12+ Service Invoice Templates


A service invoice is a legal document issued by a service provider to a client explaining the services offered, their prices and conditions for payment. Examples of businesses that use service invoices.

  • Traveling services such as flights.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Professional services from professionals such as doctors.
  • Financial services such as banks and SACCOs.
  • Sports businesses such as football commentators.

There are free invoice templates that have been designed in advance and they are of great help to the service provider since they:

Saves time: As a business person, you may lack enough time to make an invoice due to many assignments and responsibilities. Obtaining these templates will save you time.

Fast payment: A template invoice will hasten your payment since it will be sent sooner thus payments will also be made soon.

Consistency: One can send invoices to multiple clients when there is an invoice template. This ensures your company is steady and can be relied upon by its customers. The customers are also able to understand your invoice due to constant formatting.

Free Invoice Templates

Blank Service Invoice Template

Blank Service Invoice Template

Sample Basic Service Invoice Template

Sample Basic Service Invoice Template

Service Invoice Template for Excel®

Service Invoice Template for Excel®

Service Invoice Template for Word

Service invoice Template for Word

Service invoice with Hours and Rate

Service invoice with Hours and Rate

Company Service Invoice Template

Invoice for Service Template

Invoice for Service Template

Product Service Invoice Template

Service Invoice for Graphic Design Institute Template

Service Invoice Template

Service Invoice with Tax Calculation

Simple Invoice for Services Template

    Service invoice format

    1. Company name

    One should clearly indicate the company name, company address, email address, and the company phone number. This enables your customers to reach you when in need.

    2. Customer’s information

    These details are written next to the company’s details. The service provider should include the client’s name, phone number, email address, and the business address.

    3. Service Invoice number

    For every service invoiced, the service provider should provide a service invoice number. This makes it easier to discuss a particular service when there is a need to do so. The invoice number is also important for record-keeping. The invoice number can be letters, numbers or a combination of both.

    4. Invoice date

    The invoice can include the date when the service was delivered or when the invoice was written.

    5. Services rendered

    A service invoice entails all the services provided to the client during the billing period. These services should be listed with a description of the complete services. Each service should be listed with the time it was spent on. The service provider should indicate the rate of pay for every service provided. The total for each service provided should be indicated.

    6. Indicate the VAT for the services provided

    The taxes charged on the clients should be indicated by the service provider. The taxes mostly depends on the location of the business and the size of the business

    7. Payment methods

    Though most of the time there is always an agreement between the service provider and the client, it is good to indicate the methods of payment. This can be through a check, cash or credit card. It is advisable for the service provider to have a wide range of payments for customer’s flexibility.

    8. Show the total amount

    One should indicate the total amount the client owes the company. The amount should be clear to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding or misinterpretation. This can be done by indicating the information using a bold font.

    9. Indicate the service invoice due date

    The service provider should tell the exact day the client should complete the payment. This information should be outstanding to keep the client alert.

    Sending your service invoice to your customers simply involves converting your invoice template into PDF format, to prevent interference and send it via email. Or you can as well print the document to obtain a hard copy and send it via mail or deliver it personally.

    Difference between Service invoice and receipt

    A service invoice is a document issued by the seller prior to the payment of services offered and it is also used to track the sale of services while a receipt is a document issued by the seller to the buyer after payment has been done and is used to show proof of payment.

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