Academic Recommendation Letter (20+ Sample Letters & Templates)

requesting academic recommendation letter

An Academic Recommendation Letter highlights the academic history of a student, his/her character, career or academic goals. It shows the student from a perspective that highlights what kind of employee he/she would be and what kind of student he/she had been during the academic years. A teacher or professor can write the recommendation letter for a student highlighting him/her as a potential candidate for a college or a job. A student can write the letter asking the teacher or professor for the reference. In any case, the academic recommendation letter can be quite valuable for the student.

Whom to Ask for Academic Letter Recommendation

It is important to consider someone as an academic referee who can vouch for the abilities, skills, and strengths of the student such as:

  • Ask a person in advance and take their permission to put them in the references. Keep in touch with the favorite professor or lecturer. It would be wise to contact someone who has an idea about your strengths, abilities, and can speak positively for you.
  • Always, contact your referee before putting them in reference, be in the good books and do not let them forget you.
  • Give all the relevant and required information. A teacher, counselor, professor, past employer, mentor, and consultant can be an excellent source for reference.
  • When selecting the non-academic references do not contact people from friends and family members, instead select people having some idea on your profession.
  • When you get the job or have mentioned the referee, do not forget to thank them.

How Do You Write an Academic Recommendation Letter?

It is important to keep the following points in mind when writing the academic recommendation letter:

  1. It would be wise to ask the student about the relevant program or the school in which the student wants to apply. Then focus on the abilities and strengths of the student in accordance with that school or program and write accordingly. It would be wise to ask a teacher to provide a description for the job when writing for the teacher.
  2. Get hold on the resume of the student or the person for whom you are writing the letter. It is wise to know what experiences they have.
  3. Writing on how you know the person in the introduction would be a good idea.
  4. Give your contact information, as it would have a positive impact on the student.
  5. Get information on the method of submission and the appropriate format.
  6. Remember it is wise to turn down the request when you are not comfortable in writing the letter for the person.

Sample Academic Recommendation Letter

Dear Admission Committee Members:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Jane. She has excellent communication, writing, speaking, and presentation skills. I believe she can be an excellent mentor one day.

I have known Jane since 2 years. She was a student of creative writing program in my college. I have seen her writing articles for different magazines, which were a huge hit. You can search the articles by doing a simple Google search of her name.

It would be beneficial for any organization to hire Jane as a creative writing instructor. I highly recommend her services.


Academic Recommendation Letter Format

Jefferson John

Address, Phone number, email address


XYZ University

Admissions Committee

456 Business Rd.

ABC City, NY 45350

Dear Admission Committee Members:

Insert the relevant content here. Start with the introduction of the student, mention skills, abilities in this paragraph.

In the second paragraph mention how you know this person and what has been your experience with them. It should be positive highlighting abilities of the person.

In the closing paragraph mention how enrolling in the particular program or getting a job with a certain company would be beneficial for that institute because of the positive qualities of this person.


Jefferson John

Academic Recommendation Letter Templates

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Do College Recommendation Letters Have to be From Teachers?

Ideally, teachers and counselors would be the best for the recommendation letters, as they know the personality, strength, abilities, and positive points of a student. It is important to be in the good books of teachers and getting a recommendation letter would be ideal from the teacher of the relevant professional background or career that a student decides to carry on.

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