Recommendation letter for Employment (30+ Sample Letters & Examples)

Writing employee recommendation letter

As a boss, manager or a supervisor, you may have to write a recommendation letter for your employee when they are expected to move into another job. The recommendation you right can either help the person to get or to miss the appointment. Therefore, you should excellently do your part to improve your subject to get the job. It did not add any value to you when you wrote a negative letter so that the person in question misses the job. Even if the person is not the best person according to your perspective, it is better to talk about the positive things which could allow the person to get a job but which should be of an accurate account of the person.

The recommendation letter is critical in helping your subject to grow in the area of career. If you are a good leader, you should delight in seeing your subjects climbing better ladders in career life. What you write matter a lot.

Things to consider when writing a recommendation letter for your employee

If you are tasked with writing a recommendation letter for your employee, follow the following guide to help you come up with the best letter for the employee in question:

  • Express how you feel privileged to have worked with the person and for how long
  • Talk about the unique skills of the person which made you be a proud employer of the person
  • In the body of the letter, talk about the specify achievements which the person gained while working with you
  • Express your gratitude for having worked with the person as well as your regrets of releasing the person room your firm. Show how you wished to work more with the person.

What to include in the recommendation letter?

  • How long you have worked with the person.
  • The growth you have experienced as a result of working with the person.
  • The responsibilities of the person while he or she was working with you.
  • The special skills of the person.
  • Any promotions the person gained since he or she joined your firm .

Employee Recommendation Letter Template

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Your Address
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High school name
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Dear Sir? Madam

I am writing to recommend ABC to your firm. I have been his supervisor for the last twelve years. Throughout this period, ABC has managed to be May best employee. His diligence in work is quite amazing.

Since he joined our team, he has achieved several achievements. He merely stated as a, but he is proudly leaving as a sales manager. In between the two positions, he has had several promotions as well as awards for the most performing employees.

I feel privileged to have worked with him. I am already feeling the impact of the gap he has created in my team through his desire to move to your firm. However, I feel he has done his best with me and time has come he him to be productive in your firm too.

In case you need more information about him, kindly contact me. I will be glad to respond.

Thank you



Employee Recommendation Letter (Email Example)

Dear Mr…….

I write to recommend ABC to your firm as an accountant. I have worked with him for five years. Through this period, he has come out as one of the most performing employees in my firm. As his boss, I appreciate the work he has been doing.

ABC is a dedicated employee who does not mind reporting for his job early and leaving late. I have to confess that I have never seen a person who loves his career as he did. I hope he shall do the same in your firm.

Just in the five years, we have worked together, ABC has been awarded as the best employee on two occasions. He has also been promoted more than twice because of has ob performance. If I had a chance to hold him back, I could have opted for that. However, I feel privileged to release the best employee to change the environment in other institutions too.

Feel free to contact me for more information about him.

Thank you



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Do letters of recommendation help get a job?

The letters of recommendation play a significant role in helping people to get jobs. Most employers seek to employ people who have some level of experience. To be sure of the applicant, they need information directly from the person who has tried employing the person in question. In doing this, they are escaping trouble that might come with hiring a person he or she does not know.

A good recommendation letter can help one to get a job. On the other hand, a weak recommendation letter may block the employment opportunity. The prospective employer looks at the candidate from the eye of the previous employer. If as an employer you cannot consider reemploying the candidate, the employer is receiving the recommendation definitely will have no reason to employ the person.

Final Thoughts

As a boss, a supervisor or a manager, the future of your employer regarding further employment is partly in your hands. Therefore, you should not limit their capacity. Some people you see in your firm have not acquired their dream jobs. You should play your part in the right way by writing a good recommendation letter for them when they need. However, this does not mean that you should give false information about them. Politely tell the truth.

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