job position or secure admission in a school program where a teacher’s recommendation is valuable for showcasing the student’s skills and accomplishments. The letter often accompanies any applications that the student submits, such as a job offer, college application, or volunteering at an organization. The letter will include information about the recommender, information about the organization, and a description of the student’s achievements and capabilities, all while providing a reason why the student earned such a recommendation from the teacher.

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