7+ Free Proforma Invoice Templates (Word | Excel)

Proforma Invoice Templates

Proforma Invoice Template – Proforma invoices help to decrease any confusion that may occur when a buyer makes a transaction with a seller. When a buyer purchases goods or services, the seller sends an abridged invoice called pro forma invoices. This is an advanced invoice or an estimate that is received before orders are shipped or services are rendered. Proforma invoices convey information such as the kind of goods purchased, the quality of the goods, their value, their weight, and any transportation charges that may occur.

Why Do You Need a Proforma Invoice?

When you use your proforma invoice, you are documenting a sale for goods and services. If you provide a service for people, you can use your pro forma invoice template to give a quote. Most businesses such as mechanic shops, plumbers, car dealerships, graphic design, and other businesses provide a quote or estimate so their potential clients can review the charges. Sometimes, the quote is more than the actual price, and sometimes, it is less. A customer can compare the pro forma invoice with the actual invoice once services are rendered to see where the differences lie.

A proforma invoice makes sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to cost. This invoice also helps the customer commit to the order. This is important when a custom good or product is being made. A seller needs confirmation before starting on the order.

Free Proforma Invoice Templates

Free Proforma Invoice Sample for Excel ®

Free Proforma Invoice Sample for Excel ®

Pro Forma Invoice Format

Pro Forma Invoice Format

Pro forma Invoice Template for Excel®

Pro Forma Invoice Template for Excel

Proforma Invoice Template for Word

Proforma Invoice Template for Word

Sample Proforma Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice Template Sample

Proforma Invoice Template

Sample Profoma Invoice Template

This invoice does not include a demand or a request for payment. Since you have a pro forma invoice template, you can end your invoice with your company slogan if you desire. Your pro forma invoice template should include the phrase “This is not a VAT invoice”. All of the pro forma invoice templates are created in Microsoft® Word and Excel®. They are easy to customize and modify. You can print them when needed.

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